777 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The purpose of our existence is achieving lasting peace and happiness. Our guardian angels have a mission to help us accomplish these goals, and they do so with support from the Universe.

Majority of people still don’t believe in angels, but they experience and benefit from their presence and help in their everyday lives. Our guardian angels usually don’t appear to us in person, and instead, use subtle ways of communicating their information to us.

Our guardian angels use various means to contact us and gain our attention, such as feathers we see in strange places, words, sentences, names, songs, etc. we keep hearing everywhere, same numbers or number sequences we keep seeing on license plates, houses, receipts, clocks, books, etc.

The angels rarely communicate with us, allowing us to lead our lives using our free will, but when they do, it’s usually because there is something of great importance, such as a warning, advice, or suggestion regarding our current life circumstances they need to convey to us.

When the angels use numbers to deliver us their messages, they chose a number or a number sequence with such symbolism that can deliver the message that suits our current situation. Then they continue repeating the same number or numbers long enough to intrigue us and make us wonder what they mean.

All angel numbers have specific meanings, which reveal the message from our angelic guides.

If the number you keep seeing lately is the angel number 777, you are fortunate, because it carries a very powerful message from the Universe. In this text you can find a lot about its symbolism, and discover what your angels are trying to inform you about.

Number 777 – What Does It Mean?

The symbolism of the number 777 consists of a tripled influence of the number 7. The number 7 is a very spiritual and mystical number with very powerful influence.

The number 7 symbolizes the universal consciousness, spirituality and spiritual evolvement, which leads to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

This number also symbolizes intuition, inner guidance, inner wisdom, a deeper understanding of things and people, empathic gifts, psychic abilities, natural healing abilities and healing, faith, religion, secrets, philosophy, mysticism, rituals, peace, perseverance, and endurance.

It also symbolizes knowledge and knowing, gaining knowledge, learning, studying, teaching, education.

It symbolizes isolation, introspection, independence, non – conformism, emotions, feelings, persistence, stoicism, perfection, silence, dignity, being ahead of times, evolution, inner strength, individuality, idealism, good fortune, science, alchemy, intelligence, geniality, specialization, logic, and sharp mind.

This number also symbolizes manifesting your desired reality through your thoughts and emotions.

The tripled energy of the number 7 creates the number 777. This number symbolizes knowledge of mysteries and secrets.

It is a powerful spiritual number which symbolizes religion, faith, rituals, spirituality, spiritual evolvement which leads to your spiritual enlightenment, inner guidance, intuition, persistence, inner wisdom, empathic gifts, psychic abilities, healing and healing abilities, knowledge, gaining knowledge, learning, teaching, studying, peace, deeper understanding of things, stoicism, silence, isolation, perfection, emotions, evolution, intelligence, and manifesting desires through your emotions and feelings.


The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

When you begin seeing the angel number 777, it is often a calling from the Universe to begin developing your spirituality. This number urges you to begin seeking for the secret knowledge which will bring you closer to your final goal, which is, spiritual enlightenment.

The Universe and your guardian angels will help you on that path. You will find the right people, go to the right places at the right time, find the right books to read, etc.

This angel number is asking you to trust that you have full support from the Universe and your guardian angels, to begin following that path, and feel secure about the fact that you can call your guardian angels whenever you feel worried or confused about the steps or actions you need to take.

This angel number could also be a calling you to begin using your God-given special abilities, such as healing gifts, empathic or psychic abilities, to help others. That will undoubtedly help you align more with your true soul’s purpose in this life.

With this number, the angels remind you to stop wasting these blessings from the Universe, and instead begin using them to improve other people’s lives, and indirectly, your life as well. Be a positive example, which others will like to follow.

Don’t waste these gifts, which God has given to you with a particular purpose, which is to use them for the good of other people, but also for your benefit because by helping others, you are helping your soul ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

This angel number is often a confirmation that you are about to receive the rewards for your efforts and work done to help other people.

The Universe will reward you for changing the lives of many people for the better, by being a good example to them.

In some cases, this number calls you to begin expanding your knowledge further, which will help your personal growth and expansion.

Begin studying the subjects you have wanted for a long time, especially the ones related to spirituality, mysticism, esoteric and other similar topics. They will help your development and serving your life purpose.

Love and Angel Number 777

The angel number 777 is a sign of fortunate circumstances occurring in your love life. The angels remind you to become open to receive love, and excellent new opportunities will appear before you.

Open your heart and expect miracles to happen soon.

This number is a confirmation that you are divinely guided in finding the right love.

For the ones in a relationship, this number could indicate some growth and expansion, which might well refer to having children and expanding your family.

