557 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Join us on this fantastic journey to the world of mysterious spiritual paths. This time, we will once again talk about magic of numbers and share with you some interesting explanations on how numbers affect our lives.

Since far past, people have been using numbers for various actions, mostly those of practical nature. However, numbers possess their mystical, even magical side. Ancients knew that.

In many ancient and old sources, written pieces, material artifacts or simply stories and remains of old lore, we could find numbers used as a magical tool of divination, for example. Numbers have been used to better understand ourselves and the world that surround us.

Numerology is special field that tries to analyze and interpret numbers and explain how our destinies are related to numbers.

In fact, if you stop and think about it, you will realize everything in the world could be expressed through numbers.

Our modern lives are totally dependent on numbers, for example, only we fail to see their magical side.

We use numbers for practical reasons, to organize our busy modern day lives. We calculate and count, measure time, distances, our own physiological features. You see, numbers are everywhere.

However, there is more to it, for sure. Numerology and related fields claim numbers resonate with cosmic energies.

It is actually easy to comprehend; if we could express and represent everything in numerical form, there must be universal pattern. Numbers are powerful and magical. In this article, we talk about special heavenly numbers – angel numbers.

Number 557 – What Does It Mean?

Angel numbers are mysterious messages people get from heavens. Those messages come in form of numbers, because we are so familiar with them and every person could identify any abnormality in frequency of numbers we use daily.

For example, if you start seeing certain number all the time and that happens for no obvious or logical reason, there has to be more behind it.

Okay, you say, but what about angels? What do angels have to do with numbers?

Spiritualists, (angelic) numerologists and others claim we have guardian angels. Those are immaterial beings made of pure divine light and they exist on higher levels that are beyond our imagination and comprehension.

Guardian angels love humankind and they are selfless. Their mission is to support and help each one of us.

According to these beliefs, every person has their own special guardians who watch upon them all the time. In times of need or when they believe it is appropriate, these guardians send us messages from universal source of life giving energy that creates the world and everything within it.


You can imagine and represent that universal source as the God or in any other form, depending on your religious beliefs or a strain you belong to or personal opinion.

Guardian angels use numbers as a channel for communication with us. For example, they send number 557 to you.

Now you ask: ‘What does number 556 mean?’. Angel number 557 could tell you a lot more about yourself! It could help you discover more of your qualities and it could direct you in a good way. Number 557 carries important heavenly message for you.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Number 557 comes to you as an important and valuable message from heavens. Your guardian angels have chosen this number for a reason. Just like other three-digit numbers, angel number 557 could reveal a lot about your personality.

This number resonates with amazing energies. It could be a precious guiding lesson for you.

Number 557 is composed of numbers 5 and 7.

Number 5 is seen two times here so it is considered dominant. It resonates with great positivity and openness of mind. Number 5 represents adventures, life journey, a need for action and movement. It stands for creativity, experience, individuality and uniqueness. This number is not considered stable, because it awakes curiosity and restlessness.

On the other hand, it widens your horizons and inspires courage, development and seeking for pleasures. This number also vibrates with sensibility, kindness, understanding and mercy.

Number 7 amplifies its creativity and inspiration. Number 7 is considered one of the most mysterious and spiritual angel numbers. It inspires spiritual journey and enlightenment.

Number 7 also represents intuition, knowledge, spirituality, inner wisdom, solitary life, philosophy, learning and much more. It calms the adventurous energy of number 5 by directing it towards getting more knowledge and wisdom rather than seeking constant adrenaline excitement.

Number 557 is, thus, pretty unstable; it is flexible and adaptable and makes you an extraordinary person.

Love and Angel Number 557

People with angel number 557 are mostly turned to themselves, no matter what their priorities are.

They could be oriented towards expanding their knowledge and trying to understand deeper parts of their souls or they are more attracted by getting more of ‘real life’ experiences, to say so. In any case, they are quite solitary people.

It does not necessarily mean they are shy or antisocial, but they hardly let people truly get close to them. Even if they have many partners, rarely those relationships last or become deeper.

They hate to be bound and dependant, but that is something you should learn to accept as a perfectly normal thing.

Once those people overcame their fear of commitment, they discover the beauty of sharing everything they know with someone else.

Numerology Facts About Number 557

Many interesting historical events took place during years 557 BC and AD. One of major events that marked history was the devastating Constantinople earthquake that took place on December 14th, 557.

It was an extremely terrific natural disaster that has weakened the Byzantine Empire.

The walls of magnificent Constantinople were in so poor state after the event that Hun invaders had no difficulties penetrating them in following year.

We could not say number 557 carries devastating energy, but it surely carries certain form of instability, reflected in such an event, for example.

It is a reminder we should be ready for changes that could greatly influence our lives and be ready to face them with courage.

Seeing Angel Number 557

If you keep seeing number 557, your angels are maybe trying to warn you to be prepared for great events in your life.

Since you possess good intuition and you have a lot of real life experience, changes are something you can deal with. However, everyone feels insecure from time to time.

It is important to know angelic messages carry positive energy; they come only to inspire and support you.

Angel number 557 comes to remind you to use your intelligence and reason over your curiosity and restless spirit, especially when changes come and you have to make important decisions.

You have both wisdom and experience, so you are in a right track. Boost to your positive energy by doing things you love and everything should be fine.