Starfish – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Maybe you are dreaming about a summer vacation, a sandy beach, and a blue open sea, so a starfish happened to appear in your dream?

Or have you watched a documentary on TV about interesting inhabitants of the sea?

In essence, a starfish represents your feelings that you must not underestimate or neglect.

Dreaming of the sea and sea animals is always connected with the spiritual life of the dreamer. It is always about some emotions and subconscious desires or fears.

Also, it can be a way out of a currently complicated situation. Simply, everything will turn out much better than you expected.

Besides, the meaning of a starfish dream can be different, depending on how many arms there are.

The starfish is a symbol of the sea and has a beautiful shape. There are some interpretations of dreams about starfish and you can read all about them below.

The most common dreams about starfish

Dreaming that you have found a starfish

If you dreamed of finding a starfish, it means that you will soon meet or you have already met an extremely influential person. You will meet a powerful person quite by chance, at some cocktail party or even in an ordinary store.

This person may help you with some of your plans, but you need to be open and honest with them. That person has met a lot of people in their life and knows if someone is prone to lying or cheating.

Of course, he’s not exactly thrilled with the poltroons either, so have a measure. Behave normally and friendly.

This influential person does not like tricksters and people who just want to take advantage of her. Keep that in mind when you talk to him or her.

Dreaming of a five-pointed starfish

This is an extremely happy dream. This dream means that you will have a long life filled with success. You will probably get rich too.

Dreaming of a six-pointed starfish


A six-pointed starfish predicts some turbulent period ahead of you. You will overcome all problems and come out stronger than ever. One day you will be grateful to life for the obstacles it has put in front of you.

Dreaming of a seven-pointed starfish

This is an extremely good symbol. In front of you is the realization of a larger project or dream. You will be able to achieve your life goal. This dream is a real gem among dreams.

Dreaming of holding a starfish

If you dreamed of holding a starfish, it means that you will soon have some gain. Some greater gain or success in something that is guaranteed to you.

It is possible that you will get some monetary inheritance that you did not expect. The money you get will not spoil you, but you will complete some humanitarian projects. You will also share the money with family and friends.

Dreaming of a multitude of starfish

This dream can mean great happiness and wealth, but also sadness and worries, depending on what kind of starfish you saw in your dream.

If the starfish in your dream are shiny and beautiful, prosperity expects you in every area of life.

On the other hand, if the starfish from your dream are dark, left to die on the concrete, or crumpled, then you are surrounded by problems and problematic people. You have to start fighting the bad things in your life. You must not turn your head to the other side. The problems will not go away on their own.

Dreaming of a starfish falling apart

If you dreamed of watching a starfish disintegrate, this means that you will spend money on things that you do not need and that will, in all probability, only bother you around the house in the future.

You will probably buy some clothes that you will not even wear or books that you will not read. Stop for a moment and think! Can you spend money on something that really means something to you, even if you have to save for a few months? It is better to be patient and have some goal in front of you when it comes to spending money and saving.

Dreaming of eating a starfish

If you dreamed of eating a starfish or that you have already eaten it, it means that you will start a discussion with a stranger.

This debate, on the verge of an argument, will probably come about because of money or some material goods. While you don’t like to impose your views and your authority, you will now have to do so to put that person in their place.

Simply, you will let everyone know that you know how to fight like a lion for what belongs to you.

Dreaming of hunting starfish

If you dreamed of hunting starfish alone, it means that you will remember some old friends and past events.

You will connect again somehow with old acquaintances and friends and you will feel nostalgia and sorrow for the past times.

If you dreamed of hunting starfish with someone, it means that you will still find a friend for the future among your old friends.

Dreaming of starfish singing

If you dreamed this unusual dream, it means that you will soon have an idea that will bring you great success.

After this dream, you will surely come up with some executive idea on how to make life easier for yourself and your loved ones. Be focused on the ideas that come to your mind after this dream.

When the right idea comes up, you will know! Make sure you put it into action, even though it will sometimes seem difficult.

Dreaming of drawn or artificial starfish

If you dreamed of a drawn or artificial starfish, it means that in the next period you will be in a dilemma of what to do.

You will think about your life and see the choice in front of you. You will wonder whether to keep a permanent job and a life in which you keep everything under control, or to embark on a business and life adventure in which you may lose your sense of security.

A difficult choice is in front of you in the next period, whether to take risks or play it safe? Don’t ask others, because it’s your life and you know best what you need in life and how much you can or can’t stand.

Dreaming that you are chased by starfish

This grotesque dream speaks of your fear of failure in the future. You know that you have a lot of obligations and responsibilities ahead of you in the future, and you would like to hide somewhere and fantasize about lazing on the beach.

You need to understand that your future is in your hands. What you plant, you will harvest. If you think you can’t do something or you’re too lazy to try, then choose some easier goals.

In any case, postponing and running away from your obligations will certainly not make you happy and fulfilled.

Dreaming of running towards starfish

This dream says that you are not rational about a business project or about business at all. You do not understand some of the relationships that prevail in business and you often behave childishly.

You have to accept the advice of well-meaning people around you if you don’t want to fail financially. You sometimes act as if everything will be as you imagined, although there is no evidence for that.

You simply have to slow down and be ready to learn. There are many things you don’t know, and you think that faith in yourself is enough. Self-confidence is the foundation, but yours is often unfounded.