Number 44 in the Bible – Meaning and Symbolism

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The trait of purposefulness also plays an important role, since it in itself can achieve many results in any direction.

It is worth calculating that each situation in a collision with the eight can only gain success.

In numerology, the four is defined by concepts such as fundamentality and organization.

This is the number of the square, which is a symbol of order and completeness.

In the Pythagorean psychometric, the figure indicated that a person pays much attention to the material side of his own life.

44 Biblical – What Does It Mean?

He does not have high ambitions, likes to follow the rules, and has clear moral principles.

If four is the number of destiny, it indicated a mathematical mindset and a penchant for the exact sciences.

The negative qualities of this figure in numerology are sarcastic and stubbornness. She highlights such traits as sarcasm, irascibility and inability to put up with other people’s shortcomings.

People born under this number are rarely lucky, they have to achieve everything in life with hard work.

No matter how much they need, they do not know how and do not like to accept help from the outside, even when close people offer it.

The four is widely used in magic and witchcraft. During many rituals, in order to focus his own energy, a person needs to put four burning candles around him.

It is believed that in this way he will close his aura, preventing her from contacting the outside world and protecting himself from outside influences.

People who receive a four with the number of their birth, name or destiny tend to idealize others. They try to see only the best sides in everything, are considered optimists and have an unpretentious character.

They enter into conflicts only in those cases when they are openly provoked, otherwise they prefer to avoid open clashes. They know how to appreciate every moment of their own life, easily make friends, are considered reliable and loyal companions.

The four is considered a symbol of family and home. She brings orderliness and reliability, confidence in the future and a loved one to life.


People born of this number always keep in touch with their relatives, value other people’s kindness and care.

The Secret Meaning of Biblical number 44

44 make great parents and educators. They know how to find a common language even with the most unpleasant interlocutor, inspire confidence in others, and easily achieve influence in society.

People who are completely opposite to themselves are chosen as partners.

Thus, they mark a new peak in front of them, which they are trying to conquer. In family life, they try to remake a loved one and his principles for themselves, although they tend to sacrifice their own desires for the sake of loved ones.

They do not tolerate orders, in response to someone else’s authority they can show aggression and stubbornness.

In various world cultures, the influence of the four can be traced equally clearly.

For example, the Scandinavians in Agar had four rivers, as well as in Christian Eden. In the myths of the ancient Germans, the world stands on four dwarfs, which reminds us of the Babylonian and Egyptian legends about the flat earth on the backs of four elephants.

The Old Slavs endowed this number with magical power, linking it with the number of basic protective elements.

In ancient China, four is the number of the earth itself. It meant four gates at the imperial palace, four seas that washed the state, four great mountains.

Four is the Yin number, the West is considered its patron.

Symbolism of Biblical number 44

Many mystics believe that the four is capable of pushing a person to important actions and decisions when they lose heart.

This is a combination of strength, the number of four elements and four cardinal points. It is able to exert a strong influence on the life balance from the outside, increase potential and attract good luck.

If throughout your life you now and then meet combinations of 4, 44, 444, and so on, then you can consider that you are lucky.

Thus, fate shows that you should not be afraid of anything, you receive support from higher powers.

A person who meets everywhere a message from his Angels in the form of the number 4 knows what he wants from life. He has a sharp, lively mind, observant and active.

He accepts changes and any troubles easily, trying not to pay too much attention to the negative sides. He is used to making every effort in any business he undertakes, brings everything to the end, for which he receives a generous reward and the patronage of fortune.

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Interesting Facts about Biblical number 44

In Confucianism, which to this day is considered the main religion of China, this is the number of four main books – Conversations of Confucius,

Teachings on the Middle and Great Teaching, Mengzi’s books.

Often the four was called the number of death, it was omitted in the numbering of houses and apartments.

For the Chinese, this number means the same as the number 13 for us, which, by the way, also adds up to four.

In America, the Maya believed that heaven rests on the shoulders of four giants, they worshiped four Great Gods, and had four colors of the year in their calendar.

Another Mesoamerican people, the Aztecs, believed that the whole world lay on the branches of four mighty trees, the tops of which pierced not only the firmament, but even time itself.

In ancient Persia, the people were divided into 4 castes, each of which corresponded to one of the four elements.

In Japan, as in China, people were afraid and shunned of this number. In the country, the fear of the four has become a real phobia.

Car numbers ending with this number are prohibited, elevators do not have a button for the fourth floor, restaurants have no tables, and local hospitals have wards with this number.

In angelic numerology, the four denotes a practical approach to business and a sense of responsibility in a person. It is a symbol of talent and great ability.

The number indicates a person who is wise, resilient and able to learn not only from his own, but also from others’ mistakes.


The unique workshop vibration is considered as the karmic number 44, the meaning of which unites all the best qualities of the three and six – fantasy, artistry, communication skills, cordiality, forgiveness, romance and love.

If a representative of one of the three is inherent in curiosity, then a person of number 44 is an individual with non-trivial thinking, generating innovative, interesting ideas.

The number of unusual personalities, creators, true humanists. They more fully than others feel the true greatness of Beauty and Harmony, in all phenomena they feel the mystical meaning and sacredly believe in divine providence.