642 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever thought about those strangely repeating numerical sequences you have been seeing over an extended period?

Something like the same number on your digital clock, on a computer or television screen, somewhere along the road or else?

Well, there is more to it than simply being a coincidence. Many people believe all things are happening for a reason and with a purpose. The same applies to reoccurring numbers.

These strange numerical are angelic messages.

Yes, we have guardian angels; they are non-physical celestial spirits that watch upon the world from higher levels of existence. Guardian angels have one important mission and it is to guide and support you throughout your life.

They offer an unconditional help by sending you valuable symbolic messages.

Angels are pure spirits, without free will and Ego, which makes them one of the purest forms of universal existence.

They are here to help people overcome challenges their earthly lives bring along. Since we humans are imperfect, we need an extra help from time to time.

Whether you believe it or not, guardian angels love you and support you, even if you might be unaware of that.

According to spiritual teachings and related areas, every human being possesses a guardian angel or more of them.

These celestial watchers and protectors can feel our need for help and they act through many channels. They rarely appear in human form, but rest assured their presence is everlasting and their help the most precious.

Number 642 – What Does It Mean?

Guardian angels use various channels to communicate with human world and those channels are usually symbols.

In older times, angels would rather choose an image, an animal or artifact to send us messages, but since our world has become digitalized and so calculated, they option for numerical symbols.

So, we come to our point; those reoccurring numbers we have mentioned are angel numbers.

Angel numbers are special messages our guardians send us when they believe we need some additional encouragement or support and guidance.


Sometimes, they just want to calm us down and assure us we are not alone; we are loved and protected by heavenly forces. They send us various numerical sequences that resonate with special heavenly energies.

Angel numbers represent guidance, lessons, support, encouragement, warning, love and protection. Angelic messages are never meant to hurt us, exactly the opposite.

These messages could be positive and precious to us, if we only learn how to interpret them. Fortunately, angelic numerology and related fields have answers.

What if your guardians send you angel number 642? What does it mean?

Let us explain below. This complex number is best understood by analyzing its constitutive parts, number 6, 4 and 2. In following paragraphs, we will reveal the secret meaning and symbolism of angel number 642.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 642 reflects a personality that is kind, caring, friendly, sociable, honest, just and strong willed. It is a perfect combination of energies; number 642 is considered particularly stable one.

This number grants you harmony in life, organization, good relations with people around and your own tranquility.

Number 6 resonates with energies of caring, nurturing, guardianship, protection and humanitarianism.

Number 4 vibrates with strong and stable energies of determination, focus, organization and practicality, while at the same time it praises traditional values and patriotism.

Number 2 promotes sociability, collaboration, relationships, love, diplomacy and trustworthiness.

As you can see, all of these aspects make number 642 both self-aware and caring about the world and people around. Number 642 wants to help others, but he or she would never forget their own needs and desires.

These people are diplomatic, loving, honest and just. They could be satisfied with simple things and they know to appreciate every step on their life path.

Love and Angel Number 642

Number 642 generally offers stability in love. People with this number are likely to search for a perfect one a long time.

They love to be surrounded by people, to help others and usually develop positive relations with people in all areas of their lives. They are reliable and trustworthy partners, friends and colleagues.

When it comes to romantic love, they are ready to wait. Once they find the perfect match, it is usually a life-long relationship. They are very protective, caring, kind and loyal to their families.

People with this number are a great example of supportive relatives, reliable friends, loving spouses and good parents.

Numerology Facts About Number 642

Angel number 642 is the number of poisonous species of snakes around the world!

Well, that is just a fun fact and has nothing to do with positive vibrations of this angelic number. On the other hand, it contains mystical 42 within.

If you have read Douglas Adams’s Hitchhiker’s Guide Through the Galaxy, then you know that 42 is the ultimate answer on question of universal existence. It makes number 642 even more interesting.

Seeing Angel Number 642

If you start seeing angel number 642, your guardian angels want you to stop doubting your thoughts and decisions and try to relax.

They know you would like to help everyone in the world, to make the world better place, while at the same time you would like to provide safety and security to yourself and your closest ones.

Well, it is an inspiring idea, but you have to admit you are not all-powerful!

Try to balance your energy and use your strength for things that are in your reach. Of course, you should always tend to develop and widen your influence!

Just be careful when investing your efforts, time and emotions.