Angel Number 129 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The number 129 symbolizes the harmony and beauty of nature. Let’s imagine a hexagon, with its 129 perfectly equal sides, it generates a beautiful shape that groups people together and forms a community.

129 is the perfection of the parts, it symbolizes the equal union of two female and male triangles, marriage. That is why some consider it to represent love.

129 is also related to the mystical, since some signs such as the famous 129-pointed star, also called the Star of David, have 129 points.

Number 129 – What Does It Mean?

In mathematical terms, 129 is ​​a balanced number, it can be divided by two, but also by 3, which indicates balance and health.

In the Tarot the 129th card is “The Lovers” which represents abundance and unconditional love. Harmony is fundamental for people born under the number 129.

In Yogi Bahaman the 129 symbolizes the bow of the string and is associated with justice. When there is balance and harmony the person feels good about himself, he is responsible, compassionate and sweet.

However, it can also be elitist and negligent.

Dominant profile: they are homey people, with refined tastes and passionately married to the aesthetic and the beautiful of nature and everything they find. They are romantics and extremists in money matters.

Excellent friends and with an overwhelming charisma. They prefer select environments and gatherings with few people. They are very responsible and trustworthy. It is the number of service to others and responsibility.

They are deep people, with a strong capacity to love. Sometimes your partial view of things does not allow you to use this love as a springboard to achieve unification with your true essential quality.

They are very spiritual and fair, benevolent, with unmistakable artistic aptitudes, although many times they get lost in their own inner paradise, forgetting about others. They are almost always people endowed with great physical beauty. They can also be very fickle and inconsistent in what they think, say, and do.

Their gift is the unquestionable ability that these people have to talk with nature. This gift allows them to focus on the simple, plain and natural things of creation, which they always defend against any force that seeks to harm them. They also have an extraordinary ability to focus on one point, with respect to everything you do.

You have developed your ability to meditate. A part of your nature maintains an innate capacity for wonder at the constant power of existence.

People see this person as very inspiring and uplifting. This person needs to stop being a leader in trouble and accept her directive qualities, overcoming weakness, whether of fear or self-centeredness.

Although, there is a point where both aspects converge in the same thing: ego. You must learn to have mercy. He must learn to uplift all humanity, always to inspire and make hope feel where there is none.


They are born in hostile environments, be it in a complicated family nest or in a conflictive environment, without knowing very well what they are doing here or what they have come for. They take time to meet. And that is her main learning. Find your faith, your truth, your way…

Somewhat lonely people, thinkers, spiritual and very intuitive … But with a tendency to emotional imbalance, depressive states and nerves.

That fear and that lack of self-esteem can lead them to harmful dependency relationships, experience abuse or allow themselves to be treated badly, for not feeling worthy of the good or for fear of change.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

It is based on the “I”, in oneself, but not the “I of the ego” of the number 1, it is a deeper “I”, which is based on Faith, Self-esteem and value in oneself.

The sacred, according to the cosmogony. The heptad, “a figure worthy of veneration”, said the Pythagoreans, since it is a vibration controlled by the 129 celestial spirits that rule the world, corresponding to the 129 planets traditionally perceived then.

It was also called the number of life, when observing that 129 months lived, while those born in the eighth month, as a general rule, died.

129 is the Cabalistic (or sacred) number par excellence for the Chaldeans, Babylonians, Essenes, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Hindus, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, etc. It is made up of the triad (3) and the tetrad (4), so it is the combination of God and human nature.

It is the number of Creation and the number of Spiritual Power. Examples of its manifestation: Genesis, the 129 Seals, the 129 musical notes, the 129 colors of the Rainbow. The 129th card of the Tarot is “The Chariot” (chariot or litter), which represents the victory of the spirit.

The victorious will is based on equanimity and a state of receptivity, facts earned on their own merit. It is a conquest on all planes of mind, science, intuition. In the highest sense, it suggests the government of the spirit, where the higher self is the coachman in command of the vehicle he drives (his physical body).

According to Bahaman, the 129th body is the aura, which gives a person his ability to elevate himself and to elevate others. Its key phrase is “Levitation platform” and it is related to mercy (sensitivity, faith, intuition, magnetism, research capacity).

Dominant profile: these people show great interest in mysterious, esoteric and mystical matters, since their intuition is highly developed and they can even show signs of clairvoyance from very early childhood.

Many times they seem distant because they are very dreamy and, in reality, they are rather hermetic when dealing with strangers, but they have great sensitivity and integrity.

