124 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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The 124 is a number that builds itself economically. It is authority, concreteness, initiative, domination, possession and a lot of jealousy. He always has money in his pocket.

The money flows because it is not a problem to generate it, but just as it produces it also spends.

It is not a number that puts money in savings accounts, but rather invests in a company.

The 124 has very developed its first two chakras: this makes it establish the power of matter as the basis that sustains its own life, as a form of authority.

If it is ruined, the next day it begins to recover, because it is laborious and very strong.

Number 124 – What Does It Mean?

The power of money Al 124 was taught that if he generated money that is how they would want it, accept it, validate it, and love it.

It is not an easy incarnation to live as they are constantly harassed.

The most serious problem with a 124 is that he comes from a home where possibly someone has made his life very difficult (punishment, harassment, abuse), a father, a nanny, a partner, a teacher who has really done the miserable life.

Normally the 4th has suffered some kind of abuse, from psychological to sexual. This is how he promises himself to succeed in life, manage money, and achieve his goals without asking anyone for help. When they come to have money and power, they are very generous.

They are interested in showing everyone how generous they are and what they have achieved. They can be great philanthropists.

He has a great theme with the body: he thinks it is clay. It is the only number that can be exposed to go through stages of famine or gain excessively depending on their mood. They can be bulimic or anorexic. If it is not well balanced it can be enormously cruel.

When a woman marries a man 4, he can make her feel that she is nothing without him. He gives him all the money in the world, buys him the most expensive things but without being welcoming.

Upon entering the world of 4, he makes you live like a god, he gives you brilliants, fine clothes, good places, gourmet food, good social groups, but he is very capable of saying to his wife, in front of everyone: Please love, don’t talk stupid things ”, even though his wife has given him the solution to the most sophisticated theorems.

They are able to spend the entire credit card without any consideration. If they have to take care of the family, events and non-professional activities, 100% feel that they have to slaughter all the pigs in the basket.

The 3: 124 forces him to live from a rather important superficiality. It may happen that in this vibration not all that glitters is gold: it is presented in a luxury car but it may be that it is in debt for several incarnations. There is a non-reality regarding your own existence.


The 124 evolves when you stop believing that it has to be the happy and “talkative” number. When the 124 stops telling people that everything is fine in their life.

When he manages to say: “you know, I don’t have money, please help me” or when he has love handles in his body and he accepts them with joy. Evolution a, when he stops being such a showman and becomes a person.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The beings that carry the number 124 by soul vibration are generally physically beautiful people who present themselves to the world as pleasant, attractive, intelligent, very imaginative and seductive beings. They have a great ability to communicate.

They are linked in everything that has to do with the world of forms, images, beauty, and attractiveness. They always take great care of their body, of arranging their life in a state of full existence. It is common, not a constant, that they work in the art world.

They are essentially vain people. They operate in a world of very powerful creativity and credibility, where they are linked to luxury. They decorate their house as if it were a show house, be it very ornate or very minimalist.

People born under the three are vain, invest in their appearance and seek to connect with higher social spheres. The 124 do not necessarily work for pay. They prefer to turn to a social world, entertaining, dynamic but that doe’s not mean being from 124, because he does not work like the rest.

All 124 go to plastic surgeons, male and female. They are always busy with their image and since they have the raw material of natural beauty, any improvement from surgeries makes them look perfect. When they enter a place they are perfectly well dressed.

Everything harmoniously combines in his clothes, they are very aesthetic in themselves. You recognize them by the top perfume they wear. They do not come from families where there has been plenty of money but they maintain an image that everything is perfect and that money is not an issue.

They appear a lot and it happens that they have their checking account overdrawn. So in many cases they dream of marrying someone who connects them with higher social spheres.

This search makes them have the most important social networks, which is why they are mentioned as social climbers.

If a 124 considers you important and socially useful, then it will remember you, all your data. So when he needs you, he will look for you and through his charms he will obtain what he requires.

They are people of great creativity but they are not brilliant. Their light is in their creative talents and they usually lack the confidence to believe in themselves, because within their family no one validated them as talented.

