8880 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angelic numerology is designed to decipher the repeating numbers found in life.

Every day people come across them in documents, books, tickets. Not once a day the gaze stops at the clock.

Repeating numbers on them attract attention, make you think. Especially if the value appears constantly.

Number 8880 – What Does It Mean?

Angel number 8880 seems magical, there is a feeling of closeness of magic, a kind of mystery. This is no coincidence.

The interpretation of the digital message will help you make the right choice and avoid mistakes. This is a good sign urging you to give up the hustle and bustle and believe in victory.

The founder of angelic numerology is Doreen Vetches, an American writer and psychologist. She specializes in mystical topics and represents new religious movements in her home country.

Doreen Verse has published a book that deciphers and explains secret messages from repeating numbers.

When 8880 on the clock, the meaning is interpreted differently for a single person and in a relationship. If a guy or a girl has not yet met his love, then the numbers predict changes, a pleasant acquaintance will soon happen.

For a person who shares life with a second half, the angel number 8880 angelic numerology considers as a reason to think:

Perhaps the relationship needs development, it is necessary to direct them in a new direction. They have reached their harmony at the moment. Now the relationship is at a standstill. To preserve feelings, passion, you need to think about diversity in family life;

Or 8880 on the clock means that you need to be less strict with the second half, accept its shortcomings, and look at them from the other side. This will help smooth out and end existing conflicts.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Once again, the named days of the month in general and those of the last two annual periods, which are particularly associated with the number 8880, belong in particular to the dates to be perceived as preferred by the “three” for the execution of plans.

“8880” people have in common with the “ones” that they are extraordinarily ambitious and that they are hardly satisfied by subordinate positions.

All over the world, “8880” strive for influence in their circle, but nevertheless comply with the regulations of their superiors and superiors and willingly carry out the duties imposed on them, both out of a sense of responsibility and out of personal ambition.

In this way, the “8880” usually manage to work their way up from initially smaller circumstances.


The civil service, commercial and legal professions and all tasks that require a cosmopolitan, also socially and humane mind, should be particularly suitable fields of activity for the “three”.

Negative traits that should be combated are tendencies towards arrogance and domination and proud isolation, which can be particularly easy when this type of “8880” does not see an appropriate task for which they can work with all their might.

Although these people are not quarrelsome, they can be misunderstood in their striving to expand and in their tendency to sovereignty and thereby create enemies.

To emphasize the good properties, however, should hardly be difficult for these “Jupiter” natures.

Love and Angel Number 8880

Thursday is the most beneficial day for the “8880” when it comes to carrying out important projects; Friday and Tuesday can be seen as cheap in the second place.

Those of the above-mentioned days, which also belong to the already mentioned daily dates of the “three” are particularly favorable.

The beneficial colors for the “Dreier” are violet, mauve, lavender, crimson, in the further line blue, crimson and rose red in all shades.

The excellent lucky stone for this group is the amethyst, which is also preferred to wear.

It was known to have a sobering, clarifying effect even in ancient angel numbers. Hildegard von Bingen passed on its healing properties for skin diseases and swellings.

Other lucky stones are the hyacinth, the blue onyx, the lapis lazuli and other purple, reddish or bluish tinted stones.

“8880” often tend to strain their physical strength too much, to burden themselves too much and to spurn the necessary relaxation. They tend to be predisposed to inflammation of the nerves, sciatica, skin disorders and nerve-related symptoms.

Therefore, preventive examinations in all of these sectors are advisable, especially if one of the listed symptoms should become noticeable.

Interesting Facts about Number 8880

Like its sign, Sagittarius, Jupiter also stands for expansion of the horizon in every respect. A trip to the guru in India is likely to be strongly influenced by Jupiter.

On the dark side of this desire to expand, others who feel overwhelmed could suffer. Jupiter can be the benevolent patron, but also the windy impostor.

In financial terms, 8880 on the clock, the message of the angels attaches extremely favorable significance.

Higher powers help when a person is ready to surrender, to abandon his plans.

If he has difficulties with finances, 8880 angelic numerology considers a sign of future changes associated with an improvement in the situation.

It takes not so much hard work as a positive attitude and a bit of luck. And soon she will definitely appear.

If 1919 is repeated daily on the clock, the meaning of angelic numerology explains how an imminent celebration.

This means that all steps were correct, you should not be upset. You will have to endure a little, give up something, but the result is worth it.

It makes no sense to take active action, 1919 on the clock says that the wheel of fortune is already spinning in the right direction.

It is better not to ignore repeating numbers, they can give a hint or parting words in difficult angel numbers.

Angel number 8880, the value of which warns of imminent success, should not be ignored. Some angel numbers, to believe in success, it only takes one sign, a hint that there is no need to despair.

Seeing Angel Number 8880

The number 8880 is symbolically assigned to the planet Jupiter, which has an excellent meaning in both astrology and number magic.

The number 8880 marks the beginning of a series of numbers that could be compared to a “line of strength”.

The numbers 8 and 0 form the three links of this chain of numbers.

According to the occult theory of numbers, there is generally a mutual sympathy relationship between the “three”, “six” and “nines” people.