Dreams About Being Stabbed – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams are sometimes a reflection of hidden realities that we are not able to understand without help or some understanding on our part, stab wounds are wounds that can cause death or seriously injure the person.

However, to dream of stabbing is a bad thing, difficult situations to come for the dreamer, obstacles, closed steps to new stages, situations that should be paid attention to since they can have relationships or abrupt changes that can affect the dreamer.

Dreams About Being Stabbed – Interpretation

Stabs in dreams are situations that represent negative actions in the life of the dreamer, represent certain difficult circumstances that arise in the life of the dreamer that disturb life in peace, full and in harmony.

Dreaming of stabbing in its simplest form can represent negative feelings that the dreamer has towards situations or people that have affected him in some way, it can generate feelings of anger, bitterness, envy, frustration in the dreamer.

But these are feelings that the dreamer should know control and know that although dreams may be premonitory, they are also dreams that should not mark the reality of the person who has them, they should only be taken as a guide or a sign.

Dream of being stabbed in the stomach is a dream that is very common, although it may seem a lie, dreaming of stabs reflects the anguish, the fear that may be generated by some situation that the person who has the dream may be going through or a dangerous situation that is yet to come.

You just have to be attentive to the signs that dreams usually give us, if we are ready to understand dreams we can solve these situations before they reach more complex situations and be able to reestablish order in the dreamer’s life and make it a full and happy life.

Dreaming of self-stabbing is nothing more than adverse situations that arise in the day to day but that may have solutions, they are a sign of maturity, the dreamer is aware of the situation he is going through and knows that no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Situation will be able to get out of it in a positive way. Among the meanings is also the awareness that the person who dreams must have and try to change the course of his life for a better future.

Dreaming of being stabbed is a sign of betrayal of the person you believe in but this person is hypocritical and plays at being your friend just waiting for the moment to strike the masterstroke, this happens because they envy you.

because you are a person who although you have problems you have the judgment to get out of them, you only have to be modest to who you show your friendship and to whom you give your support, not everyone is like you, attentive to changes.

Dreaming of being chased is already bad and coupled with that they stab you is not much better, it is an omen that you should be careful not to trust so-called friends, since there are many people who approach you with the intention of harming you.

of cause the intentional loss of control in order to achieve its mission that of harming you, but the solution is in your hands simply do not trust new acquaintances even if they are painted as sweet sheep, do not expect anything from anyone so you will have no reason or space for disappointment .

Dreaming of a friend or acquaintance who stabs you, is the doubt you have about the loyalty of that person, if the person who stabs you know them and even consider them your friend, it is because you have seen in this person some attitudes that you they sow doubt in the heart and make you lose trust in the people around you.

You must be aware because if the person who stabs you is a relative or your partner it is the greatest betrayal you can imagine, theft or loss of a Well precious to you from the hands of that person you trusted with your eyes closed. Envy and bad feelings.


The heart is an organ that maintains blood circulation in the body, and with the passage of time it is said that the most noble feelings are housed in the heart, as well as dreaming of being stabbed in the heart is a harbinger of fights, of ruptures sentimental with your partner.

Due to situations that they thought were already overcome, jealousy and misunderstandings that will not have a quick solution, situations that bother you, you feel incomprehension on the part of your partner, the person you consider important in your life, which makes you not feel comfortable in your home and prefer to be alone or away from it.

They leave messages that if they are not well interpreted, they leave sequelae in the dreamer that can be avoided, although they are not very good situations, because they can cause pain and horrible situations are also situations that can be resolved and allow the dreamer to fully carry out his life and happy.

The eyes are the window of the soul, dreaming of being stabbed in the eyes is the way that the person who dreams of refusing to see the reality of situations that afflicts him, even on a sentimental and / or economic level, is not wanting to see things as they really are but as you want to see them according to your convenience and interest.

But wait, the important thing is to face the problems not to try to hide the truth because this is like icebergs only see the tip but never it will be hidden at the bottom of the sea. The best thing is to face reality.

To dream of being stabbed in the back is a bad omen, it is betrayal in its greatest expression, of the person you least expect it, someone very close to you only wants evil, expects that everything you undertake will go wrong and not you can recover, pending people are not what you expect, they have many acquaintances and few loyal friends, do not lose the north.

To dream that you are stabbed and survive is the way you have to understand that you have many problems but that all have a solution, just do not lose your calm and sanity, you must be aware of what you want and what you do to achieve it, only yourself. Success depends, life is to live it, not to let it pass at the mercy of people who do not want good for you.

