Dream About Plane Ticket – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of plane tickets can only mean one thing – you need a vacation.

When we feel exhausted and washed out by physical and mental stress, our mind finds a way to cope with it.

Seeing airplane tickets are something that brings good feelings and positive energy. They are symbols of relaxation and adventure.

Of course, there are several meanings of dreaming about plane tickets.

All of them depend on the context of the dream and the feelings you had through it.

Usually, dreams like this one have positive meanings and can suggest that you will soon be taking a day off for yourself or that you will go on an adventure.

Also, this dream may mean a positive experience that will happen to you.

It can be a symbol for new beginnings, meeting new people, and going to places you have never been before.

Let’s see the most common dreams about plane tickets and their meanings!

The most common dreams about plane tickets

Dreaming of holding a plane ticket

If you had a dream about yourself holding a plane ticket, it can be that something will change in your life.

It is going to be a positive experience and you will probably start working on yourself.

Holding a plane ticket is a symbol for desiring new places and people, as well as growing as a person.

Maybe something life-changing will happen to you and you will never forget that experience.

Also, it may be that you are tired of your current job and you would like to take a break because no one can cope with that amount of stress.


Dreaming of holding plane tickets

If you saw yourself holding more than one plane ticket, it means that you will have several paths in the next period and you will have to choose one of them.

You can’t travel to three places at the same time, meaning that you can’t choose all of the paths that are in front of you.

It might be hard for you to make a decision and you are afraid that no matter which one you make, it will be a mistake. Follow your heart and chose what is best for you.

Also, this dream can mean that you have several opportunities in life and you want them all.

The symbol of holding plane tickets in dreams is that you always make new possibilities and you always make sure you have a spare plan.

Dreaming of someone holding a plane ticket

If you had a dream about someone close to you and that person was holding a plane ticket, but you didn’t, it is a very meaningful dream and can have few interpretations.

Firstly, if that person was feeling sad while holding the ticket, it may be a bad sign.

Sometimes people have a strong intuition that is telling them when will things go bad.

If you didn’t feel any signs of pain and sadness in your dream, it means that someone you care about will experience a pleasant situation.

Maybe they will go on the trip or do something that will make them happy.

If both of you had tickets and it felt like you are going together on a trip, it means that you are getting closer with that person and you are making a strong connection.

You both respect each other and you want to have as much fun as you can.

Dreaming of a ripped plane ticket

This dream is usually not so good sign. If you had a feeling that a ripped ticket is not something good and you felt like you lost something then you probably will.

A ripped plane ticket is a symbol of false hopes and failure. You believed in something and now you are disappointed.

Maybe you had a big plan which didn’t come true and now you feel hopeless.

However, if the ticket is ripped then it means that you were never supposed to get where you wanted. Maybe there is something much better for you, so don’t give up and move on.

Dreaming of buying a plane ticket

Dreaming of getting a plane ticket is closely related to travel. You are going to travel somewhere, probably with someone, and it will be a refreshing experience.

It could also be that this dream is a symbol of you trying to get away from your current situation. Get on a plane and disappear like you never existed is not the solution!

Another meaning is that you will probably have a business meeting and you will have to travel in order to accomplish your tasks.

Dreaming of burning a plane ticket

This dream is a way of expressing anger. You are feeling very angry because of something and you don’t ever want to experience something like that.

Whatever it is, you need to stay calm and look for a better way. The fire represents rebelliousness and anger and is a symbol of hate in this case.

Maybe you had plans that didn’t work out and now you are devastated.

But, it can also be that somebody let you down. The dream is telling that you are giving up on a flight, and there are various reasons for that.

Dreaming of a one-way plane ticket

This is a very symbolic dream and is representing your determination to change something. You are going to do something that will be irreversible.

So, no matter what you do, it will stay forever and be present in your life.

Also, it could be that you are planning to go somewhere and never go back, or at least you wish you could do it.

The symbolism of a one-way ticket is about running away or marching towards a better future. It can be a lot of things and the meaning depends mostly on your feelings.

Dreaming of a round-trip ticket

If you had a dream about a return ticket, it means that good and positive times are waiting for you around the corner.

This dream is usually a good sign and it carries a message that you should follow your heart and do what you need to do.

The dream indicates that no matter what, you will always find your way back to yourself.

A return ticket is a symbol for experience, growth, and adventures and is a sign that you will make progression as a person.

Also, you have people who love you and respect you no matter what you do and that is the most beautiful thing. Even if you make a mistake, you will be able to fix it.

Dreaming of losing a plane ticket

If you felt panic in your dream because you lost a plane ticket, it means that you are too stressed with work and you really need a vacation.

Also, it may mean that you don’t have time for vacation, and you are trapped in that situation. Losing a plane ticket symbolizes a hopeless situation in your life that you have to cope with.

Maybe you will let someone down and you will be very sad and you would want to make it up to that person.

Dreaming of gifting someone a plane ticket

If you had a dream in which you gave someone a plane ticket as a gift, it means that you are the person who wants others to be happy and you are a helper.

You never turn down anyone who asks for your help and you are ready to get through it. You are a compassionate person who loves people.

Dreaming of receiving a plane ticket as a gift

If you had a dream about receiving a plane ticket it means that you will be lucky these days. Your paths are clear and you should take all the opportunities that come your way.