Biblical Meaning of a Clock In a Dream

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Time inevitably passes. And with time the years go by, the trains, the people and all those opportunities to be happy. You are losing your time?

Perhaps if you discover the meaning of your dreams with watches, you will get an idea of how to make the best use of time, what awaits you and how to prepare for the good and the bad that is to come into your life.

Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming about watches?

Biblical Meaning of a Clock in a Dream – Symbolism

The truth is that dreaming about clocks has more negative, premonitory or warning meanings than positive interpretations.

But still, pay attention to the good omens of dreaming about a watch, as in the case that you dream that you are winding the clock, which indicates that you enjoy a very satisfactory sentimental life.

It is also important that, as long as the hands of the clock are moving, life moves on and an opportunity is approaching that you should not miss.

Special attention deserves the dream in which a clock appears marking a specific time and, furthermore, that dream is repeated several times with the same time.

It is likely that, more than a dream, it is a premonition of the type of dreams with numbers.

And if in your dream you are giving a wristwatch to another person, it is interpreted as a very intense and cooperative social life.

Unfortunately we find a greater number of negative meanings in dreams with clocks. A little because of the urgency of the time that runs and we do not arrive on time, another little because of the loss of opportunities and a little fear of wasting time.

This is the case of that dream in which you do not hear the alarm clock, one of the dreams with the most frequent clocks and that speaks of your fears and insecurities, not only in the workplace.

Anxiety and worry are revealed if you dream that you are frequently checking the time.

Surely you feel pressured, observed and judged by family and friends, surely you are living a life in which you try to satisfy others and your subconscious tells you that you will not have time to live true to yourself.

Wall s represent death and more so if the clock is stopped. This may be an announcement that the person who has the dream is in a terminal phase of her life or that someone very close is close to death.

This dream means that your life is going backwards and that you do not feel that you are moving forward in your projects and even in your relationships.


Well, by not achieving all your goals, you feel held back in your illusions.

The meaning of dreaming about clocks is closely related to people who are aware of the changes that are happening in their lives and in the projects they want to carry out.

It is important to mention that many people have serious complications when managing and ordering their lives, so it would be an announcement of this.

Biblical Meaning of a Clock in a Dream – Meaning

Unquestionably, our life is conditioned by time. Therefore, the fact of dreaming with a clock can represent a lot of our transcendental fears, of whether we are taking advantage of enough time or if it is not too late to achieve those goals that we have set ourselves.

So if you’ve been dreaming about a watch lately and you don’t know what meaning this might have, you’ll be happy to know that in When You Sleep we wanted to share with you a compilation of the most common meanings about dreaming about a watch. Clear all your doubts.

In general terms, dreaming of a clock is closely related to the passage of time and to all those goals that you had set for yourself and that you have not yet achieved.

So maybe the time has come for you to get going with everything you want to achieve and prevent time from passing by without doing anything about it.

You may find it useful to consult this collection of Encouraging Phrases: they will be great to encourage you and thus motivate you to achieve all your goals.

Dreaming that a watch is being wound represents that right now your life is perfect and you want it to continue like this. You have a great relationship with your partner, your dream job, and everyone in your family is fine. Therefore, it is a good omen: it is important to continue enjoying the present so that everything continues as it has happened up to now.

Dreaming of an alarm clock is bad luck. This heralds the arrival of bad news. It is also a dream that represents your anxieties about being late and the importance that time has for you.

If you dream that the wristwatch belongs to you, this is a very good omen as it announces the arrival of very important events in your life.

These changes are going to be crucial, as well as necessary to grow and be a better person. If this is your purpose, do not forget to consult this collection of Phrases for Change, the engine of personal growth.

However, if in the dream the clock has stopped the hands, this represents a delay in the achievement of the projects that one has. Do not be alarmed by this, but it is vital to have the patience and perseverance necessary to continue working on your goals until the day they are carried out.

This dream represents feeling emotionally paralyzed. Perhaps lately you feel insecure about the things around you; like your feelings, the new projects you want to undertake or your situation with someone.

You must trust yourself and what you are capable of, because those insecurities are only in your head and everything that you propose at this moment will go well if you put your heart into it and face any obstacle.

This dream indicates good luck because it announces the arrival of moments of joy and happiness in your life and you will be in the company of the people you love the most. It is time to enjoy with your loved ones, friends and partner these days that are to come.

Dreaming of a wall clock means the importance of time in life. It is likely that you may feel anxiety about getting to finish the things you have in hand, because it is important for you to meet the deadline that you have set for yourself to achieve your goals.

In previous years it was thought that dreaming of a clock was a bad omen, as it was believed that this type of image had a direct relationship with death or the unexpected arrival of death.

However, over time the opposite was proven.

In generic terms, dreaming of a watch predicts very beneficial moments for the dreamer, since it suggests crucial changes to be made and that, from there, everything that was previously thought could not be achieved, will bear many fruits.

In this sense, you have to start giving priority to everything related to you, to your happiness and evolution, because dreaming of a watch means in turn that it is your time and your productivity that is at stake, so you shouldn’t waste time the way you are.

Now, if when dreaming of a wristwatch you notice that the time is late or early, it is that you have a quite worrying emotional gap.

It is possible that in the dream both possibilities are presented, and it is that you do not know which activity to start first or you do not decide which of these has more priority, and this should change as soon as possible.

Wristwatch dreams are not very common and, having them, you have to start taking action on the matter.

When you can dream of a watch, it will always have a meaning related to the things that eat you up for a long time, those problems or complications that worry you and that make it difficult for you to live calmly.

If we focus on a dream with a watch in which the time is late, but this is repeated for several days of your week, the problem is more complicated than you think.

This is a representation of the arrival of conflicts in the professional area or directly in your studies, you may be paying too much attention to your work and neglecting your education too much or vice versa.

Dreaming of a wristwatch can also mean difficulties in your personal life, so try to be attentive to the situations that arise and to take time for yourself.

If in the dream world you are meeting with family members and you constantly see the clock, it may be a message that tells you that you are not spending the time you should.


It is important to pay attention to every detail of the dreams you have.

For example, if in addition to dreaming about a watch or dreaming about a wristwatch, the hands of the watch do not move.

It is a sign of delay in the execution of the activities that are planned, so, when you wake up, you have to reflect on your abilities to continue on the path you are taking and whether or not you are really performing as you should be.