Family Gathering – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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It seems to be quite common to dream of family members and relatives, since they symbolize some hidden aspect of the dreamer’s personality. She can be a more uninhibited sister, an uncle with an important job, a sweeter mother, and so on.

Family Gathering – Dream Meaning

It is very important to consider the emotions that the vision of one’s relatives causes in dreams, because from this a more suitable interpretation can be obtained.

Dreams often arise from the processing of existing feelings or conflicts, but they can also suggest an alternative way of behaving in certain situations in which annoyance, anger, frustration seem to take over.

The meaning changes if the relatives or family members visualized in the dream are deceased.

For example, dreaming of a deceased relative with whom you did not have good relations can represent a sort of forgiveness, of reconciliation, in order to be able to overcome the stalemate caused by the death of the same.

Just as the interpretation changes depending on what the relatives are doing in dreams. But for this we refer to specific dreams.

Psychologically speaking, therefore, it is possible that the person who dreams of relatives is in a situation that requires the support of a loved one, or feels the need to have a more direct and sincere contact, especially if this relative lives far away or with him. or you don’t have much to do.

The sister or the brother: often it is connected to the aspects of self that are not accepted, denied, hidden.

These dream figures can highlight a never overcome jealousy or be the symbol of a quality or behavior you would like to be endowed with.

The whole family unit can mean the desire for warmth and affection and regret for the time of childhood, for the pampering received or denied.

At the same time, it could also underline the annoyance and intolerance towards this bond due to unresolved problems, family disputes, resentment and jealousy.

Parents: generally symbolize decision-making power but also the desire you have for shelter and love. From another aspect, they represent the balance you have achieved in the union between your male and female part.

Cousins: perhaps you feel disappointed in yourself or those around you and would like to be another person, better or worse depending on the situation. Instead, try to work on yourself and bring out your best.

The grandchildren: synonymous with joy, happiness and support from the family that understands you and with whom you have managed to establish a good relationship made of dialogue and trust. Live well with your relatives, and the same is true for them too.

The grandparents: they represent your roots, the foundations on which all your human experience rests. They symbolize family security, the core, but they could also mean that you are going through a period of fatigue and physical frailty.


The grandmother: she is the archetype of the feminine because she embodies welcome, warmth, love, the ability to take care of others.

It is a dream that can come back whenever there is a nostalgia for the past, for the rites connected to it and for a time that will not return.

The grandfather: represents the power, unity and strength of the family, the link to family values ​​but also authority and rules.

It may appear in dreams when you feel the need for authoritative guidance to help you make difficult or important decisions.

Uncle: always heralds something positive that is about to happen, in the business or personal field. He is a friendly figure who reassures us when we go through particularly difficult moments, when we fear that we will no longer be able to do it alone.

Children: it is usually a dream linked to anxiety, concern for their health, for situations in which they can be found in reality.

The male child is a symbol of strength and courage while the female daughter is synonymous with motherhood, femininity, sweetness, even if they are not always characteristics that correspond to the truth in reality. They dream especially after quarrels and discussions because one feels guilty or because of the anger that has had to be repressed.

The husband: a positive or negative reference figure depending on the type of relationship one has in the family. It usually symbolizes the need for support because perhaps you are at a time when you don’t want to be left alone with yourself. Get more attention!

The wife: you need consolation e care, human warmth and understanding. You probably feel confused and lost, due to problems related to the profession or the sphere of feelings. Ask for help and attention that will not be denied.

The mother-in-law: you have passed a period of great difficulty and sorrow and you can finally relax and give yourself a well-deserved rest. Take a relaxing holiday in good company, without forgetting to give absolute importance to your needs.

The father-in-law: you are going through a period of family serenity, where everyone lives together with patience and tolerance. Enjoy it because it won’t last long unfortunately and the problems could recur again, cyclically.

Great-grandparents: you feel at peace with yourself and consequently with the world. Everything appears almost perfect and satisfying. In this period nothing will disturb you.

Also involve the people you love most in your life in this well-being.

Living relatives: it symbolizes nostalgia for the past and childhood, the desire for affection and warmth experienced in the past and which you cannot expect now that you are grown up. Do not neglect those you love and make them participate in your life.

Dead: you probably miss that person who you can no longer have as close as you used to. The dream allows you to enjoy their presence and this reassures and calms you even if it makes you suffer more than you might have thought.

Dead smiling: the past has finally been left behind and you feel ready to continue living in the present and planning the future with renewed confidence, always keeping the memories very vivid in your heart, but without being blocked by them.

If you have already dreamed of relatives at the table, sitting around a hearty lunch, in all likelihood you are going through a very happy period of your life, you feel protected and considered. You know you can always rely on sincere people, who always support you, in every moment of your life.

Family Gathering – Dream Symbolism

This explains why family members and relatives in dreams have so much importance and seeing them causes anxiety and restlessness.

The family deeply affects the human being and conditions him more than what everyone loves to admit.

Even the adult who feels rejection for the family and wants to cut ties with the past will have to deal with this legacy, because this past and these people exist within him as if they were a brand in focus.

Family members and relatives in dreams: brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins ​​and, gradually up to the most distant ties, are the “actors” of a personal theater, of a “piéce” created by the unconscious for the use and consumption of the dreamer who uses these characters to “engrave” the dreamer’s memory and make him reflect.

Family members and relatives in dreams are symbols of some aspect of the dreamer’s personality that is not recognized. Family members and relatives in dreams can connect to what the dreamer does not allow himself in reality.

When a dreamer is occupied with responsibilities, a sense of duty and family care, it is easy for the sister, cousin, aunt in dreams to represent a character aspect or a social role that the dreamer cannot afford to express or of which he does not can gain experience, for example:

The same process occurs for men: family members and relatives in dreams compensate, with their physical characteristics and attributed qualities (real and otherwise), the gaps in the dreamer’s life, his frustrations, the resources that he does not feel in himself and that they must still be integrated.

Dreaming of the sister or dreaming of the brother often connects to the “shadow” aspects of the dreamer: disowned selves, unaccepted parts of the personality.

The sister in dreams, the brother in dreams can present themselves with unpleasant attitudes that strike, which are criticized by the dreamer and can highlight a rivalry and jealousy that never subsided, or be the symbol of quality that the dreamer needs, of “virtuous behavior ”And transformative suggested by the unconscious.

Family members and relatives in dreams have ties to the archetype of the feminine or masculine, more rarely they are loaded with ideal aspects related to the concept of anima or Jungian animus when they represent charismatic, influential, admired figures present in the dreamer’s reality.

They can take on maternal or paternal connotations, incarnating in the real mother or father (sometimes in the grandparents), when the dreamer feels the need for protection, affection, a bond that alleviates an existential loneliness.

Father, mother, grandparents in dreams have archetypal meanings and refer to family roots and the positive or negative connections that derive from them.

Often family members and relatives in dreams accompany the dreamers in a particular moment or in a passing phase of life. See some fragments of dreams in which these symbols appear: The dreamer is experiencing a phase of transition: adolescence is ending and even family roles are changing.


Dreaming of relatives could be understood as a sort of identification in what we would like but do not have the courage to be.

This happens for men and women, without distinction, even if with different mental processes.