If he has had brothers 4, 2 and 1 (very disqualifying numbers) he has passed like the madman of the house, but he has stood out in the family. It is the different, because it is the most beautiful. It is important to make them see and believe in their talents and that with their creativity they can earn a lot of money.

A very well expected 124 must be brought to creation; you are not always going to marry someone to get to heaven socially because not everyone is necessarily a climber. The best friend of the 124 is the 6 because they are both tremendously creative.

The 124 of soul is not a studious number. He is terrified of grade exams. Fear of failure and of being evaluated in public, because they fear that it will be noticed that they are not as cultured as they have said they are.

Love and Angel Number 124

These people have been working one or several lives in the development of their psyche and now they have a powerful mind, which can achieve very objective analysis as well as give logical answers through intuition. Its service capacity is very great.

They require developing less hypersensitivity in exchange for a more realistic vision of existence, without neglecting selfless help to others, either through work or daily service. People will see them as neutral beings (that is, free from prejudice) and will seek them out for advice. Her mission, then, is to achieve mastery in humility and service.

The uncertainty makes them go crazy, they do not support ambiguities or half measures, and they are a number with quite extreme vibration. If they love, they do it to the full, but if they stop loving, period and end, there is nothing left to build on.

They like work, order in their home and in all their areas of life. Throughout their lives they will learn that nothing is more uncontrollable than life itself, and they will learn to take advantage of it, working less for the boss, for the home or family and more for themselves.

They like long-term commitment, firm and solid structures, and when they find a partner, a house or some friends, they want it for life.

Interesting Facts about Number 124

His inferiority complexes limit him, trading them for appearance. As a man, the 124 is rough but very virile, a macho and so is the woman, very attractive and sensual but not necessarily beautiful. They are very sexual.

When a 124 is born into high-risk groups, she creates gangs that if they have to go to hell with her, they leave. It is a number that is not afraid of violence because it grew up in it.

Gangs with 124 leaders are true kamikazes, since the worst that can happen to them is to die and that would mean that they stop hitting them, they stop suffering. The emperor as father a father 124 can be tremendously authoritarian, dominant, and ironic.

You can make your children understand that they are worthless because he has given them everything. A father 124 will hardly tell his son that he did well. A mother 124 has little affinity for motherhood. That is why during pregnancy she will ask the gynecologist how much weight she is getting and will go on diets.

It can be punishing, somewhat bitter and explosive. She has little patience and finds it difficult to connect with tenderness. She is the typical mother who will look at her daughter and tell her not to eat so much. Mom 124 looks at the body and can be disqualifying, as it is difficult to please her.

That is why she could face bulimic and anorexic daughters. With children, you can demand that they play sports where they have to be the best. In search of balance A 124 is discovered with significant money problems when she begins to gain weight.

They are highly rude and unhinged when badly expected, an archetypal example of a badly expected 124 would be Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction.

The best false pregnancies are 4. They pretend to manipulate.

The millionaire Donald Trump belongs to the group of famous number 4. 124 transcends his number when he fails to establish that by the fact that he puts the money he has the right to humiliate the members of his family.

When the 124 says: I am going to enjoy the incarnation living the money that I make but I do not represent anyone. It does not boast.

When trying to interpret the meaning behind a recurring angel number, there are usually many variables that we must take into account.

All angel numbers have a certain individual meaning, so you have to trust your instincts to know the full message.

That said, there are some basic guidelines you can follow regarding angel numbers (such as angel number 2) to make the process a little easier.

Seeing Angel Number 124

The 124 is creative, superficial and very charming. They have a great time with them. The 124 usually come from castrating mothers, tremendously manipulative and somewhat cruel.

The parents, 124 males, are seductive, not faithful, they always walk “in another” and do not have time for their children, they enjoy life, they do not have patience with the offspring, and they do not welcome them.

This means that children are unable to commit emotionally as adults because they are linked through seduction and not through love.

Highly entertaining in the sense that the individual appeals to everything beautiful, to the aesthetic and plain, to everything attractive but generates many internal fears.

Because the 124 vibration takes you to life stages with deep imbalances, instabilities and doubts.