989 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 989 is the start of a long cycle, it is a number of defining goals and objectives for life.

Find out how the stage of the energy cycle you are experiencing can influence decision making, whether at work or in your personal life.

Number 989 – What Does It Mean?

The Angel number, concerns the person itself, starting and ending on the person’s birthday, generating a more intimate analysis, and will always be part of a great 9-number cycle, giving everyone the chance to start over individually .

It will be a number of dialogues so that decisions are taken at once. If you’re in a not-so-well-defined relationship, this is the time to cut it off, or take a step forward and try something more serious.

If you are single, it can happen to get excited with different sensations and small passions, the energy is now favorable to having fun and meeting different people, including to increase the circle of friends and possibly start a serious relationship.

Angel number 989 for the field of work is conducive to entrepreneurship. A number of many ideas, the energy of a sense of leadership must be used to architect projects and take small calculated risks.

Although it is a good number to gain people’s trust, be careful not to mix the sense of leadership with arrogance.

The moment is not to be passive to important matters, but rather, a moment of willpower action, of sowing the future.

Take advantage of the energy that the number is emanating to help move and solve problems that have been dragging on instead of being solved and to put new ideas into practice, even if some work and others do not.

Don’t miss out on opportunities, as this is the time to take a chance with energetic support from the universe.

Like any beginning of the cycle, having a feeling of anxiety is normal, and in the face of many possibilities and choices, stress also arises.

It is recommended to do long-term preventive treatments, such as physical activities that really expend more energy, so that they do not accumulate.

It’s a good number to start a new activity or to change the way things are going wrong.

A number that generates this new energy, it is very promising to seek other perspectives and new horizons for your life. This number vibrates the necessary strength to help things work out.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Every nine numbers a new cycle of angel numbers resumes, as if they were periods with different energies, which will guide each individual, and Number 989 is the restart of the next cycle, a number of future investments.


Angel number 989 is very important because as it is the beginning of a new cycle, it means that it is also a number of returning to the origin, a chance to restart your life plans, a number of planting and changes, and you can do that with the energy of that period collaborating to harmonize everything.

There are angel numbers in which energy is passive, like a waiting energy, but Angel number 989 is the number of faith in itself, of self-discovery, of investing with focus and determination in important matters, a number in which one must avoid any kind of laziness or dependence and chase your dreams and plans.

Understand how not to waste this number’s energy that is wonderful for new cycles.

This number is a stage in the cycle that generates movement, but the direction of that movement has to be defined to guide the next Angel numbers that will come in the cycle.

This direction should be given relying on one’s own ability and instinct, with creative plans that may or may not materialize in the next Angel number, but it is important that these plans get out of mind and be “launched” at once to the universe so that this circulate and these plans have a chance to consolidate in the future.

The Angel number has a lot of activation energy, favoring attitudes with courage and initiative.

If you are “pushing” a problem, this is the time to make decisions that will guide the events of your number and the numbers ahead of the cycle.

Love and Angel Number 989

Angel number 2 is very influential in your personal relationships, and it is a good time to strengthen them.

This tendency will also be in the field of love, where you will seek special companionship and will not be content with more shallow relationships.

If you are single (o) the moment is to search for a true loving relationship, built on a balanced basis and that transmits, above all, peace of mind.

If you have a relationship, use this energy to make it even stronger and more structured, use the dialogue that is one of the aspects most intensified by the energy of Number 2 to create more intimacy and closeness.

Your life is governed by the energy of number 989, which brings more dynamic, creative and communicative aspects.

For those who have Angel number 2, the atmosphere will be one of great dialogue, sincere exchanges and quality.

The number with energy in 989 favors positive communication and also in the form of gossip.

That is why it is necessary to be careful with what is said and the way it is said.

As already mentioned, numbers with two digits are added together and the final result will always be one digit.

According to the sum, the number 2019 is governed by the number 989.

Interesting Facts about Number 989

What is the relationship between Angel Numerology and the Angel number, and how to calculate it?

Angel Numerology is an aspect of Kabbalah, which despite its Jewish origin began to be widely used by other peoples and beliefs, due to its responses based on energetic forces collaborating to obtain individual success in various segments of life.

According to this line of numerology, numbers influence the choices and paths of each of us, that is, throughout the number, we are influenced differently according to the number it represents.

Each Angel number has its specific teachings and opportunities and, if we are attentive, we can better channel this energy into making plans or making important decisions.

There is a formula for calculating your angel number, and it consists of adding the values of the anniversary date with the values of the number of interest until only one digit remains.

The Angel number is valid for a period of time, but the cycle as a whole always resumes every 9 numbers, so it is not only valid for the Universal Number in question.

The 989 expresses action and communication. He needs to reach out to others, to exchange, to discover, to learn.

Curious, he has an insatiable thirst for knowledge which often leads him to push the limits or to go towards unknown horizons. He cannot imagine his daily life without fantasy.

Particularly creative, intuitive, extroverted and sociable, he thrives only in contact with others.

Optimistic, he always knows how to look on the bright side and knows how to take life as it comes, which allows him to fully enjoy it.

Adaptable, he knows how to quickly get in tune with the people and situations he comes into contact with.

However, it risks sinking into superficiality because it needs to please, to be looked at and listened to.

Seeing Angel Number 989

Rather independent, the 989 likes to feel free and refuses fusion, passionate or suffocating love.

Even if he places a lot of emphasis on the emotional in his life, he still knows how to maintain his independence.

989 is like a butterfly that goes from flower to flower, before finding the right one.

He can stabilize late but, once in a relationship, he is loyal, available, and always attentive to others.

Always on the go, the 989 needs to reach out to others, to meet exciting and enriching encounters, to vary the pleasures or the disciplines.