Biblical Meaning of Eyes in Dreams

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Dreaming of eyes is a symbol of omniscience, wisdom, and divine energy.

Eyes in dreams represent the power of truth because you can see the truth with your eyes.

Also, eyes are a symbol of knowledge and sincerity.

It is thought that we can see someones’ soul in their eyes, so they are a mirror of our beings. Seeing eyes in a dream means that you will find the truth about someone or something.

If you saw your eyes, it means that you will understand something about yourself and you will be amazed by that fact. Eyes represent self-recognition and self-love.

Maybe you saw someone else’s eyes, and it means that you might get to know somebody better and make a connection with them. You are probably dreaming of the eyes of a person you love and it means that you are or will be deeply connected to that person.

Seeing wet eyes in a dream means that something is bothering you and is disturbing your soul. Maybe someone or something will hurt you and you will feel disappointed.

Seeing closed eyes in a dream can mean an illness or some bad news. Try to focus on good things in life because you can never know what awaits you around the corner.

The most common dreams about eyes

Dreaming of your eyes

If you had a dream about your eyes, it means that you will observe yourself and you will learn a lot about your mind and soul.

Maybe you will realize something important about yourself you didn’t know before.

This dream is telling you that you will learn so much about your true self and it will be a very positive experience for you.

If we want to be better, we need to know ourselves and understand the reasons why we act a certain way.

Maybe you will find something bad about yourself but facing the truth can never be bad because you can learn a lot from that.

It is a way to change your behavior and mindset and start creating new characteristics that will help you be better.


Seeing your eyes in a dream is a symbol of self-love and self-recognition. You will swim deep in your subconscious mind and reveal many feelings you were not aware of.

This dream is telling you to find out more about who you are and who you want to be.

Dreaming of someone else’s eyes

If you saw a stranger’s eyes in your dream, it means that you might soon meet someone new that will give you another perspective on life.

That could be a life-changing acquaintance and will bring you a lot of questions about yourself and the way you see the world.

That new relationship will open so many perspectives and will give you the strength to change yourself and become better.

Eyes are a symbol of truth, omniscience, and faith and that is exactly what those eyes will bring you.

If you saw familiar eyes in a dream, it means that you probably miss someone in your life.

Maybe you have been thinking about a person from the past and all the benefits their friendship has given you.

If so, this dream is a reminder that everything good lasts forever no matter if you are still in touch with that person.

True love can never fade away and good advice always stays in your mind. The meaning of this dream is that you should never forget about things other people did for you and you should be thankful for their existence.

Or, this dream can mean that the person whose eyes you saw thinks of you. Maybe someone wants to see you and you will hear from them soon.

Another meaning of this dream is that those eyes are of a person you are in love with.

However, this dream is telling you that you shouldn’t forget beautiful moments you shared with others no matter if they are still present in your life or not.

Dreaming of closed eyes

If you saw someone’s eyes closed, it might mean that someone will get sick.

This dream generally suggests that a person whose eyes you saw will have a difficult time ahead of them and you should be there for them.

Maybe someone will feel sad or depressed and this dream is telling you to be available to help them.

Or, if you saw your eyes closed it means that you have to take care of yourself because you might get weak and tired of everything.

It is possible that you will feel tired these days and you should take time to recover from all the stress and negative energy from everyday life.

This dream tells you that your mental state might change because you are pressured all the time so you better be prepared for bad days.

Don’t let the outer world make you sick or sad because it will be hard for you to get out of a negative state.

Dreaming of wet eyes

If you saw someone crying and you specifically saw their eyes, it means that you hurt someone. You probably didn’t pay attention to your reckless words and now someone is hurt.

You should be more careful with what you say and do to other people because it can cause a lot of damage even if you think you have the right to do whatever you want.

This dream is a product of your subconscious mind that knows how bad you acted recently and you should try to change that. If you keep hurting other people you will end up hurt too.

Wet eyes are a symbol of failed trust, pain, and humiliation. If you made anyone feel that way, you should apologize because that will make your conscience calm.

If you saw yourself crying, specifically you saw your eyes wet and reddish, it means that you are hurt deeply. It doesn’t have to mean that someone hurt you, but it means that you feel vulnerable and weak.

Maybe a situation caused you to feel this way or even someone did something bad to you. If you feel that way, know that this dream is a sign for you to be aware of anything that happened to you.

If you don’t recognize that you are in pain, it will never go away. You need to accept the pain in order to get rid of it.

If you keep ignoring problems they will accumulate in your subconscious mind and you will have even more dreams like this one.

Dreaming of bloody eyes

If you saw someone’s eyes were bloody, it means that you made someone angry.

Maybe you were in a fight with someone recently and now you feel guilty for it.

It is also possible that someone made you angry and you wish to get it back at them. However, that is not a way to solve things.

Bloody eyes represent anger, stress, fight, and negativity. Maybe you will soon get in an argument with someone and it won’t finish greatly.

Or, it is possible that you will say something mean to someone you care about and you will later regret it. So, watch your mouth and don’t act when you are angry.

Dreaming of blue eyes

Blue eyes are a symbol of freedom, pain-free feeling, and future. This dream is telling you that you have a bright future in front of you and that you should relax a little bit.

Maybe you are too scared to do something big because you think you will fail.

However, this dream is a symbol of infinite opportunities and possibilities and it suggests that you should give yourself a chance to spread your wings.

Dreaming of brown eyes

Brown eyes are a symbol of warm feelings and love. If you dreamed about brown eyes, it is possible that you will fall in love soon.

However, that love might not be what you expect it to be so be open to different things and don’t let your prejudice stop you from feeling beautiful things in life.

Brown eyes will bring you comfort and love, but also will make a big change in your life that you might not like.

However, if you want to keep that love then you should do anything, even the things you might consider inappropriate.

Dreaming of green eyes

Green eyes are a symbol of young love and excitement.

Maybe you won’t be in a relationship, but you will soon have an adventure with someone that understands you and wants to spend time with you.

This dream indicates that you will have the time of your life with someone who is very enthusiastic and happy to share time with you.

Be ready to do things you never imagined you would and open your heart.

Even if it doesn’t last for long, it will be a very good experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.