Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex

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We always want to know what the meaning of the dreams we have is, especially when they repeat themselves or include close people, something that may concern us.

And that is why week by week we show you the meaning of a specific dream and today we wanted to end the intrigue of one that perhaps has visited you many times and left you restless.

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex – Meaning

And it is that the importance of interpreting dreams with an ex-boyfriend can help you be happier and close a stage that is still open.

The portal published an article with various meanings, since the circumstance of the dream with the ex is not always the same.

If you have recently broken up with a person, that that person is still part of your life, being in many of your thoughts is normal. There is a period of “adjustment” when you end a relationship.

In this case, dreaming of an ex could be part of the adaptation process. You have memories and experiences that can be reflected in dreams. Don’t worry, don’t try to find an explanation, little by little your dreams will change.

If you are subjected to stress, tension in your relationship, or work or family problems. Dreams are sometimes an escape valve to release tension. You have a partner, you are even getting married soon and you dream of an ex-boyfriend, why?

It does not mean that you do not love your partner, the human being tends to fear changes, if you have committed or are going to live with your partner or get married it is a change.

It is possible that even if you want to take the step, something in you will rebel and want to escape. Perhaps even if you want to commit yourself, you feel that you will have to give up things.

Having a dream with an ex-boyfriend is like going back in time, surely while you were dreaming you would feel uneasy because you would be missing something (your current partner). Insecurity, fear of the future are often behind these dreams.

As dreams are formed of memories and things that you have lived, surely there are moments that you lived with your ex-partner that were beautiful, that you remember or that on the contrary you would like to forget.

You haven’t seen your ex for a long time, and suddenly one day you dream about him, why? This is not surprising. Although it may seem like it, you can walk through your city and suddenly meet someone you have not seen for years.

In the same way during the day, consciously or unconsciously, you may have read a book, watched a movie, listened to a song that reminds you of a person (your ex), the mind is unpredictable, and unites memories and experiences in the form of a dream. .

A friend may have told you about a problem that she has had with her partner, and then you dream of a similar situation with another person. Memories are also permeated with things that other close people tell us.

If you are having a bad emotional moment, you are alone or bad with your partner. Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend can imply that you are insecure and sad with your relationship (it does not imply that you do not love the person, only that you feel bad, disappointed at that moment).


Dreaming of an ex-boyfriend can mean an escape, be it because even in dreams when being with your ex-boyfriend you feel that “something is wrong.” What does not add up is that even in dreams you are not the same person you were a while ago (when you were with that ex-boyfriend).

You are in a relationship and happy but you have a bad time at work, or you are stressed by work issues, family, etc. What is dreaming of an ex-boyfriend?

You may ask yourself: if I have another partner and I am happy why now I dream of…? Before we have commented that dreams are based on our memories and experiences, your ex is part of your past as are classmates, friends, people with whom you have been.

You may inadvertently talked or seen something that reminds you of your ex-boyfriend’s time. A movie, a person, a place, a scent (example, you have been with someone who wore the same cologne as your ex-boyfriend).

That fact has “triggered” the memory. Associated with that memory is your ex-boyfriend because it is what you lived in those moments?

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming About Your Ex – Symbolism

In psychology there has always been an interest in knowing the meaning of dreams. Authors like Freud and Jung tried to elucidate what the symbols that each one can see in their own dream world could represent.

Many patients, worried about what they have witnessed while immersed in that world that only seems to present itself in the depths of the dark night, wonder: what does it mean to dream of your ex?

While this does not necessarily mean that we are obsessed with our exes, it should be noted that it may have certain implications, which we will see below.

These memories make us aware of how unsuccessful our previous relationships had, no matter how healthy they ended, emerge while we sleep, as an indicator that we are aware of the relationship and that there are possibilities that it will not go well.

Psychoanalysis, led by authors such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, tried to elucidate the possible meaning of the dream world, looking for any clue that would explain both the psychopathology of their patients and possible problems whose cause did not seem to be earthly.

They concluded that dreams represent aspects of our lives that are stored in the subconscious, and that we cannot find a solution for them while we are awake.

This is why dreaming of an ex can be interpreted as something especially worrying, especially if we are already dating a new partner.

The fact that our previous boyfriend or girlfriend appears to us in dreams, as if it were a ghost, causes us fear because we can interpret it as an indicator that we are not comfortable with our partner or that we are still in love or, even, haunted by our previous relationship.

Although psychoanalysis has helped psychology take shape, and its vision of the dream world is made from a relatively scientific perspective, there is no empirical evidence that the psychoanalytic postulates about dreams are true, although, of course, they are interesting.

