911 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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What do you know about angels, beautiful celestial beings that carefully observe what happens on our mortal earth and care about each one of us?

You have certainly heard of them, no matter what religious or spiritual path you follow. Angels are somewhere up there, in high heavens; every mystical, religious or spiritual system agrees to that. They are called many ways, just as universal force that moves the world around has being imagined and described in various forms, depending on particular system of belief.

All these beliefs have one thing in common; they all claim our lives are somewhat, if not greatly, influenced by forces of high heavens.

These forces are parts of universal life giving energy. You can call it any way you like. It is the God in great monotheistic cultures, the Creator in these in others, universal cosmic energy, deities, spirits, angels, fairies and many more. It does not really matter; it is all around us and inside our minds, bodies and souls.

One particular ‘part’ of this energy are guardian angels. Guardian angels are wonderful non-physical caring spirits that watch upon you all the time.

Indeed, each human being has their own guardian angels that make sure a person feels good about themselves, in general. These guardians will never make our lives ‘milk and honey’ like, but they will help us use our own capacities, potentials and resources to overcome challenges our destiny puts on our life path.

Guardian angels deeply care about humankind. They do not possess Ego and free will. Their existence is rooted in higher realms and they do not take visible form so often.

In extremely rare situations, when it seems that all other hope has gone, angels would take physical form and come down to earth. However, most of us will never see an angel, but we equally get their help and guidance.

Angels are sent from heavens and it is in heavenly plan that humankind prospers and progresses, no matter how unbelievable it occasionally seems. There are many hard and difficult situations that fall upon us, so we are sometimes unable to see all those beautiful things that also mark our mortal lives.

We are imperfect beings, prone to discouragement, loss of faith and hope. Most of all, we tend to doubt ourselves.

In fact, that is what is actually awesome about human world; by constantly questioning ourselves, we take incredible steps to improve our flaws and our world in total. We make terrible mistakes, but we also create wonders!

Angels are fascinated by our nature and they have unconditional love for us. Your personal guardians in particular. They will never leave you alone. In times of need, they send support; in good times, they sand love and encouragement.

Number 911 – What Does It Mean?

Guardian angels are Ego-less beings of high heavens and they would never judge us or think bad of us because of misdeeds we are capable of doing.

Our guardians want us to learn to be better, to use the best of our lives and to be able to see the beauty of life, beside all troubles we experience. Life is a wonderful experience and its turbulent nature is what makes it amazing.

However, sometimes we fail to see that and get lost in despair and sadness.


Fortunately, we have powerful support. Heavens care about us and send us angels to guide and protect us.

According to various authors, mystics, therapists, spiritualists, religious people and others, every person has at least a couple of guardian angels that stay with them throughout a lifetime. There are many other guardian angels, those that come and go when called upon or no longer needed.

Angels will know exactly when their help is needed and they will answer our prayers.

You do not have to pray aloud, so that your heavenly guardians would hear you. In fact, you do not even have to believe they exist!

Guardian angels love you anyway and they will do things that would enlighten you and make you realize you are never alone.

The thing is, these sensitive, pure heavenly entities are capable of feeling the tiniest vibrations and the quietest voices that come from our souls. In moments our soul emits vibrations of need, angels send us supportive messages.

These messages could come in many forms. One of these forms are numerical sequences. These numbers you keep seeing all over again, in almost every single situation over a longer period, are not a coincidence.

You know, matching digits on clocks, the same number appearing on television or in newspapers, on buildings and cars, at your home and your work and so on. You can even dream about the same number or it could simply come to your mind, without any obvious reason.

Guardian angels use numbers as a communication channels, because we are very familiar with this sort of symbols.

We use numbers daily and see them everywhere. However, we usually use numbers only for practical purposes, our estimations, calculations and measurements; we fail to see and feel their magical potential.

Our guardian angels use numbers’ magical heavenly potential and create amazing and helpful messages by combining them.

According to angelic numerology, specific spiritual approach we will use to understand the secret meaning of numbers sent to us by angels, angel numbers, any numerical sequence could be angelic. The only requirement to fulfill is to keep stubbornly reoccurring in our life.

At first, many angel numbers appear just ‘normal’, but when they will not go away, you start wondering. However, some numbers are more interesting, such as number 911 we will discuss here.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

We all know what number 911 stands for in our real world. It is, of course, police emergency number over the North America. No matter where you live, you have seen it and heard about it in numerous crime series, show programs, on news reports and so on.

