639 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Greetings, dear reader! Since you are already here, we are sure you are on a right path to find your destiny and discover amazing corners of your own soul and fantastic world you have found yourself in.

Spirituality, mysticism, esoteric knowledge and related ways of thinking and fields of interest are an incredible sphere of understanding forces that are beyond humankind’s imagination.

Angelic numerology is one of such mystical and yet reasonable spiritual paths. Our world is greatly dependant on numbers, only we fail to see their mystical and magical side and use them daily for practical reason.

If we turn to alternative fields or ancient teachings, beliefs and such, we could easily see how important roles numbers do play in our lives.

Many old beliefs are closely related to the power of numbers. Here, we talk about angel numbers.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, let us explain this in short.

Angel numbers are meaningful and guiding messages that we get from our guardians in heavens. Every person has his or hers celestial protectors; according to beliefs, we have at least two guardian angels. Angels’ main task is to protect and guide us.

They will not change the course of events in our lives, no matter how difficult they might be, but they will offer us support, love and guidance in order to help us overcome such hard times by our own strength.

Those supportive angelic messages come in symbolic forms. Numbers are one of channels angels use to communicate with us.

Number 639 – What Does It Mean?

Any number could represent an angelic message, but only if that number keeps appearing repeatedly in someone’s life.

You could start seeing the same number in various daily and routine situations.

If that is so, then such a number is not just a numerical symbol, but also an angelic message. Your guardian angels are trying to tell you something important by using particular number.

Angel numbers bring luck, fortune and positivity, while at the same time they could serve as warning signs, lessons and reminders of our own personality and traits.

Energy numbers possess come from universal source of life giving force that is also closely related to our guardians.

That universal force is sometimes imagined as the God or an ever-flowing energy and so on.


Our guardians exist in harmony with that force. They are selfless, without Ego and free will. Guardian angels exist to guide us and watch upon us from heavens. They could feel the tiniest vibrations of our souls, so they always know if we are in need for help. Then, they send us messages, such as angel numbers.

Angel numbers could reveal your destiny, if you learn how to interpret them correctly. They could also tell a lot about your qualities and flaws and your character and personality in general.

Angel numbers could help you work on yourself and become better person.

Let us discover what message is hidden behind angel number 639.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 639 is composed from three numbers, 6, 3 and 9.

This complex number reveals all about your character, which could be useful and helpful.

This angelic message is kind of reminder of your own personality. It is sent to you to encourage and guide you. Now we will interpret its meaning by analyzing its main aspects.

Number 6 represents harmony and balance in life. This number resonates with energies of kindness, helpfulness, humanitarianism, love, care, protection and nurture. It praises simplicity and humbleness over greed and lust. Number 6 reflects your humble, protective and kind side of character.

Number 3 represents your childish, joyful and optimistic side. This number promotes creativity, imagination, intuition and adventurousness. Number 3 is a powerful one, the number that gives you so much energy, need for activity and excitement. Be careful with its energy and listen to your intuition all the time.

Number 9 is the most magical of these three. It inspires enlightenment, spiritual journey, spiritual awakening and helps you get in touch with your inner self. Number 9 has always been associated with magic, karma and soul purpose.

As you can see, number 639 combines amazing energies and creates an interesting and intriguing personality.

Love and Angel Number 639

In love, angel number 639 does not offer stability for long time, because people with this numbers are likely to spend times in searching for their own soul purpose.

They really need to find their place in universe, before they settle down.

Once they realize their place is exactly where they found themselves in, they are ready to commit. In love, they are gentle, kind, calm, loyal, honest and caring.

They love a bit of excitement occasionally, but never at the cost of a relationship.

Numerology Facts About Number 639

Number 639 is closely related to number 9, because 6+3+9=18, 1+8=9.

This is amazing to know, because number 9 is what already gives this numerical sequence its magical aspects and reconnects it with universal spiritual energy.

Number 9 is a true blessing from heavens, so it is always good to continue to feed its incredible energy.

Seeing Angel Number 639

If you start seeing angel number 639, your guardian angels want you to know you are not alone, even in hardest times.

Life is full of unpredictable things and sometimes you should just go with the flow. You have a strong need to discover the purpose of your life, but that can never happen if you force it.

Relax and surrender yourself to universal flow of life!

There is no reason to be afraid of that, because you have powerful protectors and teachers in your heavenly guardians.