Dreaming of an ex is not as dramatic as it might seem at first. Although it can be interpreted as a sign that we do not have that relationship overcome, the truth is that these types of dreams are very common, even being happily married or married to the love of our life. There are many reasons that can be behind this phenomenon, without necessarily being a matter of concern.

The problem comes when these types of dreams become very frequent. We are not talking about that, at a specific moment, while we are sleeping, we dream of that high school girlfriend or boyfriend, our first love, the first kiss or the last time we saw one of our previous relationships.

To dream of an ex repeatedly is synonymous with the fact that something could go wrong with our current partner, and we should try to find a solution.

The main reason may be that, being in the current relationship, we feel emotional deficiencies or we are going through love problems, which make us think of relationships that, although they already had their outcome, these, at some point in their history, were happier that the situation we are in now.

However, there is another reason that is radically opposite to the previous one. The reason why our ex is presented to us in dreams is not because we are living a current relationship worse than the previous one, but because the end of our previous love affair ended so badly that there are still wounded to heal.

The outcome was so disastrous that, although we do not want that relationship to reappear, we do believe that we need to leave things well settled, in a healthy way for both former members of the couple.

Another reason why these types of dreams appear is insecurity. It is normal that, when you start dating a new partner, the relationship does not seem stable, despite the fact that love comforts us pleasantly and we live in a world of fantasy and color.

You are in a relationship and happy but you have a bad time at work, or you are stressed by work issues, family, etc. What is dreaming of an ex-boyfriend?

The ghosts of past relationships and their failure, be it milder or more tragic, is something that influences the way we start a new relationship. The memories of our previous partners appear and make us think that, perhaps, this relationship will fail.

These memories make us aware of how unsuccessful our previous relationships had, no matter how healthy they ended, emerge while we sleep, as an indicator that we are aware of the relationship and that there are possibilities that it will not go well.

This can be bad since it can make us believe that relationships are not our thing and that we will end up alone sooner or later, or very good, since it invites us to be cautious and avoid making the same mistakes as in the previous ones.

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Although you can dream of an ex in multiple ways and in various contexts, copulating with him or her is something that especially draws the attention of the individual who has had the dream.

Given the obvious sexual nature of the dream, doubts about how satisfied or satisfied our current partner is in bed are not delayed.

But, really, the meaning of this type of dream, more than the simple fact of being sexually uncomfortable with the current partner or that the previous relationship gave more pleasure in bed than we are dating now, is a little deeper.

It may mean that you long to be intimate with that person, although it may be true that a part of us wants to consummate our most sexual and carnal desire. However, it can mean that we are not sexually satisfied with our current relationship.

It is normal to have erotic dreams with an ex, since that person has not gone through our lives as if they were anyone.

That person offered us stimuli, both sexual and otherwise, but pleasurable, which, by the time the relationship was broken, have ceased to be received.

These stimuli, as if it were a drug, had hooked our brain. Being alone or with a new partner, we must try to accustom our mind to living without the sensual stimuli of the previous relationship.

Dreaming of an ex while making love is something that worries, but it turns out to be much more distressing to dream of that same person but while doing it with her new partner.

It is unpleasant, in most cases, to imagine how our ex, with whom we share so much and that we gave him a lot of privacy, now lives in the most intimate way possible with another person who is simply not us.

We continue to unconsciously maintain a link of relevance to that ex, despite the fact that the relationship has already been broken and, in truth, we are now linked to different people.

Although we consciously know that we do not go out with him or her, the feeling of seeing him with another person is jealousy.

As we were already saying, dreaming of an ex does not necessarily mean something bad, but it is worth trying to see what the origin of this dream is, especially if it becomes something recurrent and causes us discomfort once we open the eyes.

If the reason why our ex is presented to us in dreams is that we consider that the relationship could have ended in a better way, it is not a bad option to try, after a while, to meet him or her again.

Time is necessary so that, in case the breakup was especially traumatic, the most superficial wounds heal while those that we want to solve will become the reason why we want to see that person again.

It should be said that if you try to take this path, two situations may arise: either that our ex wants to know absolutely nothing about us or that something similar has happened to him, that he wants to find a definitive and healthy solution to the tension and remain as friends or, at least, as adults who are able to speak up and fix problems.

On the other hand, if the cause of all this is insecurity or a situation of special tension with the current relationship is being experienced, the best option is to go to couples therapy.

Either due to some type of dissatisfaction in bed, or due to conflicts of various kinds, the best way to avoid comparing our relationship with a previous one while asleep is to go to a professional, and explain the content of the dreams, relating them to the situation by the one passed by the couple.


It is possible that, depending on the psychological trend of the professional, he opts for a more symbolic vision, as psychoanalysis does, or else he approaches it in a more scientific way, focusing on couple dynamics, presenting therapeutic programs that will take place both in consult as in the home or the space shared by both lovers.