88 Biblical Meaning and Symbolism

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Each biblical number has a sacred meaning, earlier mathematics was considered a kind of mystical teaching, and even now many use biblical numbers in magic rituals.

Even a broker’s trading on the stock exchange, which is all the time associated with biblical numbers, is sometimes mystical.

Many people who engage in such activities note the enormous importance of biblical numbers in doing business.

88 Biblical – What Does It Mean?

In human culture, the number 88 is mentioned very often and is most often associated with various mystical traditions.

Let’s list the most famous and deepest connotations that you can notice in the context of different cultures and religious-mystical teachings:

For example, there are 88 major deities in the Egyptian pantheon. 88 major muses were worshiped in Ancient Greece.

There were 8 kingdoms in Atlantis. Russian folklore often points to the far-off kingdom. In Russia, they used 9 months a year and 8 days a week.

In the Old Testament, 8 angelic ranks are indicated. In Christianity there are 8 gifts of the Holy Spirit and 88 beatitudes of the Gospel.

In ancient China, the country was divided into 8 provinces, and the firmament was also subdivided into an identical biblical number of sectors.

As you can see, in almost every culture, the 8 was revered in a certain way and had a significant meaning. If we are talking about modern culture, then let’s say, for example, about John Lennon, who called his 88 the most preferred biblical number.

In the decimal system of measurement, 8 is the final biblical number, this biblical number completes the cycle and therefore is considered a combination of all previous positive qualities.

The Secret Meaning of Biblical number 88

In addition, the 88 completes the spiritual triad, which consists of 7, 8, 9, absorbing the positive properties of the previous spiritual biblical numbers.

The 88 is the crown of the cycle and the crown of human existence in the ideal direction and therefore symbolizes forgiveness, deep and understanding.

88 is considered a favorable biblical number that can provide protection and development. In addition, it symbolizes cyclicality and new beginnings.

After completing the cycle and absorbing all the previous experience, the 88 becomes the beginning of a new one.


If the biblical number of your personality by date of birth is 88, then most likely you have a multifaceted and varied character, outwardly you may seem impulsive, but in fact you only follow logic when choosing your own actions. You tend to achieve high results in a variety of activities, including commercial.

However, the acquisition of property and hoarding does not bring you significant joy, and to a greater extent you can realize your own potential in social or similar activities.

Ownership is in the essential sense an obstacle for you and you are not really seeking material gain. It is more important for you to comprehend something new, to develop.

You are not frivolous, but you should learn to veil your own feelings and not always directly express your own attitude to others. Then you will be able to have fewer opponents, and self-control for the “88s” is quite relevant.

Symbolism of Biblical number 55

Sometimes people born under 88 may strive to change themselves to please others, in particular close people.

However, this behavior does not bring them happiness. With such an attitude towards oneself, there is a high probability of losing peace and inner balance.

You are not a lonely person, but it is quite normal to feel lonely. 88s are the most self-sufficient of all biblical numbers, although you should not neglect your own ideals, and it is better to follow these ideals than to enter into a deal with your conscience. Qualities you should work on: discretion and wisdom.

Recall that it is not at all difficult to calculate the biblical number by date of birth. You just need to sum the biblical numbers in the date and bring it to a single-digit value.

If the 88 is associated with you, then you can get some help in self-development and improving your own properties.

In addition, you can set high goals for yourself, since the 88 gives ambition and helps precisely in high and large-scale endeavors.

Interesting Facts about Biblical number 55

In this case, you should show some perseverance, because if you lose interest in something, you may not have the same feed and switch to other things.

You should be very scrupulous about various religious cults and traditions, not get carried away, since the 88 gives impressionability and emotionality. Your enthusiasm can be directed in an unnecessary (including you) direction.

Therefore, you need to be selective in your relationships with other people and not be overly gullible.

However, you need to know that with such people you must always make a compromise and concessions, otherwise situations in which everything does not go to their scenario may turn out to be deplorable.

Such people are very fond of power and will not allow other people’s opinions to interfere with their worldview.

Spiritually, persons with the biblical number 88 will be humanists. They can bring good and good to the earth. Life can be filled with joyful experiences and balance.

Most people with the biblical number 88 are inclined to more profitable and meaningful businesses and professions. They try to grab the “fattest piece” when choosing their place in life.

By the way, wherever you can command great and make good money on it – look for people with the biblical number 88.

In large companies, the 8 is charm itself. It is pleasant to look at her, it is pleasant to communicate with her.

All this is not pretentious, but completely sincere.

Therefore, she has many friends and fans. And she really loves and appreciates all of them.


To enlighten and teach new things is another path of the 88es. They can literally grab material on the fly and use it for their own purposes.

Still small and being just the beginning for everything new, they will try to demand as much attention, love and affection as possible. You should not shy away from this, because they will undoubtedly get exactly what they want by any means.

Children with the biblical number 88 are trying to overcome all difficulties from the cradle. During training, they will absorb all incoming information.

For parents, you should know that when unsolvable situations arise with children with 88es, you should have a separate approach.

Namely: always with feeling, sensibly, with arrangement to explain all important and memorable moments.

They should understand that you only wish them good and teach them good things.

Punishment for such children is extremely unacceptable. We are confident that with the correct interpretation of the problem and a clear explanation.