556 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Are numbers magical and where does this magic come from?

According to numerology, an amazing field that deals with the power of numbers, magic or magical are terms that could be explained as the way in which numbers affect human lives. To be more precise, we could say that magic of numbers flows throughout the world, because numbers resonate and vibrate with energies that come from universal source of overall cosmic energy.

This cosmic force is reflected everywhere in the universe; it creates, it inspires and it gives life to the world.

Numbers have always been a source of mystery for humankind, even if we invented them and have been using them for various practical reasons since far past.

We are able to sense their mysterious vibrations, even in these modern, busy days. You see, heavenly forces that also have an influence on our lives use numbers. Spiritualists, numerologists and others believe we have our special heavenly guardians who use numbers to send us valuable messages.

These guardians are actually our guardian angels.

These positive and pure beings are non-physical and they exist on a higher level, connected to that ultimate source of cosmic energy.

That universal energy is represented as the God, higher spirit, deities or something else, depending on religion or belief system you belong to. It does not actually matter, because all of them have the same thing in common; we are not alone in the world and we are guided and protected by goodness of heavens.

Guardian angels make sure we get heavenly guidance and protection, while at the same time they have unconditional love for human world. You see, guardian angels do not possess free will and Ego and they are completely selfless.

They do not blame us for our imperfections, but they want to help us overcome our fears, our challenges and dangers and become the best of ourselves.

Guardian angels have their ways of helping people. They rarely come down to our earthly, material world and they act through special mediums. Angels use various symbols to send us heavenly guidance. They choose those we are the most familiar with. In modern world, we are surrounded by numerical.

We use numbers to understand and express everything and anything. Angels see that and embrace this practical side of numbers.

Number 556 – What Does It Mean?

Angel numbers are magical numerical sequences that our heavenly guardians always send us for a reason. Any numerical sequence could be considered an angel number, but it must fulfill one requirement.

It has to keep repeating and reoccurring in various situations in a person’s life, even during the most common and routine activities. Otherwise, it is only a number.

If someone starts seeing certain number over a longer period and keep seeing that number almost every day, it surely has to be more to it. That number is sent to the person as an angelic message.


For example, you could start seeing number 556, which we talk about in this article. You could also dream about it or it could simply come to your mind for no obvious reason. It seems strange, of course.

Rest assured, this number could be an angelic message. You should not be scared, because angel numbers are always positive or, at least, they come to warn you of something in good time.

Angel numbers possess special meanings and the most important things is that your guardians carefully choose the number for you.

It could help you discover your true needs and desires and overcome difficulties along the way.

Number 556 is a powerful angelic message and it surely offers you a lot of angelic support. This is a complex number with amazing spiritual vibrations.

In following paragraphs, we will help you interpret its hidden meanings and discover what it brings to you.

Thanks to angelic numerology, we have learned so much about the magic of numbers! Let us talk more about angel number 556.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 556 carries some important messages for you and it tells a lot about your personality, which will certainly help you know yourself better and get in touch with deeper parts of your own soul. By knowing true desires of your soul, you will be able to grow and develop!

Number 556 is consisted of number 5 and 6. They both have special vibrations and fit together very well. Angelic numerology could tell us more.

Number 5 is usually associated with freedom and individuality; it represents an unrestrained spirit that seeks for adventure and experience. Number 5 inspires creativity, motion, action and courage. It is a number that makes you feel confident and good about yourself, but still makes you kind and understanding towards others. Number 5 brings changes, opportunities and flexibility.

Number 5 is dominant in angel number 556, so you must be someone who is courageous, curious and intelligent.

These are all positive traits, but so strong need to be free and extraordinary could take you in wrong direction and make you too self-obsessed and very unsteady.

Fortunately, there is the aspect of 6, which grants stability. Number 6 represents safety, security, balance and harmony. Number 6 also stands for humanitarianism, self-sacrifice, care and nurture.

Together, these numbers make an extraordinary combination.

Love and Angel Number 556

People with angel number 556 are high quality people, to say so. They are confident, charismatic and driven, while at the same time, they have a lot of love and support for others.

These people have an extremely positive aura and a natural magnetism.

People love to be around them and listen to their amazing stories. They are honest, friendly and lovable. However, it could take time until they finally settle down and start a calm, family life.

When that comes, number 556 shows its other, steadier part. This number offers security and harmony in love life, but never lacks some thrill and excitements. T

hese people have luck in love, mostly because they approach to people with an open heart. Besides their romantic partners, their friends and family simply adore them.

Numerology Facts About Number 556

Number 556 is interesting from historians’ point of view, especially experts that study and research Byzantine era.

Year 556 was year of war and conquest, important for overall history of Europe.

In numerology, it is interesting to note this number is related to number 7, because 5+5+6 equals 16, and 1+6 equals 7.

Number 7 resonates with magical energy and it has a lot to do with spirituality and spiritual awakening. It makes people with angel number 556 more close to their inner voice and connects them to heavens.

Seeing Angel Number 556

If you keep seeing number 556, your guardian angels want you to relax and enjoy amazing opportunities in front of you, without any fear.

This number could be translated as a fortunate sign of change. It does bring big changes, but it also grants security.

Your angels are trying to tell you there are big events coming your way, but none of them will harm you.

Number 556 encourages you to accept changes and ensures you these will be good for you. Sometimes we start doubting our own decisions or lose our confidence, so we retrieve before actually experiencing something new and good.

Feed up your adventurous spirit, but be observant. You have great and magical support in your guardians.