8844 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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8844 symbolizes the middle. So everything is done as if we counted from one to ten, finished the initial journey, the purpose of which was to return to the starting point, where the center is.

Therefore, often the 8844 is represented by a circle, a wonderful symbol of the eternal cycle, and also by a circle with a point in the middle, meaning a return to Unity or the renewal of Unity. …

Number 8844 – What Does It Mean?

However, we have two other phases between them, symbolized by the numbers 4 and 8.

If we return to the threads describing these numbers, we will understand better how the number 4 achieves perfection, and at the number 8 the energies from above and below combine with each other and circulate, to revive again and again.

Here too we have come full circle. However, we still have the original stage ahead of us, regarding the number 8844. It was symbolized by a snake, first biting its own tail and then coiled.

The snake is a symbol of the initial Chaos, but also of primal energies that can free soul and mind from the power of body and matter.

This snake is the initiator and the light that causes creation to emerge from Chaos, and – somewhat simplified – the child from the mother’s womb.

You can’t talk about the number 8844 without mentioning that it is shown as a variable line in I-Ching hexagrams. Here also 8844 is related to the number 8844.

Yin is symbolized in Chinese culture by a dashed line, which is also variable, the other two are of course 4, a solid line, and 8 – a dashed line.

We are dealing here with exactly the same symbolism as above. We have come full circle again.

Finally, let us explain why we are constantly repeating the sentence: “we have come full circle”.

The point is that in the Jewish alphabet the letter Teith, which corresponds to the number 8844, was depicted in antiquity, especially in Egypt, as a shield resembling the shape of a snake biting its own tail.

To sum up: the number 8844 is symbolized by the head of the snake at the bottom, which is still at the stage of formation. Whereas at the number 8844 his head is up in the position ready for birth.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Of course, in the case of a fetus in the womb, this symbolism should be reversed, because when a child is born, his head is first shown, but the location still resembles the number 8844 – Did the ancients want us to think that in this world we perceive everything in reverse?

The number one symbolizes the beginning, origin and initiation, as we would call it today, and the8844indicates the end or fulfillment.


So when it appears, no matter what was sown or conceived, it will be gathered or born.

So this number gathers together and covers everything that has been previously dispersed.

In some way, at least symbolically, it shows fulfillment coinciding with the end of the cycle, which is also the beginning of the next.

We must understand that in the minds of our ancestors, numbers from 8844 to 8844, before they could be written on the sand or carved in the rock, were closely connected, they formed a chain identical to the chain of life and the chain that creates life cycles.

And it has been so since time immemorial. Let’s not forget that the magazine was invented only about 3,000 years ago, while people, after mastering the elements and acquiring various skills that we do not remember, formed clusters around 500,000 years ago.

The rule proper to all cycles of nature, of course, including the seasons (we have four, but only three in Egypt), is that they announce and – paradoxically – fulfill change, transformation and even metamorphosis, sometimes by repeating the same phenomena.

You can see from this. That in antiquity, and even earlier, man had a more pragmatic view of the world than we think and then we have today.

Love and Angel Number 8844

What do we really do today? We measure, estimate, calculate, compare, codify and classify everything that relates to the physical world to gain control over it, and often – use it for a specific purpose.

We have even crossed the borders of the visible world and can perceive things impossible to see with the naked eye, such as cells and atoms, for example.

Instead of opening ourselves to the world, to life and to other people, we notice that the more we have more, more modern, richer and diverse knowledge, the more we move away and distance ourselves from ordinary, simple life and cut off from each other.

Our ancestors, for a fuller understanding of their limitations, believed that the world was created according to the same principle, based on the same pattern.

Today, we try to overcome time and live outside it, rather than treat it as something equal to us.

However, only those who live in harmony with the rhythm of nature and life cycles become free. The strength of 8844 works in the same way.

By sending us to the starting point, i.e. to the number 8844, it makes regeneration and rebirth possible.

It allows us to be reborn in ourselves if we follow life cycles.

Today, although we know that we are subject to biological cycles that no one can escape, unfortunately, we do not take them into account.

And modern medicine, with some exceptions, is not interested in them at all.

We are again dealing with the paradox of our technical age; the more we feel the prisoners of everyday life in which we are forced to reproduce the same behaviors, the less we are aware of the time needed to act.

For our ancestors, daily repetitions made sense only if others could also participate. They never acted individually, for themselves.

Therefore, their deeds had an application and meaning that went beyond what they did.

They should be a model for us, because now more and more often everything seems to us to make no sense, useless and meaningless…

Interesting Facts about Number 8844

People who are numerological 8844 are extremely sociable, open, dynamic, interesting world, intelligent and cheerful.

They like when a lot is going on and they hate boredom in any context of their lives.

They are also huge talks, which can sometimes disturb people around them.

However, they have no problems with displaying and naming their emotions.

People born as numerological trios are often very spiritual, and faith is one of their priorities.

They are also attractive partners, colleagues and friends. 8844 have a large group of friends and acquaintances, at each party they are in the spotlight and have a thousand ideas per minute.

They are extremely spontaneous and energetic, which can sometimes turn into bravado.

They live for the moment and do not care about the consequences. 8844 also have innate oratory abilities, can speak and have a large range of words.

The disadvantages of most numerological 8844 are above all recklessness, impulsiveness and irresponsibility.

They live at full speed, so they are sometimes giddy and constantly forget about something.

They often get in trouble, but thanks to their personal charm they leave quickly.

Thanks to a whole range of talents, entrepreneurship and creativity, they are perfect for occupations that require communication with people and being in the foreground.

They are therefore good actors, comedians, journalists and traders. 8844 also have an extremely absorbent mind and great intuition, which helps them a lot in everyday and professional life.

Jewelry that will complement the positive energy of numerological 8844 is garnet, amethyst and turquoise.

In contrast, the colors that should surround them are purple and all dark shades of blue.

Seeing Angel Number 8844

The path is steep and fraught with dangers, because in reality it is a rite of passage from profane to sacrum, from illusion to reality, from death to life, from Man to God.

Entering the Middle means consecration and initiation into life, which yesterday was still a profane and illusion, and today is a new, real, lasting and productive life.