Biblical Meaning of Pregnancy Dreams

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Being with a child and giving birth to another life is something words cannot easily explain. It is a divine feeling that gives a women’s life meaning and fulfills it with happiness.

It is an ability that has been given to women by God, and they will be eternally grateful for that.

Frequently God comes to us in different ways and forms and speaks to us in different languages. One of those languages is the one he uses while we sleep – the dreams.

Dreams are our way of connecting with God and his holy spirit and a way for us to receive messages from him.

Oftentimes women have peculiar dreams about pregnancy and are left in awe because they don’t know how to feel about that dream or interpret it.

Dreaming about carrying a child for some may be a sign of happiness, while for others, a sign of sadness.

But in most cases, the dream itself is not focusing on an actual child. Pregnancy in dreams has a different meaning. And we are going to try and pass the knowledge that we possess to you.

Many other characteristics of dreams can imply other things, so we should consider them as well and not take conclusions prematurely.

We need to consider your current state before making any conclusion. For example, if you are currently pregnant, it is utterly normal to dream about your present state.

But if you are not, then it might be a slight problem with these visions’ meaning.

Once is okay, but if the same dream of pregnancy is repeated frequently, it could be a sign of a problem.

Often those problems are inside the household and marriage. Because of that, we need to decipher every tiny detail that you saw to be precise in resolving.

Also, it can be possible that you have dreams about someone else being pregnant, and that’s an entirely different meaning.

Dreams about someone else being pregnant

First, we are going to talk about dreams involving someone else who is pregnant. If you never had a child before, perhaps your only wish is to have one. And seeing other women that are pregnant hurts you much. That can be a reason for dreaming about other women that are going to have a baby. It would be best to think about the way you were feeling in the dream.

If you were sad, you need to learn to be patient because God will see you and your problems. You should not envy other people for their blessings. Instead, it would help if you were happy for them.


If you do not yearn to have a child or have had one, but you keep dreaming about that, it can signify that something new and beautiful will start in your life. Just wait for the other signs from God.

Positive pregnancy test

It can be that you didn’t see someone pregnant or experience full pregnancy, but you did see a positive pregnancy test. And what does it mean?

A positive pregnancy test can be seen as a wake-up call, a call for a significant change. A lot of time passed in your life, and now it is finally time to make a positive change. You’ve been idle for a long time, but you are destined for a greater good.

A dream like this can indicate that you know that a change is necessary, but you are not ready to commit. You are afraid to change things in your life, to change your job, move away from home, take a different direction in your career.

Well, this vision is telling you to do it. It is encouraging you to do it.

Again, if you’ve seen yourself taking a test, it can imply that you are having difficulties with handling your life. You are not satisfied with your life, probably with your relationship or work conditions, but you do not do anything about it. You are just sitting and watching as your life passes by. You need to get yourself together and make a move.

An exciting new endeavor

Like we mentioned above, it can be that you are going to experience something new. God is using the beautiful state of pregnancy to show you that you will receive a new opportunity in your life and that it is going to be marvelous.

In most cases, dreams like this symbolize something else and not an actual child.

You might get a new job offer, a raise, or even an opportunity to move to another city or state. God wants you to look at your bright future and to rejoice. You have been a good Christian, and you deserve every beautiful thing about to happen to you.

You will have a child

Sometimes indeed, dreaming about having a child is a sign that you will get pregnant, or even that you already are. There were cases where husbands had dreams about their wives being pregnant, and they were, but they didn’t know it yet. It’s a beautiful sign that God gives you. But that’s not the only case; even children have had dreams about their mothers being pregnant with their little brother or sister. Isn’t that beautiful?

And if you have dreams about yourself and feel utterly happy in them, you are ready to begin a family or have more children. You are ready to have a stable and lovely marriage with a caring husband and a healthy child.

You are not ready

Unfortunately, some women are not always ready to start a family and have children. If you had a vision of being pregnant, but you were sad about, confused, frustrated, or even aggrieved, you are not ready to have a child or start a family.

In other cases that are even less fortunate, women desire to have a child but cannot do it. And dreams about women being sad while pregnant show their inability.

A spiritual meaning

For a true Christian, a good connection with God is of significant meaning. And sometimes, dreams about being pregnant can signify a greater desire for a deeper connection with God.

With pregnancy dreams, you are trying to bring purity to your life and end everything with even a little evil touch.

