Balloon – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Balloons are a part of our lives, they are the main decoration for parties and celebrations.

Something about balloons sparks joy inside of people, especially kids.

They make everything look better, they are perfect gifts that cause happiness and they do make one special surprise.

There are a lot of different shapes and sizes of balloon, also colours are all different you can find them in any colour you need.

In a dream it is very important to know which colour, shape, type of a balloon you saw in order to figure out what the true meaning is.

Balloons in a dream are a symbol of joy and happiness, they also represent love and great opportunities.

They can be a sign of some bad decisions that aren’t to harmful in your  life but those actions need to be changed in your future.

Balloons in a dream can also be a sign that you are avoiding reality and that you are living in your own world without being concerned about it.

Well you should snap out of it and live your life with focusing on improving it not running away from it.

So there are different meaning to this kind of a dream, there are also different types of dreams about balloons that carry different meanings.

Try to remember and analyse your dream in order to find your true meaning.

Remember sometimes and especially when you are at a birthday party or planning one then balloons naturally appear in your dream because you are surrounded by them.

So if you had this dream do not worry, these are positive dreams with positive meanings behind them.

Balloons are interesting part of our dream world with fun meanings, try and find your meaning to see if you need to improve something or just keep doing what you are already doing.

The Most Common Dreams About Balloons

Dreaming about balloons flying away- Well this is the worst nightmare for kids, of you had a dream about balloons flying away then this dream is an indication that you are a little bit too high in the clouds.


Your fantasies are getting the best of you, this means that your sense of reality is fading away which could be a big problem because decisions made in this state are the ones you will probably regret later on in your life.

It is great to have a positive attitude and high hopes but you have to be aware of your state and practical things that you need to survive.

So if you think about making some kind of a irrational decision wait a second before doing it, see the bigger picture and accept the world with its cruelty the way it is.

Dreaming about you or someone else releasing the balloons- If you had a dream like this where you are the one or your friend is the one who is releasing the balloons then this dream is a good sign for you.

It means that you are finally releasing the anger, all the negativity, bad habits from your life.

You are working on being the best version of yourself and you are succeeding while trying it, do not stop.

And remind yourself every day to let go of unnecessary bad vibes, release your emotions more often do not wait for the outburst.

Dreaming about helium foil balloon- If you had a dream like this then the message from this dream is to keep enjoying life the way you are now.

Positivity that you carry within yourself is contagious and beautiful do not stop with that.

Happiness and fulfilment are a big part of your life which makes you feel great so keep doing what you are doing this dream is just a reflection on your life not a prediction.

Dreaming about a water balloon- If you had a dream like his where you throw around balloons filled with water or if you see these types of balloons in your dream then this is a sign that you are probably going to break soon.

You are holding your emotions for too long inside of yourself and this act is harmful for your mental health, this breakdown is going to help you feel brand new.

Something small may cause it even if you think that you are fine and okay you are not.

Humans are not robots that can turn their emotions on and off, you have to feel things that is how you survive and that is how you truly grow.

Dreaming about a birthday balloon-  What is a birthday without some balloons?

If you had a dream about a birthday balloon at some birthday party or if you dream about purchasing some birthday balloons then this type of a dream is a sign of happiness.

Some kind of situation will bring you positivity or perhaps you will meet some people by accident and they will become part of your life by your choice.

They can help you with finding yourself and knowing who you are which is going to be a big game changer for you.

Dreaming about large balloon bundle- This type of a dream where you are holding large balloon bundle means that you are the one who is in charge of a lot of things.

People rely and depend strictly on you so you have a huge pressure at the same time because you fear that you won’t be able to fulfil their visions and expectations.

What is important here?

You should be careful with decisions, you cannot make harsh or quick decisions because they can cause a huge damage in the lives of others and at the same time you cannot say things while not meaning them or not planning on transferring them into actions.

Be honest and be less judgemental on yourself.

Dreaming about balloon pop- When having this dream you should be aware of the fact that you are not doing your job the right way.

This means that you have a certain idea you want to try but the timing now is bad and you can’t really do the best job at the moment.

So  this dream is in a way warning you to be careful with these things, if you want something great you have to invest yourself and your efforts to the maximum and you can’t really do that if you do not have enough time to put your best work in it.

It is better to wait for the right moment then to make mistakes that are probably going to cost you later.

Dreaming about inflating a balloon- If you had a dream like this where you inflate balloons indicates on your desire to be better and better every single day.

It is a reflection of your positive thoughts that are focused on you becoming braver, calmer, smarter, to just be the best.

Your only competition is you so do not think about someone else just watch on your progress.

You are not late or early, you are just on time.

Dreaming about leaking balloon deflating- If you had a dream like this then you should be aware of your bad decisions that caused moments of guilt and grief.

This represents that you are in a way lost and that you do not really know how you got here.

It is also a sign of loss financial, or even personal.

Do not be afraid to take a step back and start again.

Dreaming about a blue balloon- If you had a dream about a blue balloon then the meaning behind it is not so fabulous.

Blue balloons in a dream are a representation that you will lose hope because of other people and their attitude towards you.

Dreaming about a yellow balloon- If you had a dream where you purchase, see a yellow balloon then this is a good sign.

These balloons represent joy, happiness,  sunshine that is in your life.

They also indicate on good luck and bright future.

Dreaming about  a red balloon- If you had a dream about seeing a red balloon can give some signals from movie It of course meaning behind this dream is not so disturbing or sick.

But they do indicate on some issues caused by your choices made strictly based on your feelings and wishes.

Red is a symbol of sexual desire in a dream also so this can be interpreted in a way that maybe your sexual desires are leading to bad results maybe you got pregnant or if you got your girlfriend pregnant if you are a boy.

Dreaming  about a pink balloon- Well this type of a dream where you see a pink balloon indicates that you have a strong wish to start a relationship with someone.

You crave for love and affection, romance and kindness.

Do not worry that will come to you when you least expect it to happen.

Also be sure that you are healed and okay with being single before entering a relationship, do not do it for selfish and reckless reasons.