8855 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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People who are marked by the angel number 8855 are extremely gentle, spiritual, cultural, wise, sensitive, calm and gentle.

The main feature is their willingness to help others, innate goodness and modesty. Because of shyness, they don’t like being the center of attention.

Number 8855 – What Does It Mean?

They prefer when important decisions are made by someone else because they do not believe in their strength and are afraid of the consequences of wrong choices.

8855 avoid conflicts like fire, but if they do, they resolve them quickly and calmly. The group of two numerological friends is usually small and carefully selected.

They don’t like events where there are a lot of unknown people, so they feel bad at discos or festivals.

Without their best friends, however, they cannot imagine life and care about the best relations with them.

They do not like being in the company of conflict and aggressive people, and their life goal is to start a loving and fulfilled family.

The disadvantages of the two are naivety, lack of self-confidence, predictability, shyness, excessive humility and conservatism.

They are afraid of new products and challenges, which is why they feel the safest in a familiar environment.

They are not the types of leaders or conquerors, but they are characterized by accuracy, diligence and honesty. In their lives they value harmony and peace very much.

They are aesthetes and like hardly anyone appreciate beauty, so they like to surround themselves with nice things.

They are also dreamers and romantics who care about a warm home and a happy family.

Thanks to their character traits, the two will be great officials, librarians and architects. Thanks to their love of nature, they will also work as gardeners, foresters or farmers.

The most suitable jewelry for numerological 8855, which perfectly complements their energy are sapphires and opals. The colors that should surround them are silver, white and cold gray and gray.

People who are numerological 8855 are distant, cautious and restrained. At the same time, they are extremely solid, responsible and verbal people.


You can count on them, they finish everything they start, even if they encounter problems along the way to their destination.

Their every step is well thought out and they rarely allow themselves any spontaneity. Due to their inborn diligence, reliability and resistance to stress are very desirable employees.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

8855 are rather introverted, sensitive and quiet, which means they don’t have many friends, but the relationships they make are nurtured and long lasting.

So they are devoted, non-conflicting and trustworthy friends.

8855 are also characterized by a penetrating mind and strive to fulfill their dreams, but never at any price.

The disadvantages of most 8855 are lack of openness, submission, myopia, predictability and self-limitation.

Numerological 8855 are, however, persistent, solid, punctual and patient, so they are great in professions such as construction worker, mechanic, waiter, nurse or clerk.

However, they must be careful not to fall into workaholism because they have a great predisposition to do so. 8855 are not spontaneous people.

Every important decision must be thoroughly thought over and analyzed, and only when it reaches 100% certainty – does it take action.

He sometimes appears to be too slow and cautious, but thanks to his analytical mind, very often, both in private and professional life, he is very successful.

The stones friendly to the vibrations produced by the 8855 are navy blue and sapphire, and the colors that should surround them are green, brown and all other earth colors.

People who are numerological 8855 are active, confident, open and sociable. They have a huge personal charm that certainly helps them in their everyday lives.

Because of their innate courage and curiosity about the world, they like to take on unusual challenges.

8855 hate boredom, love to travel, party and play sports that give you an adrenaline rush. 8855 usually have vast knowledge that they like to deepen and a wide range of interests.

They live for the moment and do not like to ponder past failures.

They think that their energy is wasted on something that they can no longer influence, but prefer to focus on not making the same mistake the next time.

Love and Angel Number 8855

8855 have a large group of friends and acquaintances with whom they love to meet. They are cheerful, spontaneous, entertainment and communicative.

Numerological disadvantages, however, are 8855, conflict, impulsiveness, nervousness and frequent mood changes.

However, they know exactly how much they can afford, so friends and acquaintances do not treat them as difficult to interact.

8855 are also individualists who do not like when someone imposes their opinion on them, especially when they completely disagree with him.

A common feature of 8855 is also love of nature and art, which is a manifestation of their internal sensitivity.

Due to high personal culture, self-confidence, absorbent mind and an innate sense of justice, the five will be perfect in professions such as sales representative, salesman, politician, lawyer or diplomat.

Good professions for 8855 are also all those related to the spiritual and artistic sphere.

Five also have great intuition and can make accurate and rapid decisions, which will certainly be a great advantage in some professions.

The stones friendly to vibrations produced by 8855 are aquamarine and jasper, and the colors they should surround are gray, pink and orange.

People who are numerological 8855 value family and good relationships with their loved ones as the most important value in life.

They are also able to perfectly combine realism with romanticism and are born optimists.

Also, 8855 are usually creative, affectionate, obliging and don’t like it when someone limits them in any way. In everyday life, harmony, order and peace are important to them.

They don’t like to be in a mess, but because of their inborn laziness, they also don’t like cleaning up.

They love nature and animals, especially dogs and cats. They are sensitive people who are easily moved, so they often cry and fall into melancholy.

Interesting Facts about Number 8855

They like working for others, they are helpful, compassionate and they are able to sacrifice themselves. 8855 are very close to people and make friends for life.

8855 also have an innate respect for people, so they try to be nice and kind to everyone.

Interestingly, 8855 love luxury and comfort, but they are not snobby or greedy. They spend money carefully, but they like it when they are surrounded by beautiful, expensive and brand items.

The advantage of 8855 is also prudence. Every decision they have to think about and do not act lightly.

They have many friends and feel good in the company of. Friends often come to them for advice, because 8855 are very creative and imaginative.

The disadvantages of numerological 8855 are the lack of faith in their own strength and frequent discussion of even trivial problems.

Because of this, they often don’t realize their dreams because they are afraid of failure. They are also prone to gossip and jealousy.

Meet professionally in positions requiring care over others. So they will be great childminders, nurses, doctors, teachers and also officials.

They also feel good in family businesses and wherever contact with people is necessary. 8855, thanks to their innate sensitivity, will also work in all professions related to culture and art.

The stones friendly to vibrations produced by 8855 are emerald, opal and agate, and the colors they should surround are turquoise, blue and all shades of mint and green.

Seeing Angel Number 8855

They have the gift of accurate analysis of the situation and it is easy for them to cooperate with other people.

Sometimes they also have many talents, which, however, they do not brag about the world and nurture them at home.