Taxi – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Taxi in a dream can have several meanings depending on the scenario of a dream.

A meaning can differ if you were driving in a taxi, or if you were driving a taxi.

Also, the meaning is different if you were catching a taxi or calling a taxi.

Generally, a taxi in a dream is a symbol of opportunities and chances that you might get in the future. Or, it can be a symbol of easily earned money.

Maybe you will get a chance to make some money without putting in a lot of hard work.

Seeing a taxi in a dream might mean that you will have a good time but it won’t bring you anything important for the future.

Basically, this dream can mean that you will spend your time doing nothing particularly meaningful or important, but at least you won’t be bored.

Also, a dream about a taxi can mean that you will make lousy decisions that will affect your future.

Some dreams about a taxi can indicate that you will rush into making a decision that won’t give you many benefits.

So, before making a quick decision, think about the possible negative outcomes.

Dreaming of catching a taxi

If you had a dream in which you were walking down the streets and then you suddenly stopped a taxi to get you somewhere, it means that you will make an important decision about your future.

You will suddenly realize that you need to make a change in your life and you will start right away. Your private life is not very active these days so you might choose to make more connections and be more socially active.

Also, this dream can indicate that you will change a job or a workplace because you will realize you can do much better and earn more money on another job or location.

You will stop settling for less and you will start looking for great opportunities. It is time for you to take your life into your hands and build a new, more promising future.


Stopping a taxi is a symbol of changes, taking action, making a difference. You will start taking responsibility for your life and you will start to improve.

Dreaming of being in a taxi

If you had a dream in which you already were in a taxi, it means that you are making a plan related to your future. You are currently in a position you don’t like, so you will decide to move on and do something useful for yourself.

Being in a taxi indicates that you are on your way to improve and change your life. Maybe you will start looking for a new job or moving to another city.

This dream indicates that you are ready to do whatever it takes to get yourself in a better position and make more money, thus be more independent and stable.

If you were talking to a taxi driver in this dream, it means that you will want to hear advice from people you know about your decision.

Also, that may mean that you are not completely sure whether you are making the right decision so you will ask for a second opinion.

Talking to a taxi driver is a symbol of insecurity, but also it indicates that you are ready to listen to other people and let them help you achieve your goals.

Dreaming of driving a taxi

Being a taxi driver in a dream means that you are always available to other people and you like doing a favor for others. You are the person people always search for when they are in trouble and they know you are trustworthy and reliable.

That makes you a good friend and you personally enjoy helping others in need.

However, this dream indicates that you feel very lonely and that even you sometimes need someone to show you the right way.

Loneliness is making you feel incapable of thinking objectively because you are too focused on that feeling.

Maybe you need to stop making other people happy before you make yourself happy. Put yourself in the first place and think about others later for once.

Dreaming of getting out of a taxi

If you had a dream in which you were leaving a taxi, it means that you will successfully achieve your goals. You will make sure everything goes the way you planned and your wishes will come true.

Getting out of a taxi symbolizes success, financial stability, and satisfaction. You will be satisfied with the way you handled some situations because you made sure to stop them from affecting you negatively. You will successfully fight all the demons in your head and you will finally get everything straight in your head.

Dreaming of missing a taxi

If you wanted to catch a taxi but it passed you, it means that you will lose an opportunity for something that is very important to you.

This dream is telling you that you either didn’t work hard enough or invested a lot of energy into the wrong things.

Soon, you will probably be disappointed by something that will happen and you might lose motivation to succeed.

Maybe someone will take awards for something you did and it will make you very angry.

Missing a taxi in a dream is a symbol of failure, loss of enthusiasm, and bad luck.

Dreaming of sharing a taxi with someone

If you were sharing a taxi with someone in a dream, it means that your path will be crossed by someone who will be important to you in the future. You are likely to meet a person that will bring you a lot of benefits and might be related to your job.

This dream indicates that you will receive help from a person that will appear in your life soon. Try to learn as much as you can from them and be open to new things.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will find compassion in someone who has gone through the same or similar things as you did. That person will get very close to you and you will decide to spend time with them. You will share similar thoughts and opinions with them and they will understand you.

Dreaming of waiting for a taxi

Waiting for a taxi in a dream is a symbol of expectance. You expect something to happen but you are not sure whether it will. You need to be patient and let things happen their way because there is nothing else you can do.

This dream can be related to something you were working on and you expect the best to happen. But, it’s important to be patient so don’t rush anything.

Also, this dream may mean that you are waiting for a message or news from someone you care about.

Dreaming of a yellow taxi

A yellow taxi is a symbol of good news. Seeing a yellow taxi means that you will hear great news related to your life and you will be surprised how lucky you are.

A yellow taxi is a symbol of luck and happiness. The next period of your life will be filled with joy and happiness so don’t waste your time being unmotivated or lazy. Use the time that you got to do meaningful things and satisfy yourself.

Dreaming of a white taxi

A white taxi in a dream is a symbol of uncertainty. You may be insecure about something and you want to hide that insecurity.

You lack confidence and that is the reason sometimes life doesn’t work to your benefit.

If you want to achieve something, you need to be confident about yourself and speak up. Try to be more socially active and build up confidence.

Dreaming of an old taxi

An old taxi in a dream can be a symbol of old memories that are popping up in your mind. Maybe you have some unfinished business from the past that came up to your mind.

You need to deal with everything from the past in order to move on and be happy. Try to solve the problem you have and stop living in the past.

Once you decide to let something from the past go, you will feel much better and your life will become much easier.