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Numerology Facts about Number 777

The number 777 represents the tripled influence and energy of the number 7. This is a very powerful spiritual number.

It also has the energy of the number 3, which is the sum of these three numbers (7 + 7 + 7 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3).

The number 7 symbolizes faith, religion, spirituality, evolving spiritually and achieving spiritual awakening and enlightenment, spiritual knowledge, esoteric, mysticism, philosophy, and rituals. The number 7 also symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, gaining knowledge, studying, teaching, and education.

It symbolizes intuition and inner guidance, special abilities to help others, such as healing gifts, psychic and empathic powers.

The number 7 is also the number which symbolizes good luck.

The number 3 symbolizes growth, increase, abundance, prosperity, expansion, joy, happiness, optimism, adventure, creativity, self – expression, communication, travel, and personal freedom. It also symbolizes grace, gratitude, and appreciation.

This number also symbolizes the Ascended Masters and their help and influence in our lives.

The number 777 symbolizes the expansion of your soul’s consciousness as you spiritually evolve. It signifies aiming for ultimate happiness and joy when you experience your final goal which is spiritual enlightenment.

People who resonate with the number 777 are very spiritual beings. They are often very religious and seek to gain spiritual knowledge, so they could expand their spirituality further.

These people sometimes have special healing, or psychic and empathic abilities, they use for the benefit of others.

They are very communicative and often find themselves in adventures in their quest for spiritual advancement.

Seeing Angel Number 777

Because the number 7 is considered a lucky one, and a bringer of good fortune, seeing the number 777 frequently can often be a sign of some good fortune of great proportions coming soon into your life.

In some cases, it might even indicate winning the lottery, or some other game of chance.

This angel number is a confirmation that things in your life are unfolding according to the Divine plan the Universe has for you. When you begin seeing it, be open to receive the angelic guidance for some important issues in your life.

The angel number 777 often appears in our lives when we have some faith issues and doubts about our life or our loved ones. Know that the angels are sending you this number to reassure you that all is well in your life, so you need to restore your faith.

This angel number is also a reminder to connect to your inner being and listen to its guidance. Tune in to your inner voice and intuition, to find the answers you seek.

Also be alert to notice signs and synchronicities from the angels and the Universe. You need to be open to receive their guidance clearly.

The angel number 777 is also a number which symbolizes growth and expansion in some important areas of your life.

Listen to your inner guidance, or ask the angels and the Ascended Masters to give you advice about the right steps you need to make to ensure the success of your actions. It’s important to be aware of the thoughts you have at the moment you see the number 777 because it will clear the picture about the area you need to pay more attention to, or the area which is about to undergo some increase and expansion.

Release all fears of the future because this number is a very strong indication of Divine guidance and protection.

This number is a proof you are right where you are supposed to be, and you are making all the right moves. Have faith in your decisions and actions to bring you towards the fulfillment of your goals and desires, as well as serving your soul’s purpose.

This angel number is reminding you to appreciate the blessings and the happiness you have in life. Remember how fortunate you are for having all the things many other people don’t have, and you maybe take for granted.

With the angel number 777, the Universe, the Ascended Masters, and the angels remind you how lucky you are.

They ask you never to take anyone and anything for granted. Be appreciative of all the good there is in your life, regardless of how big or small it seems. Appreciate all kindness and help you receive from others, and remember to say thank you.

Make others happy and share your happiness with them. Be kind and generous with your blessings. The Universe watches your every move. Everything you take for granted and you don’t appreciate, will be taken away from you eventually.

It is the Law of the Universe.

But you have to be sincere about your appreciation. That is not just a phrase you say like a robot; it has to be genuinely felt. The Universe will know the difference, believe it.

This angel number often appears if at any point in your life you begin feeling discouraged or week, worried about the future, and the outcomes of your actions. If in these moments you begin seeing the angel number 777, know that the Universe, the Ascended Masters, and your guardian angels are sending you a message of their support and encouragement to continue in the direction you are headed.

Be open to their guidance as well as to hear the voices of your inner being, telling you what you need to do.

Remember to keep an optimistic outlook on the future. What you expect is what you will receive; it is as simple with the Universe. You need to look deep down inside and realize your deepest thoughts and beliefs and change them if necessary.

They can be the guidance to where you stand on the path of manifesting your desires. If things are slow and not working out for you, ask yourself why? Are you the reason, maybe?

The Universe asks you to think only positive thoughts and expect only the best to happen.

That way, you will ensure to receive exactly what you want, and cut down the possibility of undesired results of your negative thoughts manifesting in your reality.