988 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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It is common that when entering a new year people want to know what he has in store for us, right.

In numerology, you can get an idea of ​​this by seeing the Angel number.

Number 988 – What Does It Mean?

But what does that mean? Angel number is the number generated from the sum of the digits of your last birthday with day, month and year.

That number defines the energy that will be in force this year, and in the case of 988, this year refers to patience and discipline.

And how does this number impact your achievements, work, love and other events during your year? That’s what we’ll find out next!

People who discover they are in an Angel number 988 will need a lot of planning and patience.

This is because this number refers to rigor and discipline. It is a year of a lot of financial savings and of pursuing what is calculated.

Year 988 also brings many opportunities that you should pay due attention and know how to take advantage of. It is a very productive year as well. But, again, you must look at this year positively.

Otherwise, there are great chances that it will be a year to be carried like a real weight and without any personal evolution.

Every year is a chance for personal learning and for growth in some specific area of ​​life. Learning this lesson, the following year serves to evolve in another area.

As stated earlier, this year brings a lot of evolution – as long as you dedicate yourself to it. In the field of work, you can open your own business or even reconcile that business with work already in progress.

The energy of Angel number 988 is largely focused on work. So if you plan to grow where you currently are, you must dedicate yourself more, attend more and, why not, carry forward all those ideas you have?

If what you want, on the other hand, is to change jobs or start your own business, the energy of the number favors you to achieve this goal as well.

Update your resume, mature your own business ideas, get up and plan a lot!

However, without this planning and dedication, you may not get either one or the other.


The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Within the nine-year personal cycle of Kabbalistic Numerology, each year represents a specific vibration in life.

If you are going through Angel number 988, know that this is a very special year. Discover everything he has in store for you!

What does Angel number 988 mean? Angel number 988 includes a cycle of nine angel numbers calculated from the date of the last birthday.

In Kabbalistic numerology, an Angel number may be able to reveal the expected energetic vibration for that stage of life.

Angel number 988 is a year of movement, expansion and a lot of creativity.

Angel numbers 9 and 8 are phases of expectation and hard work, an effort that is rewarded with the arrival of Year 988.

In that year, no calm! It brings a very strong energy of change, of expansion in personal and professional life, a strong creative impulse that allows you to go further.

The Angel number is calculated from the date of the last birthday. It has a 9-year cycle, each year with a very specific energy vibration. When the cycle is closed, it starts again from year 1.

To find out which Angel number you are living, just perform the numerological calculation of the date of your last birthday.

It is necessary to perform the sum of all digits sequentially until only a number from 1 to 9 remains. Let’s take a small example.

Angel number 988 brings a strong energy of movement, growth, expansion. What you dedicate yourself to in this phase tends to grow and generate good results.

If you have been working on a project since the first two years of the cycle, it is time to reap the first fruits.

It is a year where you will find it very easy to communicate and your creative potential will gain strength.

Opportunities must arise in both personal and professional life, so it is time to be clear to yourself what you expect from the future and what you really want to expand.

Love and Angel Number 988

During this Angel number you will experience an intense creative process. New ideas must come with great ease and your ability to learn from the new will also be touched on.

Therefore, it is interesting to invest time in studies, planning, travel for the purpose of knowledge, improvement.

Angel number 988 is a very hectic phase, where everything seems to be happening at the same time in your life, but with such a natural fluidity, that you will be able to keep control of everything and still take care of yourself.

Don’t forget to invest time in yourself. Take care of yourself, exercise, keep your diet healthy and mental health up to date.

Taking care of yourself is very important to maintain your strong potential and the ability to live so many new experiences at the same time.

It is a favorable period for travel and leisure time with friends and family. Of course, it will be necessary to take some precautions at this time, so as not to compromise your life in the coming years ahead. After all, everything you plant now will be harvested soon.

Make a list of things you want to go after, this favors the organization and materializes your dreams. You will realize how pleasant it is to cross things off this list!

Allow yourself to celebrate when you achieve a much desired achievement.

Always look at the glass as half full, because if you succeed in the arduous year 988, you will have everything to achieve a much more peaceful and successful year in the following year.

Never take anything for granted and be aware that nothing is so good that it cannot improve – including you!

Take advantage of the energy of number 988 to take courses and learn many things. This number teaches that you will reap whatever you plant.

Plant successful seeds and you will be sure to reap many good things in the upcoming period!

Interesting Facts about Number 988

This is a year in which you will basically earn what you need to spend. So, always plan to save money for an eventual emergency. Don’t spend it all or fall into temptations, promotions or sales.

It is a good year to look for an investment, for example. Thus, you will not only save, but also count on income.

Remember: planning has everything to have a much less difficult year than the number suggests. Don’t be silly!

For those who are looking for love, the number 988 favors the search. If you have dedicated your energies to winning over someone, there is a chance of success or finding love in someone who did not expect to dedicate themselves to finding that affection.

For those already in a relationship, the energies of the number indicate an even greater strength and complicity. For this, do not pay attention to gossip or look for silly fights.

Work hard on the conversation, honesty and transparency of the relationship and it has everything to be better and longer lasting.

With so much hard work, the biggest health risk that number 988 can bring is emotional. So take good care of your mental health – not to mention physics, of course.

Keep calm, be very patient and always respect your personal limits. As the saying goes, “don’t take steps bigger than your leg”.

The year has everything to favor you, but there is also no need to sacrifice yourself. Your body is your temple! Be careful not to become a workaholic.

Look for close friends to vent, go to therapy, don’t carry a greater burden than you can handle. Use chamomile tea and longer baths to relax. You can also start Yoga, Pilates or Meditation.

After this general overview of the year, the tip is to work hard and be sure to take care of yourself during this year that promises so much.

Face every event as a lesson and learning, never looking at everything in a negative light. Dedicate yourself to removing all you will be able to evolve your life.

Seeing Angel Number 988

Angel number 988 is a year of movement in every way. Changes in personal and professional life, travel, whether for work or leisure, and especially, a large flow of people entering and leaving your life.

It may be that relationships are broken at this stage, as well as new ties being established.