Dream About Car Breaking Down – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you had a dream where your car has broken down then this dream can have a lot of different interpretations and meanings.

Car is somehow a symbol of movement, you moving towards something or moving from something.

So these dreams can be an indication that you are evolving or growing as a person but at the same time they could be telling you to move on with your life because you are dwelling on the past.

Past is gone, you can think about it or cry about it but it is gone and nothing you can do can take you back to that period or change anything that happened.

This is usual for people who have just gone through a rough breakup with the one they thought was the only love of their life, perhaps their partner cheated or lied to them so they still cannot move on after that act.

Or after death of the loved one this is common,  thinking about ways you could have made their life better or perhaps you find yourself guilty somehow because of their death so you still blame yourself and tear yourself down for something and someone that is not with you anymore.

These thoughts are occupying you and they are draining your energy, that is really  sad because instead of doing things that make you happy and that spark a joy in you, you think about things that are gone , people that did not want to stay there for you.

These dream can be a sign that you are not organizing your life the right way, your priorities are not really in the right place but you will have to work on it by yourself.

A Car break down can also represent that you are in a way breaking down, physically or emotionally.

Perhaps you are trying to do everything all at once and you end up being exhausted and you can’t even do the basic tasks anymore because of that tiredness and disorientation.

Emotional break down is a whole different story that is caused by stress, anxiety, feeling lf being overwhelmed all the time and there are panic attacks caused by your anxiety, etc.

This dream is in a way a sign for you to take care of yourself in a better way, try with sleeping more or eating healthier.

You have to be there for yourself, no one else is going to.

The Most Common Dreams About a Car Breaking Down

Dreaming about gas pedal not working- This type of a dream where you see that your gas pedal is not working indicates that you will have difficulties and disappointments while trying to achieve your goals.

Perhaps what you had in mind won’t be so pleasant for you after all, this type of a dream is also an indication on possible failure that will leave some marks on you.


But you should not give up with following and working for your dreams, at this point all you need to have is patience and will to do so.

And a gas pedal not working could mean that you are rushing everything without thinking about the consequences, well your reckless behaviour will lead to some catastrophic

Dreaming about car airbag not working- If you had this type of a dream where your airbag is not working well and you find that out then this dream is an indication on lack of support from the people you need in your life.

It also means that you feel like you are not protected from some factors that could be fatal for you or this is just a product of your anxiety.

Perhaps you are going through some hard time maybe something happened that has shaken you and now you want to lean onto someone but there is no one there.

You desperately look for that support but somehow people are too busy with dealing with problems from their own life and they do not have time to analyse yours.

Or this could be your realization that all of those people you thought were there for you, that you were there for are not really your people or your friends which can be a really breaking realization but it is what you need to know.

Stop doing everything for people who do not even check on you, stop putting effort into someone who is not doing the same for you.

Create some boundaries and be your own supporter, this hard times will eventually pass so it is your choice to be stronger after all of that or weaker.

Heal the right way.

Dreaming about car blinkers or signal lights- If you had a dream like this where your car blinkers or signal lights are not in function then this type of a dream is a sign of your communication problems.

It can also be a sign of anxiety in early stages where you do not talk out loud about your emotions and thoughts because you are constantly afraid that someone is going to laugh at you or put you down.

You also have a fear of saying something wrong and you do not want to do that so you keep quiet and you lock all of your feelings inside of yourself and you try to ignore them which is so wrong.

You should not do this,  seek medical help if necessary or speak about your problems with someone you trust, the best choice for this are your parents or siblings.

Dreaming about a damaged car door- If you had a dream like this where your car doors are damaged, maybe someone scratched your door or there is a different type of damage, then this type of a dream is a sign of you feeling locked and powerless.

This dream is normal in these conditions where there is this pandemic and you are locked inside without being able to live like you lived before.

You cannot go everywhere you want to and you cannot do certain activities just like a prison so these emotions are causing the appearance of this dream.

Also your panic is limiting your view even more, focus on the things you can do and think about improving some aspects in your life while you have the time and room for it.

Dreaming about non-functioning  car engine and transmission- If you had a dream like this where you have a car engine or transmission that is not working then this type of a dream is a sign that you lack will and motivation.

Every day is the same, everyone is boring you do not see the point in living, why would you even try to do something when you simply do not see the point in doing so.

This mind-set is ruining your chances in making something out of your life, all of this is simply wrong.

When you get tired learn how to rest not how to quit, yes everything can become dull and platonic but why don’t you put some colour in all of that.

Be that change you wish to see in the world, and remember that every time you decide to lay down doing nothing someone out there may be preparing to take a position that might be meant for you.

Dreaming about car keys that are not working- If you had a dream like this where the car keys are not in function then this type of a dream indicates on your poor choice of habits.

You always pick something safe and not something risky that could change your whole life drastically but in a more positive way.

So you play it safe but you are not satisfied when you do not get the results you expected you will receive.

The main message from this dream is to find some new ways, try some new things and hope for the best.

Your actions have to be different than they were and now you should try something new, something no one will see coming.

You can do extraordinary things if you put the right effort and some right decisions.

Dreaming about car oil leaking- If you had a dream like this where you see that your car oil is leaking then this type of a dream is a sign of possible tiredness and exhaustion.

This were some really hard weeks for you and now you just want to go and sleep for a week straight.

All of this is caused by your bad organization and bad timing, from now on try and organize your week and all of your responsibilities put in a right order.

Stop waiting for the last day to do something, it is better to do something small everyday and still finish it on time than to lose your mind trying to get everything done in one night.

Dreaming about having a flat tire- If you have a dream like this where your tires are flat then this type of a dream is a sign of you being stuck where you are.

You are not moving backward or forward you are just stuck, this could be a result of exhaustion and a busy schedule.

It also means that you are going to focus on changing yourself and becoming a new person, finding a new path.

All of this, tiredness and stress are causing some damage to your health so now you do not intend on letting them continue.

You are going to take back the control and make your life cleaner and better in every way.