Bride – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Weddings are considered to be the biggest part of girls life because of her wedding dress.

All brides are unique and beautiful in their own way, same can be said for their dresses.

Today we can see a lot of different shapes, sizes, colours of wedding dresses.

There are still classics like princess gowns or mermaid shape dress but now there are different colours of wedding dresses.

Before some time only dress for a wedding was white but today there are bold brides that love the colour of black, red, purple, green even.

You never truly know what will fashion bring tomorrow.

Every girl or it is said that every girls dreams about her magical wedding for the prince charming.

A lot of women do not even like weddings, they just want to get married as soon as possible without any complications or fuss about it.

When dreaming about a bride she is a symbol of peace, class, awareness.

A bride in a dream can represent new beginning with letting go of the past for good.

In a dream you can see all different actions and types of brides so it is up to you to know what you dreamt off in order to find out what it means.

These dreams have a positive meaning and in most cases they are positive.

So if you had this type of a dream about seeing a bride you should not worry about it, even if it looks scary.

Because of horror movies brides have become a little bit scary especially the ones somewhere where you only see her and no one else.

But do not think about horror movies, think about the good times ahead of you because these dreams indicate on good times in your future.


They can also be connected with your state in a relationship, perhaps you and your partner are not sure to take the next step because of the poor communication.

The Most Common Dreams Of a Bride

Dreaming of seeing a bride- If you had a dream like this where you witness a bride’s arrival or if you see a bride somewhere then this type of a dream is an indication on possible connections in your life.

Perhaps this is referred to bonds and relationships with your friends and family or possible start of a romantic relationship with an unexpected partner.

Sometimes this is a sign that your old friends are coming back to your life.

So this dream is a positive one, do not worry about it.

Dreaming of you dressing up as a bride- Well this is a dream that can look great for the dreamer but unfortunately meaning behind it is not so great.

This indicates on issues with communications in your current relationship, there could be various reasons for this issue.

For example you are in a relationship that lasts more than a year and there is no real progress or movement in that relationship, you are in a way at the same place like you were a half a year ago.

So this could be an issue for you or for your partner lets say it is a big issue in this case for you.

You have planned to have a family or a house with someone after some time but that person isn’t really sending you those signals, so you feel like you are wasting a time with that person because there is no sign of possible future together if this keeps going.

There are a lot of different scenarios like this where there is a big issue in a relationship because of bad communication and unclearness of true desires.

If you truly think that this relationship and you partner are worth it then try and find some ways to fix it or at least sit down and talk like adults if you both see that that is not working out then you will know where you stand and you both of you will save some time.

Dreaming of a married bride- If you had this type of a dream about a married bride then this dream is a message from your subconscious that you should worry less.

This dream is a sign of better days and better life in general, all of your worries are going to fade away and causes behind them you’ll see are just ridiculous.

Once you start glowing again you will see that the darkness behind you was just preparing you to shine brighter and to be a better, stronger person.

Dreaming of an unknown bride- If you had this type of a dream where you do not recognize the bride then this dream is a sign that you will master the balance between two things: your heart and your mind.

For one period of time you followed your mind and you were miserable, not excited or interested in anything and then you tried following your heart to be happier but you ended up being so hurt that you began to wish that you do not even have the ability to feel things.

But then you have realized that you should try and use them both at the same time and it worked, or if it didn’t it will very soon so keep balancing things out it will work wonders for you.

Dreaming about a wedding dress- If you had a dream about seeing a wedding dress then this type of a dream is a sign that you are thinking about weddings.

Maybe you really want to be in a committed marriage but your partner isn’t or you do not even have one.

But do not worry everything will be alright, if you do have a partner then try and talk it out, see what is their opinion on that you can’t ruin anything if it doesn’t work out then it is not supposed to work out.

Dreaming of your close friend being the bride- This type of a dream where you see your friend as a bride is a sign that you are satisfied with people in your life.

You love the feeling of trusting someone without fear that they will turn it against you or something else connected with that.

It is a positive dream with a positive sign.

Dreaming of hugging a bride- If you had a dream where you have the bride this big hug then this is an indication that you are going to go through a path filled with good news and opportunities.

This dream is a sign that your fortune will improve and maybe even a better job is on its way into your life.

Dreaming of seeing a bride in black- If you had a dream about seeing a bride that is in black can be an indication that you know who you are and that you are not scared while showing others exactly who and what you are.

Maybe this dream sounds weird but the meaning is truly great for the dreamer

Your sense of uniqueness is on point.

Dreaming of a bride crying- They say it is bad luck to cry on your birthday or on your wedding day but tears of joy are another level, if you had this type of a dream where you see a bride crying but from happiness indicates that you are going to live a great life very soon.

But if that bride is not so happy while crying then this is a bad sign, it means that there will be betrayal or something else very soon in your life.

Dreaming of a pregnant bride- This dream may appear really strange especially in religious way of seeing it.

By religions this dream is a bad sign , it can also mean that happiness and positivity will fill your life in every single aspect.

You are seriously enjoying your life, you have let go of your past without any more regrets and you are ready to be happy without feeling guilty about it and without letting others to ruin your vibes.

Dreaming of a dead bride- Is a disturbing dream for the dreamer especially if there is blood and if the environment is spooky and dark.

This dream is a classic interpretation of death and endings, when you have this type of a dream about a dead bride you may be shaken but it does not mean that you or someone close to you is going to die so relax.

A dream like this is a reminder that at any given moment a life could end or a part of something may change forever.

You never know what will you be dealt next, so be grateful always and never stop being grateful.

Tell the people you love how much you love them while they can still hear you because one day all of that will fade away and become a distant memory that will remind you now and then that you should have spoken up about certain things.