Wine – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about wine can be about red wine, white wine, drinking wine, gifting wine, buying wine, or even spilling wine.

There are many dreams about wine and many interpretations because wine is an important symbol and is a common part of people’s lives.

Wine is a symbol of eternity, health, strength, beauty, adventure, and mystery. Since it is a very wide symbol, the dreams about wine have a long list of interpretations.

The meaning of seeing a bottle of wine differs from seeing a glass of wine because it is related to the quantity of wine. The more wine, the more pleasure, and positive energy.

For example, a bottle of wine means mutual love, friendship, romance, etc. and a glass of wine means loneliness, dignity, pride, self-esteem, self-love but also pain.

Drinking wine in a dream is a symbol of good health, but if the wine was poisoned it means that you have an enemy.

As it is said, wine is a very broad symbol that can have many meanings.

So, let’s see if we can find the meaning of your dream about a wine!

The most common dreams about wine

Dreaming of red wine

Red wine is a symbol of passion, desire, sexual romance, and obsession. Seeing a red wine in a dream means that you will meet someone who will shake your life to the ground.

You will be amazed by their elegance and confidence, but you won’t be brave enough to make a contact with them.

However, if you had a dream about drinking red wine it means that you will meet someone who will suit you and you will experience many beautiful and delightful moments with them.

The passion between you two will be explosive and it will feel like your skin is burning but in a positive way.

Dreaming of white wine

White wine is a symbol of success, wealth, fortune, good financial status, and a bright future.


If you were drinking white wine in your dream it means that you will have many opportunities to make achieve your goals.

Also, it means that you will be successful and that your hard work will pay off.

If you just saw a white wine, it means that you will make a plan on how to achieve more and be more successful. With the right decisions, anything you want will come true.

Dreaming of a glass of wine

If you saw a single glass of wine, it means that you are lonely but you are learning to love yourself.

You don’t need other people to be happy, but you wish you had someone from time to time. If the glass was empty, it means that you will shallow and you need something to awake your spirit and make you more excited about life.

You will have a dull period that will make you reconsider your life choices and you might start to make a change.

If your glass was full, it means that you will be happy with your life because you will have everything you need. You feel fulfilled and you don’t need anything else.

Dreaming of a bottle of wine

A bottle of wine is a symbol of good friendship, relationship, or partnership. All of these three are good parts of life and this dream suggests that you will have a good connection with people.

Maybe you will conclude a partnership with someone and start a business with them.

Also, it is possible that you will meet a person that will bring joy into your life. It can be a friend or a partner, and you will be very happy to have them.

Dreaming of buying wine

If you were buying wine in a dream, it means that you will soon hear positive news. Something good awaits for you around the corner and you will be surprised by how things can easily turn in your favor.

Maybe you are expecting to hear some bad news or something bad to happen, but you will see that your worries won’t come true.

You will be amazed by how life can treat you well and this dream is telling you to stop worrying because everything will be alright.

Buying wine symbolizes a positive experience and a relief.

Dreaming of breaking the glass/bottle of wine

If you broke a glass or a bottle of wine in a dream it means that your wishes won’t come true. Something won’t be the way you want it to be and you will be disappointed.

Maybe your hard work won’t pay off and you will feel like a loser. But, you need to realize that you might have made a mistake and that cost you a lot.

You need to be careful and patient if you want to achieve something. Great things in life take time and will and you can’t just wish for good things to happen.

You have to be more aware of your mistakes if you want to succeed.

Dreaming of spilled wine

If you saw spilled wine in your dream, it means that someone is sabotaging you. Maybe you are not doing great because there is a person who wants to see you down. Think about possible enemies or people who don’t like you and try to find out how to avoid them.

If some things in your life are not going the way you expect them to, ask yourself if someone is sabotaging you.

It is possible that someone close to you is trying to stop you from success and they might have a strong reason to do it.

Spilled wine is a symbol of negative circumstances and means that you need to change your surroundings.

If you have spilled wine it means that your recklessness is standing in your way to success. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to important details and it cost you a lot.

If you spilled wine on yourself it means that you are sabotaging yourself and you need to change your behavior if you want to succeed.

Dreaming of someone else drinking wine

If you saw someone in your dream drinking wine, it means that you don’t see the true side of that person. They are not who you think they are and that could be a bad or a good thing. This dream is a sign to you that you should pay more attention to people if you want to get to know them. Not everyone is easy to open up so you need to be patient.

Dreaming of serving wine

If you were serving wine to other people in your dream, it means that someone is using you for their own benefit. Someone might take advantage of you and turn your skills in their favor so you should be careful with who you help and trust.

Maybe your boss is underpaying you and you let that stay unsolved. You need to stand up for yourself and stop letting people using you.

Serving wine to others is a symbol of being naive. If you trust everyone, eventually you will get fooled. Be more calculated and try to have a real picture of others.

Dreaming of a rotten wine

If the wine was old and unusable, it means that you have a problem in your relationship. Maybe with a friend or a partner.

You can’t stand their actions and you think you should distance yourself from them for a while.

Maybe you started realizing that they are not as perfect as you thought they were and now you are disappointed. Give yourself time to think and don’t make impulsive actions.

Rotten wine is a symbol of something good that became bad. It was great before, but know it is just wrong and meaningless.

This can also be a sign that you are getting tired of your job or career and you need to make a change. This dream is telling you that you should give up on anything that is bringing you down and move on.

Dreaming of expensive wine

This dream means that you have high expectations that won’t be fulfilled. You expect too much from someone or from yourself and you will be disappointed because nothing will be the way you expect it to be.

Maybe you have too high standards for everything and that is why you can’t be truly happy in your life.