Dreaming about stabbing another person is not good, they are communication problems, sometimes words are like daggers they hurt people, sometimes without bad intention but after things are said there is no way to go back what was said.

If the person you are stabbing in your dream is a person close to you, they are upset, and for now there is no way to satisfy them, wait calmly that time will be the only one that will make that anger pass and can heal the soul of the other person. Remember words are also double-edged weapons that hurt and can kill, watch out.

Dreaming of a stab and seeing blood is not all that bad, dreaming of a stab is bad but dreaming of blood is not, which indicates that you should plan a deep change in yourself, try to see life as a gift, not as a punishment, change your attitude and life will change with you, take care of yourself because it will be something necessary, only if you want the opening of new doors and a different way of assuming life.

Dreams about Being Stabbed – Meaning

A stab is a sign of threat or death and it may be the case where you dream of a dead relative very close to your life. It is interpreted as an act of cowardice. The person who carries a dagger attacks treacherously so as not to show his face, so you have to be careful and observe the people around you.

Dreaming of being stabbed represents certain fears or insecurity in the personality. It suggests to be cautious with people from the work or family environment, since a possible betrayal or loss of trust of someone close is looming. It also refers to unexpected situations to come.

Likewise, it symbolizes the power struggle you are having, perhaps thinking of obtaining it violently and inappropriately, this may because you many inconveniences if you continue to think like this, avoid this uncomfortable situation so as not to go through serious problems.

If you have a dream where the partner stabs you, it symbolizes thinking that they are being unfaithful to you. The relationship goes through problems, poor communication, not sharing at home and even passionately they do not complement each other. You will have to talk, solving that situation to avoid pain and conflicts that could end the union that you have had for a long time.

To dream that you are stabbed in the heart, represents the bad moments that you are going through with your partner, you conceive that you have no support and you do not feel compression, causing a lot of distance and discomfort at home.

To dream that you are stabbed in the back, symbolizes the envy they feel about you, the achievements that you are having cause friction with friends or co-workers.

Likewise, it represents that you feel a grudge with someone that you cannot solve, you must talk to solve it and not continue feeling those feelings.

To dream that you are stabbed by a woman, represents that you are going through uncomfortable moments in the workplace, in which rumors at work suggest that you share with someone who assiduously goes to the business, these insinuations will cause you problems with your partner.

To dream that you are stabbed and you survive represents numerous conflicts that you are going through, without prejudice to the purposes you have, you will be able to overcome every situation that gets in the way.

If in the dream you see the person stabbing you, someone close to you wants to let you down or betray you. You should re-evaluate projects and partners. You can also consult the meaning of dreaming of shooting, it is a very common and popular dream with multiple interpretations.

Likewise, it indicates what the subconscious is telling you, you are surrounded by hypocritical individuals, with negative and harmful intentions towards every action you are taking.

Dreaming of observing ourselves injured by a stab, represents having a lot of patience and tolerance to face numerous difficulties that you will soon be having in you or that will happen with loved ones.

Dreaming that you stab another person is interpreted as resentment towards someone. It is a sign of revenge. Feeling of anger, frustration, anguish, or concern about situations or people that you cannot directly control.

It also means those negative feelings that are with you in every moment, those repressed emotions in you. You constantly present a desire for envy and revenge. If it is a nightmare that you are having frequently, you should avoid future emotional complications in the environment, seek professional help, by visiting a psychologist, to solve that difficulty as soon as possible.

Dreaming of stabbing a friend and hurting him to death, represents those feelings you have about the loyalty of that friendship, you have been thinking if it is really beneficial for you to continue interacting with him.

Dreams where you try to stab your partner, are related to the bad time you have in love, you do not find satisfactory solutions to solve the problems you have in love, even thinking about ending that union that is not filling you completely.

Dreaming of stab wounds and seeing blood is a bad omen. Certain situations from the past that were thought to be overcome return, something that you had already forgotten reappears, wounds that have not been healed. If in the dream you observe a lot of blood, it represents memories that thus


A dagger is a stab weapon used to kill. Generally, we associate the term dagger with negative situations such as fraud, betrayal or ambush.

Are you currently afraid of something or someone? Are you worried about a personal or work situation? Have you recently had a run-in with an acquaintance? All of these are possible reasons to dream about stabbing.