Biblical Meaning of Eggs in a Dream

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Eggs are not something people dream of very often. Still, they do appear to a significant amount of people, and that actually is not unusual.

Eggs are not the first motif that pops to your head when thinking about the Bible, but they play a significant symbolic role in both pre-Christian and Christina worlds. They appear as symbols in other belief and cultural systems too.

General meaning

An egg is a symbol of a fresh start, rebirth, resurrection, and therefore, it’s a positive omen. The bigger the egg in your dream, the bigger the gain in your life. Observing cracked or broken eggs represents a fragile state you are in currently.

All of the above make eggs an essential subject of our dreams because their symbolism could be interpreted in Biblical and all other terms.

Eggs are the most famous symbol of Easter around the globe. Traditionally, people paying eggs in various colors and organize egg-hunting for children. In this article, we will demote the biblical symbolism of eggs in dreams. Still, before that, I’ll talk a little bit about the significance of egg symbolism in general.

Cultural significance of eggs symbolism

Egg is the universal symbol of the very existence; it symbolizes beginnings and roots. The egg is an embryo of life. After all, our own existence’s unfathomable nature is clearly seen through the ever unanswered question; what was there first, the hen or the eggs?

The egg of the Universe serves as a symbol of life’s principles, universality, force, and growth. They represent a shell of the cosmos we are all part of. Often eggs symbolize a shell in which all secrets and mysteries of the living are hidden.

Eggs also represent primal energy, place of origin, and unifying all opposites into wholeness. In the Christian religion, eggs symbolize resurrection, hope, and life.

Similar symbolic of eggs exist in many societies. The same idea of the symbolic, life-giving eggs was common in Ancient Celts, Greeks, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Canaanites, Tibetans, Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Siberian people, and Indonesians.

Christians and biblical dream interpretations give particular focus to the symbolism of eggs. Those are most commonly associated with birth, new beginnings, and origins.

On the other hand, Easter eggs are symbols for transformation, revival, resurrection, regeneration, and renewal, rather than beginnings. These interpretations are associated with eggs in general, but they symbolize Easter holidays around the globe.

Why is that so? Before they turned into a Christian symbol, eggs were an essential part of pagan rituals that celebrated a beginning of a new life and awakened nature from deep winter sleep.

In ancient times it was believed that the symbolism of eggs was incredibly positive. In paganism, eggs represent the awakening of nature after cold, long winter. An egg is a symbol of new life, so they were ascribed magical properties.

In Christianity, eggs got some additional meanings. They became a symbol of the rebirth of humans.

In medieval England started the tradition of coloring and decorating eggs. Usually, they would paint them red, for several reasons. One of the legends is saying that the citizens of Jerusalem were laughing at Christians and saying that the resurrection of Christ is impossible. Exactly one year later, on the same day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it happened that all hens in Jerusalem laid red eggs.


This color of eggs is a symbol of rebirth and joy, happiness, and life energy. If you want to follow tradition, you should keep the first red painted egg until Easter next year.

Slavic Orthodox people have added more to the symbolism of eggs at Easter. They consider this egg spiritually powerful and believe that it provides protection and good health to your family and home.

The egg is a symbol of resurrection; it reminds people of Christ’s sacrifice and God’s unconditional love.

Eggs in dreams

The symbolism of eggs is an inspiring topic, and their interpretation of dreams is a natural next step. That is no wonder because although eggs are not a common occurrence in dreams when they do appear, they carry many meanings.

Of course, symbolism and interpretation vary depending on various factors, primarily your religious beliefs and culture. The meaning also depends on the very nature of the dream, as well as context. If you’ve dreamt about eggs, I hope you remembered some details.

Suppose you dreamt about raw or broken eggs, or maybe painted Easter eggs, eggs in a basket, birds nests eggs, cooked ones… In eggs symbolism, it’s usually spoken of fowl eggs. Biblical interpretations depend on the complexity of the symbolism of eggs in general.

Interestingly, eggs are not spoken of in the Bible, but they still are products rich with essential nutrients. Because of that, Christians believe in eggs’ symbolism as a life-giving force.

Eggs represent the deepest roots of our existence. If they appear in a dream, they are usually associated with fertility, prosperity, abundance, life, universality, rebirth, renewal, strength, well-being, vitality. Those interpretations depend on the context of eggs’ appearance in your dream.

There are several possible scenarios; raw or cooked, fresh or rotten, found ones, stolen from the nest, eaten…

The symbolism of eggs is significant, below are possible interpretations of dreams related to the scenarios mentioned above.

Try to remember as many details as you can, and also how you felt during this dream.

Dream about seeing eggs

Interpretation of this dream depends on eggs’ appearance, whether they were whole or broken, for example. A whole egg is a favorable omen; you will get some good news, probably related to your private life and family. Sometimes is a sign that you will become a parent, or this dream reflects your desire to become one.