Okay, but what if this is the number your guardians have chosen to send to you? Is it an emergency?

Relax, angel number 911 is a positive message, guardian angels would never send you something distressing and harmful, although angel numbers could be warning signs, but not emergencies.

Angel number 911 resonates with powerful energies and makes an incredible personality profile. Those with angel number 911 are aware of their spiritual side, very intelligent and bright people, with an astounding charisma and spirit.

They are ambitious, self-confident and natural born leaders. However, these people care about higher causes; they are philanthropists and very humanitarian. They truly believe they have a mission to enlighten others and help them, just as guardian angels protect us all.

Angel number 911 consists of three-digits, but two numbers, 9 and 1. Each one of these has its specific vibrations and they make an amazing energetic combination.

Number 911 reflects a personality of high standards and ideals, someone who is noble, honest, just and focused on their goals. These people are generous and kind, but they would never let anyone endanger their causes, manipulate their good will or exploit their caring nature.

Number zero reflects your spiritual and humanitarian side.

Number 9 is associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment, psychic abilities, strong intuition and good insight. It also resonates with energies of love and romance, kindness, selflessness, care, philanthropy and humanitarianism, responsibility, understanding and forgiveness.

Number 9 also makes you a perfectionist, mysterious, eccentric and a wise one. This number is also related to ideas of divine guidance and divine wisdom.

Number 1 is very strong in this combination, because it is seen two times. Here, it could be also observed as 11, which is a two-digit of dominant energy of number one, of course. Number 1 is associated with ambition, drive, progress, success, perfection, self-reliance. Self-confidence., honesty, justice, high morals, high standards, idealism.

Number 1 challenges you constantly; it makes you competitive and driven and it awakes the desire of ‘being the first’. It is a number of winners.

Both number 9 and 1 have an incredible bright energy and they vibrate with great positivity. However, such a ‘high’ personality has its flaws.

People with number 911 are likely to fall into despair over minor failures, which are normal to happen.

They want everything to be exactly the way they have imagined and plan, but life has its own mysterious paths. They could feel great, devastating disappointment and lose their ambition, motivation and even hope quite instantly.

Love and Angel Number 911

Angel number 911 is usually considered lucky in love. At least people with this number seem lucky, because they are attractive, magnetic, very inspiring.

However, they do not find it easy to commit. They seek perfection in everything and so they have extremely high standards when it comes to finding a partner. They do not make compromises and they are unlikely to change their own habits for the sake of a relationship.

When people with angel number 911 fall in love, their love life is passionate, movie-scale-like, fatal, exciting and explosive.

They usually have more than one true loves in life and they do believe you could love more than once, unlike many other people. They are ladies and gentlemen in love; they like their partners to feel precious and special.

People with this angels number could feel amazing about themselves, regardless of are they single or in a relationship, or they have family and children of their own.

Numerology Facts About Number 911

Now about some interesting facts and numerology. Okay, you know that number 911 is an emergency police dial in North America, but what about some history behind it?

First national emergency dial use began in the UK, back to the first half of twentieth century. Canadian city of Winnipeg was the first in America to use central emergency number and it was the same one that was used in UK, 999.

Later on, United States have proposed a new one, 911, which is still being used nationwide. The same central emergency dial covers about 96% of the US.

As for basic numerology, number 911 is related to number 2. If you sum up these three digits, until you get a single number, it gives 2. Number 2 makes a good balance here, because this one is greatly oriented towards people.

Number 2 resonates with energies of companionship, friendliness, sociability, diplomacy, caring, nurture, support and trustworthiness. It fits well with overall humanitarian nature of this angel number, but makes is a bit softer, a bit closer to those closest ones, not humanity in general.

Seeing Angel Number 911

Angels have sent you angel number 911 for a good reason.

They want to inspire your incredible imagination and your visions about bright and successful future. They support your willingness to help humankind and to lead others with grace and love.

However, do not full yourself you are in charge of everything. Angels have subtle, gentle way to tell you this. Angel number 91 is a true reminder of your ambitious, very confident personality.

Your guardian angels want to prepare you there will be obstacles in your life that are out of your control. They want you to learn that life cannot be perfect and to make you realize little things, small steps and pleasures are precious and important, not only big achievements.

By sending number 911, your guardian angels want you to see the whole picture and to enjoy every single part of it, no matter how small and unimportant it might seem.

True beauty is hidden within the most mundane, simple things.