Biblical Meaning of Coins In Dreams

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Dreaming of coins usually represents wealth, health, and fortune. This is a positive dream that occurs when something good is about to happen.

Coins are a symbol of well-being and financial stability and when a person dreams of coins it is possible that they can expect gain and makings.

Of course, the true symbol of dreaming about coins hides between the feelings and situations a person had during the dream.

Coins may have a negative connotation depending on the circumstances of the dream.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about coins is high positive energy and calmness, as well as enthusiasm and motivation.

People who had a dream about coins often experience the new flow of positivism and happiness in near future.

Also, coins are symbols for having a healthy and stable mind which is the most important feature of dreaming about coins and is thought to be like a life-changing experience.

On the other hand, if the person had a dream about losing money or being robbed, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that they will be in a bad financial situation.

Negative connotations of dreaming about coins often concern relationships and status, rather than financial loss or instability. It is more likely that someone will fraud you or lie to you, than that they will rob you.

There are many interpretations of dreaming about coins, so let’s see the symbolism and meaning behind your dream!

The Most Common Dreams about Coins 

Dreaming of seeing coins

If you had a dream about seeing coins without touching them, it means that there will be a good opportunity for you that you shouldn’t avoid. It is recommended that you take advantage of the situation and get the best from it.

It is possible that person will be promoted or getting a higher salary, or that they will have a chance to show their skills and make a progress.

This is a very positive dream because it brings you a lot of possibilities and advantages and is a message for you to get the best from coming opportunities.

Dreaming of holding coins 


This dream is proof that you will soon have a financial gain. It is not known if you will inherit it or earn it, but you will surely get money, in a justified way.

You may find the money somewhere, but in that case, you should take it to the owner because it doesn’t belong to you and is not deserved.

Holding coins in your hands is a symbol of having a good financial state and well-being. Good times are coming and you should enjoy them.

You are finally going to get what you deserve and this dream is a message for you to never give up because the fruits from your hard work will end up in your hands.

Dreaming of getting robbed

As it is said before, dreaming of losing money or getting robbed is not always a message that you will lose money.

It can be that someone you trust will do something that will disappoint you and it may be the reason to end the relationship with them.

Getting robbed is a scary thing and the person always feels bad because of the actions of others. This dream is telling you that you will somehow be frauded and someone you care about may let you down.

However, this dream can also be that you have a lot, but give a little. So, maybe someone who cares about you doesn’t receive enough attention from you and wants to share beautiful moments with you.

You are probably thought to be a very stable and successful person and that is the reason some people want what you have.

That said, it could also be that there will be someone trying to get close to you just because they feel empowered by you and want to get something from you.

Dreaming of losing coins 

This dream is a symbol of losing something you care about. In the next period, you may suffer a big loss – either material or emotional.

That will be a really hard period for you and you will feel devastated. However, almost everything material can be turned back to you and you shouldn’t give up on your goals.

But, it may also be that you will lose something that is not even yours, so there will be no place for sadness since you don’t deserve what you’ve got.

Also, the symbolism behind losing coins can be that you didn’t appreciate enough what you had and now you lost it. It is probably a close relationship with someone that is always around so you take them for granted.

You should appreciate what you have because once it’s gone there will be nothing you can do about it.

Dreaming of a silver coin 

Silver coins are symbols of too much greed and an unsatisfied personality that always wants more even tho they have almost everything.

This dream is a warning for you and is telling you to look after the things you have and appreciate them.

Sometimes it is not good to want more and more because that way we don’t appreciate what we have and always obsessively want more.

Also, it could be that you are working too hard for something that won’t turn out the way you wanted it to. The plan you have won’t be going the way it was supposed to and you will be stressed out when you see that you can’t succeed.

The silver coin is a symbol for always wanting more, for greed and negative traits that a person have and is like a message for that person to take it easy and appreciate the little things sometimes.

Dreaming of a gold coin 

Unlike dreaming of a silver coin, this dream carries a very positive connotation and is a symbol for fortune and both material and mental stability.

If you feel down and you had a dream about the gold coin, it means that you will have a chance to shine your light and start doing something proactive.

It is never too late to start working on something and make more money or become satisfied with what you have done, and that is exactly the message this dream is telling you.

The symbolism of a gold coin is about good and healthy relationships with people, loving family and close friends, and of course financial gain.

Dreaming of a copper coin

This dream is not related to the money but your health. Maybe you will be under stress and you will start having a problem with maintaining a physical balance.

Pay attention to your body, and if it is asking for rest, then rest. Don’t push yourself too hard on work and give yourself a break when you need it.

Also, it can be that you will be mentally exhausted from work and it will affect your mental health and private life, so try to take a day off when you feel too tired.

Dreaming of a rusty coin

This dream is suggesting that the money you will earn is about to come without hard work and will be gone just the way you made it.

The rusty coin is a symbol of dirty business and bloody hands, and this dream is suggesting that the money you will make or receive won’t be from honest hard work.

The rust is the symbol for something bad and unfair and this dream may be a warning that you should turn to the correct way of making money without suspicious business.

On the other hand, this dream may be the symbol for wasting money on unnecessary things that you don’t really need. You should spend your money more carefully and with better planning.

Also, this dream indicates that you waste your money on gambling or some other hazard, and is a warning to you telling you to stop.

Dreaming of a fountain with coins 

If you saw a fountain filled with coins, just like the one you see when you go on the trip like a tourist, it means that you should invest your money into something.

If you want to start a business, do it. If you always wanted to buy that table or something that you really need, do it. Don’t save money on things that are a necessity.

The fountain with coins is also a symbol of pettiness and that is a bad trait.

Don’t be so obsessed with things you have and try to share them with your family, do a nice gest like buying your partner a new pair of shoes.

You need more kindness and you need to be more kind to others if you expect the same amount of it from others.

Dreaming of a paper money

If you saw a banknote in your dream, it means that someone is trying to tell you something important, but you always avoid the conversation.

Or, you will receive a beautiful gift from someone and it will surprise you. The best things come when you least expect them to happen.

If you saw your wallet full of banknotes, it means that you constantly have money problems and you don’t know how to solve them. You are not very skilled with money and you should work on that.

Dreaming of ripped banknote

The ripped banknote is a symbol of losing money. Maybe you will lose some money on the streets and you will be very angry at yourself. So, be more careful and cautious.

Also, this dream may be indicating that you will invest a lot of money into something that won’t pay off. Unfortunately, it is possible that you will get into loans that will be hard to pay back.

Dreaming of finding a coin 

If you saw a single coin in your dream, maybe in the streets, it means luck. You will be lucky with some things you do and everything you were suspicious about won’t come true.

Also, it may be that you will reunite with some old friend you haven’t seen in a long period of time and you will be very happy to finally see them and talk to them.

Or, someone from your past that wasn’t a very nice experience for you will pop back and refresh all the memories you had. Try to keep your distance from that person and maintain your mental health.

Dreaming of a melted coin

If you saw a melted coin, or you melted a coin, it means that you spend too much money that is not even yours. Try to find a job and start your own life if you still live with your parents.

Or, it is possible that you have spent too much energy on something that is not worthy at all. You need to make a balance in your life between a job and a private life and don’t involve them together.

Dreaming of paying with coins 

If you had a dream about buying something with coins, it means that you spend your money reasonably and you know how to deal with finances.

This is a positive dream because it shows stability and good skills in handling money.

You know what is the best way of spending/keeping the money and don’t let anybody get involved in your decisions if you feel satisfied with them.