Blue Shirt, Yellow Shirt – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Everyone has had dreams about certain clothing and accessories that come with that clothing.

In these types of a dream it is important to know which colours was that in this case shirt, because every colour possible bring a new meaning to to this kind of a dream.

So here we have blue and yellow colour which can naturally appear in a dream, they can represent two completely different things.

It is up to you to remember your colour so that you can find a true meaning behind it.

These types of a dream are not that negative and they usually represent something good that is likely to happen in your life.

They can appear to be warning signs for you and your behaviour, way of thinking if they are not in the right place but every dream has that task to help you and to show you problems that you are maybe avoiding or not realizing in your waking life.

Dreams are a fascinating way our mind works and shows us everything that is going on in our subconscious whether we like it, or not.

So lets focus at one thing at the time, firstly the blue shirt that can make an appearance in our dreams.

Blue shirt dream interpretation- Colour blue has a peaceful meaning, it is a sign of calmness and purity, it may even be connected with the meaning of water in a dream.

Blue colour of the shirt in a dream is also a symbol of spirituality, and your desire to be closer to God or to turn your life to go through that path.

So that act of forgetting of God is unfortunately pretty common and it happens to everyone at least once, when that happens this dream may appear in order to show you and to remind you from where you come and what you need to do to go back to that page of your life.

We like to act like we do not have any beliefs but the truth is that we as humans cannot even survive without them, we have to have something to depend on and something to believe in even if we do not like it that is the case.

So blue shirt is closely connected with spirituality and other beliefs that make our souls calm and happy.

It is also a symbol of happiness, joy, peace within yourself and others around you which is truly great opportunity to make your bonds stronger than they were before.

This whole pandemic is a reason of worries, stress and other type of uncomfortable feelings, so if this dream appears it means that you will embrace this situation and take the best out of it as much as you can.


Perhaps you will find joy in little things like reading a book or writting something, maybe even a new series to watch.

Dreaming about a blue shirt can have a good and bad meaning at the same time like all dreams do.

So sometimes a blue coloured shirt is a sign that there are some new chances in your near future that you should embrace when they come.

Dream about a blue shirt can also be a sign that there is something big happening to you very soon, perhaps a birthday or some kind of a celebration.

Blue shirt in a dream can also mean that you are somehow wishing to connect with God, maybe you have made some mistakes and sins that you truly regret and now you wish to talk with God and ask for forgiveness for those actions based on a destructive way of thinking.

Blue shirt can be a sign that you want to have peace in life, no more unnecessary drama or fight now you just want peace and quiet.

You wish to go somewhere far and rest your head or to meet a person that is full of depth with whom you could talk to about anything and everything.

Yellow shirt dream interpretation- Yellow colour is one of the favourites, it symbolises happiness and joy.

When seeing the colour of yellow it almost instantly takes us to summer days and sun shining everywhere you look.

Yellow is fashionable colour which sparks up your outfit and brings a lot of attention towards you, and that is why people wear shirts and dresses that are the yellow colour but not everyone can pull it off.

Dreams that contain the yellow colour are optimistic and bright in most cases so if you had a dream where you are either buying or wearing a yellow coloured shirt or blouse then you should know that this dream has a great sign.

Of course sometimes it can be something bad but you should not worry about it.

Yellow shirt in a dream can be a symbol of spirituality and the ghost world, a world we cannot see with our bare eyes.

So sometimes meaning behind this dream is that somehow you are connecting with that higher force or the spirits, if you practise something like this be careful because you might get in trouble and put yourself in danger.

There are some things we should not mess with, and this goes for this do not play around with spiritual world even if you do not believe in it because you do not see it.

There is definitely something with us that we do not see, it is scientifically proven that our eyes are limited to only certain rays of light and for example if we go into space right now there are planets that we won’t be able to see because our eyes cannot adjust to that light or in this case darkness.

So imagine what else is there on this world without our notice about it, so stop playing around and do not disturb whatever it is that can be disturbed.

Yellow shirt in a dream can also have a great positive meaning which brings pleasure and joy inside of your life.

There will possibly be some new opportunities that are going to be great for you and if you accept them well who knows what you might do.

Dreaming about a yellow shirt means that your mind and attitude are positive and that you truly do see the best in everything, this is great for you just keep perceiving things this way.

So when you think about yellow shirt what could pop into your mind except fashion trends?

Yellow shirt is connected with your connection with your surroundings, people, animals, plants.

It means that you are a very caring person that really cares about others and that is always there for the people in need and the same goes for everything else.

It represents your naive nature that may not be the best thing you have, it means that sometimes people can take advantage of it so you end up getting hurt by the ones that mean the world for you.

This can also be a sign of possible friendship around the corner, maybe you will meet a friend by accident but that person will become so important to you and you will stay close.

This person may even be your biggest supporter even if you two do not know each other that well it feels like you are siblings.

Dreaming about a yellow shirt beside all of this may be a sign that you are thinking about starting something new or changing something in your life, even the slightest change like cutting hair implies in the meaning of this dream.

Yellow is closely connected with sunshine, so dreaming about a yellow shirt can be a sign that your life will receive that sunshine perhaps if you had a dark time in your past that is finally gone and you are healed from it so now appearance of this dream is also the appearance of fun and bright times.

So there are a lot of meanings behind a dream like this, you have to analyse all of the possible meanings in order to find yours.

And there is a chance that you just bought a vibrant yellow shirt that you like that much that it appeared in your dream, or maybe someone on some show is wearing a yellow blouse or shirt which makes you want the same one so much even your subconscious got it.