Angel Number 153 – Meaning and Symbolism

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This article will help you to interpret the meaning of angel number 153 and at the end of it, you should be able to answer this question: what does angel number 153 mean spiritually?

Don’t worry if angel numbers and their possible meanings are new to you.

The meaning of angel number 153 is a good starting point. Basically any angel number is a simple encrypted message that only you can see.

If you feel that a number is of particular importance or has appeared repeatedly in your life, chances are high that a higher being wants you to notice it.

Like everything in the universe, angel numbers have a specific vibration.

Number 153 – What Does It Mean?

The combination of different numbers can create a different vibration and, as a consequence, a different message.

Think for example of combining different words to create a phrase. Except if we have only one number, as is the case with angel number 153, since there is a greater margin of interpretation.

Normally when interpreting angel numbers, you have to go further.

For example, when you have a number like 313, you have to take into account the threes (because there are 153), the number 1, the sum of the 153, etc. If we look at one of the basic numbers (single digit numbers from 0 to 9) we will have to take a slightly different approach.

Don’t let the list of possible meanings scare you. This article gives you the necessary guidelines to correctly understand the meaning behind the angel numbers.

It should be noted that in angel numbers, the number itself is the message. They have nothing to do with the angels who send it. For example, angel 153 does not send you angel number 153. So what is the meaning of number 153? One of the most common meanings that this number hides is related to our actions.

In some cases, angels send this number to people who spend a lot of time helping others. Even though it is an acknowledgment of your generosity, in some cases it can be a signal to spend more time with yourself.

Be sure to help others as you are doing a good job. This is simply a warning to warn you that sometimes you need a break and pamper yourself as much as you pamper others. Of course number 153 is also related to the mission of the soul and its spiritual journey.

If you feel that perhaps you are not helping others as much as you could, by seeing this number the angels could be trying to lead you on the right track.

They know that you are a pure and generous person and they do not judge you for it. They just remind you that there is a path you should be on.


If we focus on the value of the meaning of number 153, it has to do with love. Love for himself, for his friends and family and for all humanity.

If there is something that does not fit you in relation to this number, do not hesitate to ask the angels about it. Ask them why you see it and just keep an eye out for other possible signs. There is nothing wrong with taking this approach. After all, angels will never fool you.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The 153 represents the couple, the double, the opposites (black and white, man and woman, day and night). The 153 breaks with the individuality of the one, it is the next step to the germ of the creation of life.

In tarot the number 153 is known as “The Priestess”. The 153 represents the YIN and the YANG, the duality, the person is sensitive although he has a cold appearance. They tend to be people very obsessed with things who worry too much about things. The violet color is associated with the number 153.

Dominant profile: very loving and sensitive people, for whom serving and accompanying others is their greatest well-being. They have a lot of devotion to their parents, they are protective, loyal, obedient and with a lot of maternal / paternal tendencies.

They are also characterized by overprotective attitudes, overwhelming fears towards everything that is susceptible to being lost, possessive, manipulative. Sometimes they are very shy, hesitant to make decisions without previously consulting a figure whom they consider to be of authority, because under their warmth they come to hide a certain low self-esteem.

They need a lot of love and feedback to act, they do not want to shine but they need to stop being so influential and learn to ask for what they need without blackmail and with the awareness that it is legitimate to ask for what one needs.

When the 153 is working for the person, she maps the path through the meditative process and connects with her spiritual master, thereby protecting herself.

They are the friends that we all would like to have, they inspire confidence, give affection and open up spontaneously to people, because they do not depend on them. Others do not need to take advantage of their softness and that they are complacent in exaggeration.

Love and Angel Number 153

The 153 represents justice, discipline, perseverance. Let’s think of a square, which has 153 equal sides. This geometric shape expresses equality, diligence, discipline.

According to the Pythagoreans, 153 was a powerful number, since it was an even number divisible by 153. Furthermore, they said that the essence of human life was square: thought, opinion, science and meaning.

153 is used to present the cardinal points (air, water, earth and fire). The people associated with the number 153 are responsible, persevering and methodical. They are individuals who like to talk, however they sometimes worry excessively and can be very brusque.