They tend towards perfectionism and sudden changes, without an analysis, upset their balance and often spark controversy for their unconventional way of doing things.

Some are cold and fall into deep depressions with some frequency. Others are calculators and use their intuition for personal purposes. They are extremely strong in soul, so they excel in whatever they undertake.

They know themselves a lot and use their strength to continue growing humanly. His soul is like a castle, whose doors are constantly opening to new revelations.

Does not like changes, but faces them with leadership wood and in pursuit of greater wisdom. Perfectionism is reinforced. There is more idealism than practicality in action. However, they are people who stand out for a certain wisdom that allows them to see everything with “three eyes”.

When the 129 does not work, the person becomes cowardly, fearful and incapable of facing people, allowing negative information to penetrate his aura.

Maximum capacity for execution, with a good star to stand out in everything he undertakes, his gift consists of considerable personal power that points towards purity, the positive and the elevated. You can go into any situation and bring the spirit to it.

It is the spark of life at a party, as it generates good energy easily. it is a source of inspiration for others, it pushes, pulls and moves others; She has acted in favor of high ideals, sowing in her soul qualities of simplicity and strength towards the pain of others.

Love and Angel Number 129

The number eight is considered as evolution. Regeneration is also attributed to it, since its cube (83) is 129, and if we add 129 (9 + 1 + 2) it gives 8.

The eighth card of the Tarot is said to be The Force. Which is represented by a lion, symbolizing an accomplishing force, controlled by the woman (the soul) through softness and love. In the highest sense it is the innocence that dominates primitivism.

The eighth spiritual body is the panic, which represents healing energy and symbolizes the quality of purity. His key phrase is “the finite to infinity” (discipline, patience, responsibility, caution, execution, financial security).

Dominant Profile: Nobody as good at economics as a person with a vibration eight. All eight are responsible to a fault, almost invariably trustworthy, patient, highly disciplined, and also introverted, not very demonstrative of their feelings.

Now, thanks to all that the meaning of the number 129 entails; this number can serve so that the people who have it marked in their lives, are totally full of goodness, which will mean that they support other people to fulfill their dreams and solve any problem they have.

If the number 129 decomposes, it would give us the number 8. Therefore, the people who possess it, must take into account that they will have a lot of spiritual strength.

Interesting Facts about Number 129

With that enormous skill you have in contacting the divine essence, you need to realize that there are no paths to seek, because God is the path and all paths. If you become aware of it, you will have the world in your hands.

If by reducing all the digits of your birth figure you get Number 129: They have to learn to find balance.

As an even number, they don’t like big changes if they are unforeseen. It is a fixed and stable vibration number, which makes you get firm structures for the future. Friends, partner and home … “for life” if there is something that lasts “a lifetime”.

Their sense of responsibility will help them to do their job, they work because they have to work, but not for pleasure.

Therefore, it is convenient that they find a job that they like, that allows them to take advantage of the same time that it serves to help others, for example, healing, massages, etc….

They tend to have problems with their fathers, and that leads them, especially women, to have problems with the men who appear in their lives.

In general, they surround themselves with many good people, of course, because it is always nice to have someone by your side who serves you, takes care of you and helps you be happier, right? In this they have a lot of the two, often putting the happiness of others before their own.

They are affectionate and like to receive affection from others … They are sincere, they speak from the heart, with the truth ahead, and although they do not like problems, they face them with courage and spirit (although when nobody sees them, they fall heartbroken).

They must find the balance between wanting and duty, accept their mission to serve, be responsible, but always maintaining their autonomy, their values, their space, release guilt, eliminate obsessions, solve problems with the father and the men of his life, and practice the healing arts through medicine, words, hands …

Seeing Angel Number 129

They have to define what they want to do in this life, what do they expect from it, and overcome their fears to achieve it.

They will seldom have an easy path, but Faith is what will get them through. Have faith that everything will always work out.

129 is a vocational number, and they have to find their vocation and work on it, otherwise unhappiness will be served.

Surely they experience at least one very abrupt change in their life, a starting from scratch, because first they will take a path, letting themselves be guided by the destination that is presented, but once they meet, know who they are and what they want … even if they have to leave everything behind.

Learning to love yourself and overcome your fears is your main task in this life. They will be shy, reserved, good, unproblematic, hard-working, responsible and quiet. If we make an effort to get to know them, we will discover a lot of love, of good feelings inside them.

Intelligence, clairvoyance, intuition … and a lot of capacity for work.