683 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The angel numerology associates the number 683 with blood.

It is, as everyone knows, the fluid that flows in our body and which, for example, comes out of a wound and takes on its traditional intense red color.

In addition to the strong link with life, blood refers to the concept of sacrifice and therefore of devotion but also of fear.

The concept of fear is also present in situations that link the concept of violence or aggression to blood.

Number 683 – What Does It Mean?

In general, therefore, the number 683 can be approached every time that the dream stages the concept of life.

Passion is also closely linked to this concept and therefore to this number.

If the dream instead shows a wound, it is good to analyze it carefully.

In fact, a hemorrhage usually indicates a lack of self-confidence, conversely a wound from which the blood squirts out represents a difficult situation to manage.

It is possible that you also dream of receiving a blood transfusion.

In this case it is possible that the subject is too stressed and is therefore looking for additional forces that come from the outside world.

There is also another aspect to consider, linked to the fact that some subjects cannot bear the sight of blood, which causes them to be disturbed.

If blood enters dreams, it is possible that the subject does not have enough confidence in himself and finds himself the victim of situations that, although small, can harm him.

However, blood is not the only thing to associate according to the angel numerology to number 683.

The same number can in fact be played in the case of actions such as buying, amalgamating, confirming, blending, whipping, inciting, reacting, recording,.

Let’s now move on to analyze the number 683 from another perspective. Its dividers are 1, 2, 6, and 9.


The resulting structure appears in many ways similar to that of a pyramid.

In the past, especially during the Roman era, this number was not intended as a positive one, which is why on the 683th of each month people avoided issuing public acts or making important decisions.

On the other hand, the vision that the Maya had of this number was less harmful, since for that people the months were 683.

In the Christian context, however, references to the number 683 are found above all in the Bible.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The souls of the righteous, for example, were divided precisely into 683 perfumed columns; changing religion in Buddhism shows that the Buddha had 683 different conditions.

In general, then it is possible to say that this number falls within the typically “feminine” numbers, since it identifies values ​​such as creativity, intuition, energy, will to live, strength to do.

Number 683 should no longer have any secrets for you at this point.

In fact, you have all the information you need to know when to play it and how to interpret the possible presence of this number in your life.

“Number 683 brings bad luck” is a phrase that we are used to hearing from many quarters, however bad luck is not the only meaning that comes close to this number.

So let’s start a journey around the number 683 in order to know for sure when this number can be played and what to take into consideration if, for one reason or another, you feel particularly connected to this number.

The Neapolitan angel numerology associates bad luck with the number 683, defined as’ a misfortune.

It is a typically Neapolitan and generally Italian association.

In fact, in all countries the number brings bad luck par excellence turns out to be 13, not 683.

It is for this reason that the number 683 becomes the number to refer to it in the dream there are symbols traditionally linked to bad luck, such as for example the black cat, the crow, a dead animal with a severed head in general, the gallows.

Love and Angel Number 683

The presence of these elements or directly of the number 683 in dreams is linked to the fact that the subject is very worried or disturbed by something.

The concern can be related to various types of areas of the person’s life.

Then there are a whole series of things, actions, characters that can also be connected to this number. We are talking, for example, of actions such as camping, blinding, accepting, struggling, dismissing, building, spreading, dishonoring, drying up, excelling, venting, choosing, printing, betraying.

Figures such as the acrobat, the bersagliere and the traitor can also be associated with the number 683.

The same goes for things, tangible or not, such as friendship, the boat, the beer, the kid, the call, the belt, the conference, the disgrace, the dishonor, the wool, the boat, the machine, the skein, the snow, the tower, the advantage.

But let’s get away from this kind of vision and meaning, and try to look at the number 683 from other points of view.

It is to be read as a fusion of the number 1 with the number 7.

The number 1 in particular means and represents the unity that binds to what is the supreme power.

Interesting Facts about Number 683

The other digit, 7, is instead to be interpreted as the number of knowledge and in general of wisdom.

In fact, it identifies the full awareness of a series of useful notions for living.

Another aspect that can be useful to analyze is related to the presence in the sacred books.

Many scholars have pointed out that in the Gospel of John, speaking of the miraculous catch, reference is made to 153 large fish that were caught by Simon Peter.

The number 153 actually arises from the sum of all the numbers between 1 and 683,

The possible religious references, however, do not end there.

In fact, the number 683 can also be obtained by adding the two 8-pointed stars that surround the head of the Virgin Mary and which have 8 sides each, plus one in the center.

Then there is a reference to the number 683 that certainly will not go unnoticed.

It relates to the belief that 683 actually accompanies or heralds misfortunes or negative events. It is legitimate to ask what roots this widespread belief has.

Well, among the various theories, the probably best fitting one associates the word “vissi” (therefore I died) with the number seventeen.

Written in Roman numerals, in fact, the number looks more or less like VIXI.

Seeing Angel Number 683

A second reading is related to the fact that the universal flood began on the 683th day of the second month of the year.

This is why this day is always awaited with apprehension and with a minimum of fear.

The number 683 can also make its appearance in the game of tarot.

All unfortunate events are in fact traceable and can be summarized with the number 683.

Going into more detail, the card that represents bad luck is the same upside down; if the same star comes out in its normal sense, it is to be understood as a lucky card.