8833 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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To enter the world of this magical, mysterious, and also disturbing number, let’s return to the eighth Tarot card – Justice.

We then emphasized the fundamental and original character of this card based on two examples: one, related to the survival of an animal, and the other – a human.

Number 8833 – What Does It Mean?

One of them is underneath, the other above it, the first one seems immersed in water, the second one – floating above the surface.

As we know, the symbol of Cancer is associated with the fact that during his reign, that is, at the beginning of summer – water and land are warm.

So crayfish and small fish live close to the surface of the water, and insects fly just above it: these are just inverted loops.

It’s also about the heat of the water and the steam it emits. If we connect these two loops, we get the number 8833 arranged horizontally, which – as we know – is a symbol of infinity.

This uninterrupted process occurs when as a result of heat above water vapor accumulates, which then transforms into clouds, from which sooner or later it will rain. We have come full circle in this way.

So everything leads us to believe that the Cancer symbol is not made up of two nines, but a six underneath and a ninth up. Let’s remember what we said earlier about the number six.

Namely, we emphasized the analogy between this number and what was written in the book of Genesis, namely that the child’s personality is formed around the sixth month of pregnancy.

So, let’s note that the numbers six and nine come together to symbolize two basic stages in the creation of human life.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

We have shown that in certain circumstances regarding life or death, man and animal instinctively take the necessary actions, regardless of the moral side of these acts.

This is what the number 8833 brings in and reveals to us – the force of life and death occurring in parallel, which nothing can stop.

And that is why, although Justice is associated with the sign of Cancer, due to the symbolic representation of this figure, its image and the information it provides us, more closely reflect the eighth sign of the zodiac, namely Scorpio.

If you want to understand how our ancestors have known for centuries and even millennia how to preserve and convey the original interpretation of the world and life, do a short and very simple exercise.

Also you will not be surprised that the letter H has to do with the lungs, because the shape of these organs is similar to that letter.


Therefore, the number 8833 is a symbol of breathing: inhalation and exhalation, which we do throughout our lives until we die.

This constant movement, the rhythm of breathing, is related to the movement and the rhythm of life itself. Who else could invent time measurement in seconds if not human?

How did he improve this system? Maybe referring to your heartbeat or breathing? Exhaling, he gives his soul and life: he dies.

Standing upright, symbolized by the number 8, means eternity, just like the horizontal representation of the number 8833 – infinity.

In the horizontal position, man is only matter: he is born, dies and reborn again and again – a prisoner of the forces of life and death.

This is not the only analogy associated with this number. If we place two nines next to each other – one in reverse, we will see the Cancer sign symbol.

When he gets up, he breathes the air and the spirit of the heavens. He becomes an immortal and eternal spirit – it means for him detachment, disconnection and a radical change in behavior and attitude – transformation.

That is why the number 8833 is the most beautiful symbol of the man who stands – free and spiritual.

Love and Angel Number 8833

We put emphasis on the system of analogies, which is the basis of the structure of the zodiac, created by our ancestors.

By allowing thoughts to follow similar paths, we can, for example, begin with nature, using all the similarities, links, connections, relationships and equivalents – direct or indirect, which are contained in it.

By the way, let us remind you that the principle based on mating is used by psychoanalysts.

Let’s try to find the link or links between the number 8833 and Justice (the Eighth Card of the Great Ark), the capital letter H, and the mathematical symbol of infinity.

Then, after proving that all these figures are the same, it may seem to us that we know a way to cross the time barrier.

This would not be associated with a time shift backwards, which some amateurs of science fiction theory would like to believe, which is completely absurd, but would mean freeing themselves from the bonds of time, and thus – freeing themselves from the fetters of death.

Take a deck of Tarot cards and remove the eighth card – Justice. Lay it next to you and read it.

Look at the previous page and you will understand how it is possible to go from a simple gate or fence – in Hebrew Heith, which also means H.

The eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, as well as the eighth letter of our alphabet – to the double cross, and hence to the octagonal figure, which in turn fits in a square and eventually transforms into a circle in the square; divided into two gives us the number 8.

So the drawing showing the gate became the letter H – a large one, of course – because the symbolism of the same letter in the example below has a different value.

Now, looking at Justice, a card taken from the Tarot deck, would you not say that the throne on which the woman sitting with the sword in her right hand and the weight in the left does not look like the letter H?

Interesting Facts about Number 8833

They all mean ‘new’. We know that a child in the womb stays nine months, or it takes nine months for something new to arise – for a child to be born.

Let us emphasize here, however, that our ancestors in ancient times counted the time according to lunar months, and not like us – calendar.

So, the mistakes of modern obstetricians are rarely caused by incorrect calculation of the date of birth, rather a misunderstanding, because nine multiplied by twenty-eight is obviously less than nine times thirty or thirty-one.

The difference between these two calculations is close to the number of days of the lunar month of our ancestors!

This is not the only analogy associated with this number. If we place two nines next to each other – one in reverse, we will see the Cancer sign symbol.

When discussing the number eight, we noticed that by imagining it in a horizontal position, we would better understand the meaning of this astrological symbol containing two inverted loops.

Seeing Angel Number 8833

Numerological angel number 8833 do not like big events and mass gatherings, but they are great in small, intimate groups.

In a few companies, they are able to build real relationships based on loyalty and trust.