Logically, if you dreamt about a broken egg, it is a bad omen. This is a symbol of loss, misfortune, and illness.

If you were the one that broke the egg in your dream, that indicates that you will have to live with the negative consequences of your actions. If you found a broken egg, that is a sign that this bad thing is unavoidable.

Egg yolk

If you cracked the egg yoke, that dream suggests new beginnings and positive changes afoot. The color of the yoke is also crucial in interpreting the dream.

A black yoke is there to bring your attention to neglected situations in life. If you’ve seen a blood yoke, it could be related to a woman’s period cycle or passion and anger.

Dream about an egg hatching

This dream usually suggests new life of realization of your goals, new birth, and beginnings. Think about what exactly is hatching. What was needed to break the shell? 

Dreaming about egg nests 

If you have seen healthy eggs nest, this is a good sign. This usually indicates financial benefit. The more eggs you see, the better financial progress. 

Dreaming of collecting eggs

If you have dreamed about collecting eggs, you could experience a financial surprise. But be careful; if you collected rotten ones, you could face the disappointment of love.

Dreaming of having eggs

This interpretation is similar to collecting eggs. It represents a possible profit in business. Having eggs in a dream also symbolizes health and longevity. But, if you don’t really live a healthy life, this dream could be a warning to be more active and control your diet.

Eating raw eggs

This dream holds positive and negative symbolic. Interpretations of this scenario vary, so if you dreamed about eating raw eggs, that could mean two things.

The negative side of eggs symbolism in this dream is unfinished business, impatience, rushing into things, and risk. This dream could be a message that it is time to slow down a little. You could be acting thoughtless or childish. Are you able to sit still?

On the positive side, eating raw eggs symbolizes strength. People who have tried that confirm it is not the tastiest way to get nutritional goods from an egg. Still, experts say that it’s the best way to eat them to get healthy and full of energy.

If you dreamed about this, you will have the strength to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles on your way.

Eating cooked eggs

The way that eggs are prepared in a dream is related to different interpretations. Eating fried eggs symbolizes the opening of your eyes, awakening, new opportunities, and experiences. More so, a fried egg looks like an eye, so the symbolism is obvious, right?

Besides awakening and newness, fried eggs in a dream also symbolize awareness. You could soon realize who your real friends are and will be able to clearly separate the ones with bad intentions.

Scrambled eggs or omelets in dreams can hold both positive and negative symbolism. If you felt joy eating eggs this way, you will achieve what you want and have time to relax and enjoy life.

Sometimes, this dream reflects a problematic situation in your waking life, especially if you didn’t make these eggs yourself. In this case, this dream indicates that others are meddling in your life and stick their nose where they should not.

Eating boiled eggs in a dream is a reflection of your strength, your toughness. You have the energy, and it’s not easy to break you. If you’re eating hard-boiled eggs, that is an indication that you will have enough self-confidence to get through challenging times and persevere in your plans.

This dream also signifies protection from any trouble. But you should also keep this in mind; someone in your surroundings is maybe in need of your help. Remember, you have enough strength for both of you. 

Dreaming about throwing eggs

This dream symbolizes your frustration and dissatisfaction. It indicates that you are suppressing your anger and fears, which you mask with aggressive behavior. This dream shows that it is hard for you to express your negative emotions in waking life, probably because you’re afraid of others seeing you as weak or scared.

This dream could also mean that you don’t care what people around you think and want to do things your way, despite everyone’s opinion.

If you were thrown eggs at in a dream, this is a projection of your feelings.  Maybe you feel pressured by an external factor. You probably feel like you cannot express your opinions because there is somebody there working hard to silence you. It’s a sign that someone is trying to control you and prevent you from taking your own actions.

Sometimes this dream indicates damage, offense, betrayal, and verbal attack.

Dreaming of laying an egg

Sometimes this dream indicates that you’re being held up by something in your life.  Reaching your goals could be delayed due to your emotions. If you’ve cracked an egg and put it into a bowl for baking a cake, it means that you are going to think hard before communicating with others.

This dream also signifies that people see you as a leader, even if you’re not acting this way in waking life.

A dream of wild bird eggs

If you dreamed about encountering eggs of wild bird species, it’s a sign that you will have to intellect capacity to succeed in life and reach your goals. If you sold eggs in a marketplace, it shows that you will have support from friends around you.


Dream dictionary from the 1920s offers specific interpretations of several scenarios regarding eggs in dreams.

To hold an egg in your dream means convenient times ahead and good luck at work. If you found an egg in a basket, it signifies that you are going to be rewarded. If an egg breaks in your dream, you could get into a disagreement with someone close to you.

If you cracked an egg in your dream, that is an indication of a new beginning. If you painted the egg in your dream, you could soon hear lousy news related to your friend. If you saw an Easter bunny lay eggs, it’s a reflection of children’s contentment in your life.

If you’ve been given an egg in a dream, someone is going to offer marriage to you or a loved one.