680 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The Neapolitan angel numerology approaches the figure of the “o ganglion” to the number 680.

Let’s better understand what lies behind this figure and this association, before moving our gaze to other possible meanings and variants of this number that we frequently find in numerology.

As always, we will analyze the number 680 both by looking at it from the perspective of the angel numerology, and by borrowing some theories from numerology.

Number 680 – What Does It Mean?

The tradition of the angel numerology associates the figure of the ganglion with the number 680.

It is interesting to understand how many different figures and how many meanings can be hidden behind this image.

The boy associated with the number 680 can in fact be a projection of ourselves, or rather the image that we are convinced to give of us to the outside, to our friends and to the world in general.

According to this vision, the ganglion stages what are your wishes and our goals, stages the dreams we have and what we would like to obtain from our life.

The connotations of the dream boy can of course be read in various ways.

Often in its connotations and characteristics we find a projection of the qualities that we would like to have, but that we do not have or feel we do not have / do not show enough to those around us.

It is therefore a synthesis between our self and the projection we have of it inside.

If in particular the boy who represents us in the dream is represented in particularly courageous actions or other lines, it is possible that the subject is about to have a moment of break, of detachment with the past.

In this sense, the dream is to be understood as something positive, as a moment that distances us from our current self and brings us closer to what we would like to be.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

There are a number of other meanings that can be associated with the number 680.

It represents in fact the appreciations, or the positive considerations made about a subject that do nothing but strengthen his self-esteem and express a positive and sincere opinion.

However, the same number is also associated with deception, or a scam made against a person and aimed at obtaining benefits from him by defrauding him.


A further meaning is connected to the passage of time and to the changes it causes on the subject itself.

The invitation, in this case, is to pay attention to the passing of time, trying to give it the meaning and importance it deserves.

680 is therefore the number of attention, of prudence, the one that invites us to open our eyes and to fully live every aspect of our life, without wasting precious seconds.

It is a number that in some moments also represents rebirth, the one that arises after disappointment and that indicates the desire to start over and take up one’s life after being betrayed and deceived, giving meaning to every single moment of life itself.

Love and Angel Number 680

There are therefore several situations in which you might find yourself betting on this number, you just have to evaluate this aspect calmly and carefully in order to take advantage of all the cards you have available to try your luck.

’Drunk is the figure who, according to the Neapolitan angel numerology, is associated with the number 680. We better understand where this link comes from and if there are other possibilities and things to consider before evaluating 680 as a possible number to bet on.

Wine, beer and spirits, or rather their abuse, can lead everyone to fall victim to the fumes of alcohol.

If in your dreams a known or unknown person is clearly drunk, you can bet on this number. The number remains the same even in cases where you are drunk.

If a third person is drunk, it is possible that the subject is warned in this way.

Seen from the outside, in fact, drunkenness leads to doing little sensible things and becomes a symbol of foolishness.

However, the drunk is not the only figure that can be associated with this number.

Many meanings and floral themes are in fact associated with this number.

680 therefore becomes the number to play if the dream sees you watering flowers and plants, if more generally nature appears in your dreams.

The link between this number and the almond is particular.

Interesting Facts about Number 680

Protected by its shell, it represents an intimate and profound meaning, the truth hidden behind every appearance, the joy that comes after every period of discouragement or weakness.

Then there are a number of other situations in which it is possible to bet on this number.

In fact, 680 is the number to bet on if you dream of a trunk, if you imagine you are attending a conference, if the base of a statue appears in your dreams, or if a fool appears.

Yes at 680 to be taken into consideration even if in the dream appears a wooden house, a fountain of wine, freshly harvested grapes, blood, a knight or an orange soda.

These are, as can be guessed, situations that are very different from each other, but which, according to the angel numerology, are all attributable to the same meaning.

Let’s move now to the field of numerology. In general people who are somehow related to this number are characterized by their ability to always choose wisely and moderately.

These are individuals who have actually learned from their past and have limited and contained any excesses over time. They are very careful people, capable of giving advice and pointing out the right path.

Seeing Angel Number 680

The number is also linked to fluctuating situations, which by their very nature become tiring and difficult to bear and manage.

In conclusion, we can say that the number 680 is a positive number, typical of those who have been able to build their own life by relying on their abilities, the same ones that this number actually raises and strengthens.

In conclusion, all that remains is to add another important piece of advice, that is to always and carefully evaluate every single element of the dream and every sensation that accompanies it.

Only in this way, in fact, will it be possible to find the right interpretation of the dream and from there the best number to try one’s luck.