If you ever felt tempted by Satan, there is a possibility that with the purity of an unborn child, you are trying to call God to your help. If that is the case, you need to be brave and put all your faith into prayers.

Grand changes

We’ve mentioned that pregnancy in dreams signifies a new beginning. Something new is going to happen, and it’s going to be good. But what if you are dreaming that you are about to have twins or triplets?

The more, the merrier, we will say. Because that only means that God blessed you with an exceptionally great destiny. And that whatever is coming your way is going to be of grand immensity.

A quick change

If you had multiple dreams about your pregnancy, and you eventually gave birth to a child, and it started to walk quickly after it, or it was born with teeth and a lot of hair, it means that changes that will happen are going to be quick. You will not even notice the changes, but that is good because you will not need to lose time for adjustments.

You are not letting God in

If you’ve had dreams about being pregnant and then giving birth to a baby that is not alive or a baby that needed to be resuscitated, it means that you are not letting God in. He is trying to communicate with your buy you are ignoring his words. He can also be trying to do something with your help, but he is not getting a good response from you; something is stopping him.

Trouble in marriage

This beautiful experience called pregnancy can signify something not that beautiful, like problems in a marriage. It can be that the relationship with your husband or your partner if you are not married, is unhealthy.

A big problem is if you are living with your partner, and the two of you are not married, so maybe that’s the reason why you are dreaming about pregnancy that signifies brewing problems.

But if you are married, you could be having problems with your husband because you lack intimacy. It can be the case if you felt great sorrow when you found out that you are pregnant in the dream. If the first impression of you pregnant was sadness, it is possible that you are not happy in your marriage. You should speak to your husband and resolve your problems or seek counseling.

You are too pessimistic

If you’ve experienced a complicated pregnancy in your dream, you should know that it is not a good omen.

A complicated pregnancy with many problems or even a premature born baby symbolizes your way of seeing life. And unfortunately, you see life in such a pessimistic way.

If you had dreams like this way too often, it is God’s way of showing you that you are too pessimistic and that you need to change the way you think and the way you act as soon as possible.

People don’t like to be around you; they don’t like to talk to you, often avoiding you.

A life full of pessimism and anger is not the life God intended us to have. He gave us life to be happy and to live a humble yet fulfilled life. You need to think about your actions and think about why you are acting this way. And remember that God is eternally there for you, so with prayer and lots of work, you are going to overcome this challenging period in your life.

You are on the right path of your mature life

Growing up is something that happens mostly overnight, and you don’t even notice it. And once it happens, some people don’t know how to cope with it.

Dreaming about waiting to be pregnant has some connection with growing up and adult life. You entered into adult life, and you are determined to live the life of adults as it should be.

You set your goals, and you are ready to work hard for them to be realized. You are no longer thinking in a way teens would, and you are no longer selfish.

This is a beautiful vision that you can get because it shows you that you are on the right track in life.

Pregnancy, motherhood, and children are the purposes of our lives. God gave women the gift of giving birth, and we feel everlasting appreciation for it.

Dreaming about pregnancy, giving birth, and having babies is a lovely thing, and you shouldn’t be afraid.

Even if your dream is considered a bad omen, you don’t have to worry. God protects all of his children, including you, so nothing wrong will happen to you with the help of him.

Remember that the way you react to the pregnancy news and experience in the dream is essential in determining its meaning. Never forget to follow His words along your way because he is speaking to you.

You should also know that if you desire to have a baby and plan to have it soon, then dreams like this are expected.

It is something that will happen from time to time. It would be best if you weren’t scared or stressed out by them.

Listen very carefully to the signs that you are getting, and live your life according to them.

Have you discovered what your dreams mean? Have you found the exact same thing that you saw in your dreams? We hope you did and that now you have your answers so that you can live your life more peacefully under God.

If you still need some clarification about your dreams, try remembering other details from your dreams, and find Biblical meaning that hides behind them.

Once you find them, you can combine them with the ones you’ve found here, and you will have a much complex story and explanation.

And if everything here presented seems a little bit overwhelming, you shouldn’t worry.

Also, if it all may seem a little too similar, God is talking in a simple language, and he doesn’t complicate.

Because of that, you too shouldn’t complicate your life and burden yourself with things that are not important. Focus on what’s vital for you and your family, and enjoy a simple and humble life, and God will award you.