8881 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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What do you pay attention to most often? Results from the American Center for Statistics showed that 80% of people pay attention to numbers. These are car numbers, the number of your own bank card.

But even more often people look at the watch face. According to scientists, the respondents study them every 30 minutes.

Number 8881 – What Does It Mean?

The area “love” in all shades plays a prime role in almost all 8881.

Depending on the substance and level of the character of the personality, sexuality, eroticism or the spiritual and spiritual as well as religious and humane or humanistic forms of love play the important role of the life drive.

Mostly, however, it can be observed that the ideal, maternal, caring aspects of love are more valid and more pronounced than the aspects of sensual love.

Artistic creativity, sense of harmonious domesticity and family and security, enthusiasm and romantic inclinations are given to the people belonging to the number 6.

The wealthiest of this group are generous, willing to support, sociable, but in the negative can lapse into boasting and extravagance and also tend to be jealous and enjoy intrigue. These tendencies should be combated.

What is also striking is the tendency of the 8881 to take care of other people’s problems, also with the motive to mediate and mediate in disputes. This is recommendable and positive if the person concerned has excellent emotional empathy.

The cheapest days of the week for 8881 are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. These days should be noted by name if they fall on one of the 8 or 1 assigned dates.

The positive colors for 8881 are all shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest, but also light red shades, red-orange and especially pink shades.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The lucky stone for the 8881 is primarily the turquoise, which you should carry with you.

But the emerald could also be used as a “talisman” and finally the green tourmaline.

However, people in this group are usually very strong and resilient and able to do a lot to maintain their health if they can stay in pure forest or country air. Women in this group are often prone to breast and abdominal ailments.

Weak heart activity and circulatory disorders are relatively common among the “older generation” of this group.

Venus dominates the signs Taurus and Libra and finds different but thematically related forms of expression in these two signs.


The Taurus / Venus is sensual and enjoyable, with the Libra / Venus, enjoyment is primarily aimed at spiritual areas such as beauty, aesthetics and harmony.

The earth-bound Taurus / Venus is concrete and material, the airy Libra / Venus is intellectual and abstracted from matter when it captures harmonious forms regardless of the object being viewed. Since you can only enjoy what you have, Taurus / Venus is also associated with material possessions.

The ability of Venus to differentiate between pleasant and unpleasant forms a basis for the development of our value system. We want to assimilate what serves the purpose of enjoyment, whoever harmonizes with us should live with us.

Love and Angel Number 8881

Love is a powerful feeling. In the name of love, people build cities and create musical works, start wars and betray friends.

There is a lot of good and bad in her: but what is definitely not there is indifference.

That is why the topic of relationships is close to a caring person. Reading romance novels and newspaper clippings is fun, but it’s much more fun to dive into it in real life.

But how do you know about an imminent feeling? A watch, a guardian angel and knowledge of numerology will help you with this. You look at your watch as often as I do. Does it happen that they show the same time?

When I saw 03.03 5 times, it caused irritation and curiosity at the same time. I was annoyed by the obsession of my watch (they probably broke, since they show the same thing) and intrigued (what is hidden behind these symbols?).

Investigation of the problem showed that the chronograph is working properly, and I am not alone in my quest. 10 thousand people asked a similar question and received the same answer.

Interesting Facts about Number 8881

An unfavorably placed Venus can lead to us chasing after material values ​​or our dream partners with hanging tongues and forgetting our own worth.

Correspondences of the planet Venus are the sign Taurus and the 2nd house as well as the sign Libra and the 7th house.

The lovers represent the relationship between two people. They are the temptation of the heart and stand for the impulse to drive us out of the garden (Eden) towards adulthood.

This Impulse manifests itself as curiosity and unburned desire … but also as sexual desire.

Whatever it may be, once we have crossed the threshold of paradise, there is no turning back.

The lovers are also brought into contact with the devil, for his energy is absolutely necessary, absolutely deadly.

Beloved and friends – everyone teaches us and stretches our mindsets. Any of these can kill us, any of these can break our hearts.

The usual combinations do not arouse much interest: they attract regular repetitions of the same time.

Can a specific symbol serve as a message? Definitely yes, and angelic numerology by the hour is a vivid confirmation of this.

Angels are contacting you more often than you might imagine. They follow every step and guide you on the right path. But their words cannot penetrate the barrier that separates the material world and the spiritual.

Therefore, symbols are the main weapon of heavenly creatures.

Seeing Angel Number 8881

The time 8881, indicated on your watch, occurs 2 times a day. Its 20 minutes the third day and 20 minutes after 2 am.

But what do these symbols hide? Doreen Verche comments on them as follows: watch your words, enemies are ready to use the information received for their own purposes.