Biblical Meaning of a Laughing In a Dream

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There is a saying that laughter is the best medicine! Do you laugh often or are you surprised that you dreamed of laughing and you don’t have much reason to laugh?

Why do people dream of laughing? We will try to answer this question from a Christian point of view, that is, we will present you with biblical interpretations of dreams about laughter.

As in real life, so in a dream, laughter can have more meaning. Laughter is primarily an expression of happiness and joy, but it can also be hysterical, cynical, vicious …

What kind the laughter was in a dream, such is the meaning.

Laughter in a dream usually means that we get rid of some suffering or sadness from real life, so even in a dream, it can have a healing effect.

If you dreamed of laughing in agony and felt bad in your sleep, it certainly does not mean something joyful, and vice versa.

Keep reading and you’ll find the best interpretations of laughing in a dream according to the Bible and scriptures.

The most common dreams about laughing

Dreaming of hearing loud laughter

Loud laughing isn’t nice hearing even in reality. It is often very annoying when someone laughs like there is no one near.

If you dreamed of someone laughing out loud when you don’t see them, that’s not a good sign. Loud laughter in a dream means that someone is gossiping about you and wants to make fun of you.

You will find yourself in a situation where you will be the victim of ridicule. It will hurt you a bit but pretend you don’t know anything about it. The person or people who gossiped about you will soon be asking for your help with something important to them. That will be the moment when you will be able to reject them and not do them a favor. Or maybe just teach them a lesson.

Dreaming of laughing out loud

If you dreamed that you were laughing out loud, it means that you will soon be very angry at someone or some unexpected situation.

It is possible that some of your associates will ruin a business opportunity or there will be some legal doubts, so you will have to stop the project. It is important to stay cool. It will probably end well, you just need to be a little patient.

Dreaming of laughing at someone in the sense of ridicule


If you dreamed that you were laughing at someone, in the sense of making fun of them, it means that your conscience is troubled.

You probably made a mistake about someone and now you regret it. It happens, you are just a human being not a saint or something.

Maybe you didn’t pay attention to what you were saying, so you said ugly things about that person even though you don’t really think so.

It’s over now, you have to come to terms with your mistake and move on.

If that person forgives you, great, and if not, this is a life lesson for you to be careful what you say and in front of whom you speak.

Dreaming of laughing and crying at the same time

This ambivalent dream is about your conflicting feelings. It’s just not clear to you how you feel about a situation or a person.

You are in a dilemma whether to indulge in good vibrations or to be careful. In this situation, it is best to distance yourself a bit in order to measure the situation from another perspective.

If it’s something good for you, it won’t leave you. Slow down and think about everything.

Dreaming that you have made someone laugh

If you dreamed that you managed to make someone laugh, it actually has the opposite meaning.

You need to be careful not to make the person you dreamed of sad by betraying or offending her. This dream says just that. You will disappoint someone and that someone may cry over it.

Watch your behavior, don’t be conceited or reckless.

If you hurt the person you dreamed of, you will feel bad and your conscience won’t let you be in peace.

Dreaming of laughing in an inappropriate situation

If you dreamed that you could not refrain from laughing at a funeral or in some other similar situation, this means that you are hiding something.

You’re hiding something you know isn’t good or fair, but you can’t give up on that right now. Maybe it is all about the married person or a lie and a fraud.

Maybe you are having an affair or trying to trick someone for money or a business opportunity.

It is clear to you that what you are doing in secret is not good and that you will pay for it sometime, but you are attracted by the excitement you feel about this or that person.

Keep in mind that your secrets are likely to hurt someone you care about. Turn on the brain at the forefront of the matter and end the lies and secrets.

You can’t even guess what would happen otherwise.

Dreaming of laughing at someone else’s misfortune

You are probably very surprised by this dream in which you laugh at someone who has experienced some great tragedy or loss.

This dream is actually about you and your fears. Although in reality you are considered a brave and practical person, you also secretly have fears, just like any normal human being.

Your fears concern people close to you, family members, as well as your property.

You secretly fear that you will experience some tragic loss, and that is why you dreamed of laughing at it, when in fact you are afraid.

The dream helped you understand your weaknesses and face them. If you are afraid that you will be left without your loved ones, it does not make you a coward, but a normal human being.

All normal people have such fears.

Dreaming of laughing together with someone

If you dreamed of laughing with a close person, it means that you miss that person and love them a lot. There is something really special between you.

If you dreamed of laughing with a group of people you know, this dream also has a positive meaning. It means that you will achieve something good with a group of people, perform a business or family task.

If you dreamed of laughing with a group of people you do not know, it means that you will be influenced by a group of people and that you will not think rationally.

The atmosphere will probably lead you to something irrational and you will say and do things you don’t believe in.

Beware of crowds of people you don’t know and don’t spread unverified information. You will look stupid.

Dreaming of children laughing

Dreaming of children laughing is always a good sign. You will soon experience very beautiful and happy moments in the company of loved ones, including children.

This dream also tells you to always remain so cheerful and generous no matter the obstacles in life.

This positive attitude will bring you a long and healthy life filled with joy and meaning.

Dreaming of witch laughter

If you dreamed of a witch laughing last night, it means that you should go to church and confess.

Probably something is bothering you, and witch’s laughter is an unclean conscience or some secret fear that you must not tell anyone about.

You have to face your guilt and fears because running away from them will not solve anything. Your problems will only get stronger and more persistent, the more you hide from them.

This dream reminds you of that.

Dreaming that you are laughing, but that you do not have teeth

If you have dreamed this unusual dream, it means that you are very insecure about the opposite sex.

You’re probably trying to pretend to be confident, but you can’t. It is possible that you are afraid of ridicule and that someone will discover your acting. These are all justified fears.

However, no one will make fun of you, they will just walk away from you. If you really want to make a good impression on someone, be honest and open. Only then will you find your “match”.

Dreaming of a crush as he/she laughs

If you dreamed of a crush laughing, it means that that person is interested in you.

You should let her know that you like her. If your relationship fails, you will remain good friends because that person is good and noble.

Dreaming that someone who died is laughing

This dream is about you losing control of your life.

You feel like you are living someone else’s life, you have forgotten who you are if that person still exists.

You should remember what you once loved, give yourself space and explore your talents and interests. It’s never too late to experience something completely new.