558 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are our heavenly guardians. They have unconditional love for humankind and they watch upon us from realms high above.

Spiritual knowledge teaches us we are not alone in the world; religious systems also share this opinion. The importance of faith is something we should realize, no matter how skeptical we are. Many times people would say that if you believe in miracles, miracles would happen. It is important to nurture pure belief.

It is good to have faith in heavens and believe in guardian angels. They will hear your prayers and help you.

However, they watch upon you anyway; the stronger your beliefs are, the easier would your guardians feel your needs. According to spiritualists and various authors, guardian angels are non-physical entities whose main task is to overlook human world and help people.

They exist in realms that are beyond our imagination and are connected to universal source of life giving energy.

Guardian angels are selfless and without Ego. They do not judge our actions; they do not look with anger on our failures or think we are bad.

No, angels understand the imperfection of humankind and they want to help us value our qualities. Guardian angels are there to support us when we face great challenges and to inspire us even more when we feel good.

They love us and offer us heavenly guidance.

If you wonder how they help us, we have answers for you. Thanks to amazing fields such as numerology, astrology, other spiritual and mystical areas of interest, we have been able to interpret valuable messages from heavens and understand ways of heavenly support.

Guardian angels do not help us directly, but through precious symbolic messages.

Number 558 – What Does It Mean?

Angels can use various channels to talk to us. In this article, we speak about angel numbers. What are they?

Angel numbers are exactly those messages we have mentioned. Numbers have been powerful symbols since far past and our guardians also use them to share their wisdom and energy with us. Numbers vibrate with energies that come from that universal force that creates and moves the world around.

Angels do not interfere with our lives or change our decisions or actions. They send us messages to teach us how to do these things by ourselves. Many times people feel insecure and weak; we lose our strength, we feel down and depressed, even to the point we think bad about ourselves and believe we are incapable of moving forward.

In such times, angelic messages come to us.

Angels feel our need for help and they would do anything in their might to raise our spirits. Angel numbers are supportive messages that carry important hidden meanings for each individual. Angels chose certain numbers for certain reasons.


If you learn how to interpret and understand such messages, you will be able to handle life challenges more easily.

Angel numbers could appear in any routine and common situation in your life. If certain number appears repeatedly, you surely consider it a strange phenomenon.

You are blessed, because it is an angel number, sent especially to you! If that number is 558, we will help you interpret it.

Number 558 is an inspiring angelic message. It reveals a lot about your character and offers you great support and guidance at the same time.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 558 comes to encourage you accept your destiny, because there are good things coming your way.

Angel numbers always assure us there is light at the end of the tunnel, even when all hope seems lost and we feel terribly insecure or weak. Number 558 is sent to you to help you remember how strong you are and to regain that strength.

Sometimes we feel like we have lost ourselves; angel numbers come to remind us who we are.

Angel number 558 is a complex number that could tell many things about your character. This number is composed from numbers 5 and 8. These numbers possess special energies, so let us try to understand them alone and in this powerful angelic combination.

Number 5 represents many things that are important in life. It inspires individualism and uniqueness. Number 5 also represents resourcefulness, adaptability, flexibility and change. It makes you restless, adventurous and curious about everything.

People with this number possess magnetic auras and they attract others easily. They have enough sense of sociability, understanding and kindness not to get lost in their fantastic adventure plans. They love to travel and explore and are eager to share joys of life with others.

Here you also have number 8. Number 8 resonates with energy of personal power. It brings progress, fortune, security, prosperity and success. Moreover, it is a number that represents both giving and receiving, making a person balanced, clever and honest. In this combination, number 8 brings stability to restless 5.

Overall, number 558 vibrates with highly positive energy and brings you luck in life.

Love and Angel Number 558

Love life of a person with angel number 558 is usually full of excitement, but to a moderate point. These people have an adventurous spirit, but they love security.

They are likely to search for a partner who is very similar to them. They seek for someone who is unique and open minded, who has great dreams and is curious, but also a person whom they can rely on.

In short, they want a partner who can follow their dreams and who will share their dreams.

In love, they are passionate and devoted. They are amazing lovers and good friends at the same time. Their families are full of laughter, support and learning.

They love to learn from others, especially from those close to them and they gladly help people in need. They love to give and usually the get much in return, especially on an emotional level, without asking for it.

Numerology Facts About Number 558

Angel number 558 is always interesting observed from historians’ point of view, because many important events took place in year 558. It was an important year for Byzantine Empire, but also for Chinese history.

In numerology, we can relate this number with number 9. Sum up the digits like this: 5+5+8=18, 1+8=9.

It is interesting to know this, because number 9 resonates with an incredible spiritual power. It is the number of karma, spiritual journey, enlightenment, inner wisdom, intuition and everything that is magical and spiritual in a person’s soul, mind and body.

Seeing Angel Number 558

If you keep seeing this number, your angels want to encourage you to have positive thoughts about yourself and your life.

They want you to know there are many good opportunities just around the corner!

Do not waste them away in a hurry, because we know how curious and restless you can be when there are exciting adventures along the way.

Think through possibilities, but not too much. Your angels will help you decide the best!