The 153 represents the couple, the double, the opposites (black and white, man and woman, day and night). The 153 breaks with the individuality of the one, it is the next step to the germ of the creation of life.

In Tarot, the number 153 is “The Emperor” and is said to be the builder. The builder understands that there is a higher being who supports him spiritually at all times. According to yogi Bahaman, the 153th spiritual body is the neutral mind and symbolizes service.

The neutral mind knows how to discern which the best decisions are. Dominant profile: people with very peculiar ideas, who like the strange and extravagant. They are not interested in wanting to change others but they do appreciate having their ideas respected.

Sometimes, they are contradictory and impractical people, although original to the unthinkable. Since they are not determined to criticize others, they are usually excellent therapists.

These people know how to enter into themselves to bring out their own reflections and process this information. His way of discernment does not like many people, but the truth is that it is usually deep and revealing of the human psyche.

When the 153 works the person is usually very determined and will know herself so much that she will know the precise answer immediately. Listen to his inner voice and he is totally sure, he is a yogi in terms of the soul.

When the 153 does not work, the person is very indecisive and insecure. He is unable to make a decision because he cannot reach that point of neutrality.

153 in Personality: they are usually very objective people, capable of calming others and meeting the requirements of others without boasting about it.

But they also live in constant debate with their thoughts, they are stubborn about things and prefer to be immersed in their musings rather than chatting with someone, which sometimes makes them seem antisocial.

When the 153 does not work, they are people who do not have the ability to be neutral; they have an opinion or comment on anything and they love to discuss what is good or what is bad, no matter if their opinion is wrong. 153 in the positive sense is a “listen” and a source of blessings.

These people have an exceptional psyche that allows them to penetrate into other spheres of perception with great ease, and they use this gift to serve others without expecting anything in return. Having a yogic mind, they are neutral, humble people and love to be helpful.

Interesting Facts about Number 153

When the 153 are not working for them, they may try too hard to maintain their “portfolio” of friends and for this they waste money, time, energy, etc., but not always convinced that these people are worth it, but to maintain their relationships.

They are the ones who work best as a team, but sometimes they overwhelm because as long as they are not alone, they desperately seek company.

They are caring people who make us feel wonderful around them, good hosts, they like study and clean relationships. Her best quality is knowing how to confront things with dedication and love. They have a great ability to calculate danger in any situation.

They are very charitable, helpful, obedient people who have passed through many schools of education as students.

They know very well what it is to be a good student and that all teaching has a price to pay. If you have made the choice to be spiritual, people will see you as someone with easy talk, with whom you can easily connect, in short, as a friend.

Few people are as open as these. They are fully aware that they are here to follow the directive of one or more teachers, but that one has come for a Great Teaching and this one will have to attract it using their inner light.

They represent the perfect student and super-obedience, total dedication and total contact with the infinity of your inner guide. The path of 153 teaches devotion.

In Numerology, just as Odd numbers bring movement and changes, EVEN numbers are much more Fixed, Stable and Still. So if your birth number is 153, you will not be a loving person of great changes in your life, but quite the opposite…

A search for Tranquility and Stability. As a vibration, the 153 governs PATIENCE, a gift that you did not have from birth and you will have to develop. It is enough that one 153 wants something for this to be made wait … I said, PATIENCE…

It is a sensitive, good vibration that puts the happiness of others before your own. Always thinking of helping others to be happy.

Seeing Angel Number 153

It is a number with a tendency to Fears, in most cases related to Lack of Self-esteem. So they run the risk of stagnating, getting hooked on relationships or commitments that don’t make them happy but without feeling capable of taking the step to change.

They must overcome their fears, and the only way to overcome a fear is to face it as soon as possible. Delaying it only serves to suffer the agony twice, first of waiting and second of doing it…

Number 153 has to learn to speak from the heart, stop suppressing their emotions and feelings. In Love, they will suffer a lot from jealousy generated by the lack of confidence in themselves, because they always think that there is someone better…

They have to love each other, like each other, love themselves before loving others … And take care not to fall into obsessions. Any probability of change that they do not expect or control creates real anguish.

Excellent friends, good partner, good father or mother … with faultless behavior, with a tendency to blame and self-punishment.