Dream of Walking on Water – Meaning and Interpretation

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If you had a dream about walking on water then you should not worry because it is generally a good sign or sometimes a warning sign to improve your life.

When thinking about water it represents clarity, it is cleansing and we depend on it.

Water is a part of our bodies, we need it in order to survive it is everywhere around us and everything depends on it.

Animals, humans, plants, our whole living world lives because of water so we do know its true importance but in dreams it has even deeper meaning than this.

Water could represent your emotions in a dream, if the water is calm and steady then it means that your mind is also calm and steady but if its raging and unsteady then it reflects on your mind and emotions to be unsteady.

Dreams about water could be of great importance because they reflect on our feelings, thoughts they could also be a warning sign for us to change or temper so we do not destroy ourselves.

Feelings and emotions are complicated and difficult to control just like water itself, but water cannot be controlled if the environment is not steady like for example oceans who could possibly control the waves or the other example is rain we cannot control when it is going to rain and for how long will it last.

But when in a glass, water can be controlled until we spill it or drink it but it is steady and contained until we decide otherwise.

Our emotions and feelings can be controlled with a lot of effort and work, outburst of our emotions could lead to our own end that could dictate our lives and we should not let it.

Yes they are reactions that we cannot sometimes hold into ourselves but if our emotions are constantly ahead of our clear thinking then it will cause a lot of problems and misfortunes in our lives.

If you do not control your emotions then people will use them against you, so yes there a part of us but we are ones in control .

So balance is the key of happy and peaceful life, and water is a symbol of clarity so remember these dreams carefully because the message behind them could be life changing .

The Most Common Dreams Of Water

Dreaming of walking on water- this is the most common dream and this is a good sign.

So if you had a dream where you are walking on water meaning behind this dream is that your happiness is waiting for you in near future.

This dream is a sign of success it could mean all sorts of success, your relationship or your job maybe you are going to have kids after long time of waiting.


So when you had this dream you should know that your struggles are coming to an end and from now on enjoy your life and take the most out of it .

Dreaming of walking with someone on water-  If you had a dream where there is someone walking with you on water then this is a good sign

It indicates that you are going to fall in love soon, romance and relationship are on their way that will be a change in your life.

So do not waste this opportunity because you never know maybe this is going to be the one waiting for you.

Maybe this is not going to be a short romance, perhaps it will be something more serious.

Dreaming walking on water with your close friend-  Friends are people who are important to us and they are the ones that love us for who we are .

When we have a problem or a certain situation we have a need to talk to someone and that in most cases are our friends.

They are the people we put our full trust in, they are always there for us and when we do not have to ask for their help because they will know when we need it.

This kind if dream where you are walking on water with your close friend means that your friend will be the one who will help you in your near future, that friend will be there for you and your bond is going to get even stronger then before.

Perhaps this could be someone you considered your friend but you put him or her always second to your best friend.

This could be a chance to see who is really there for you, hundred percent there so you do not need to be suspicious about their loyalty.

Dreaming of walking on calm water-  Calm water represents calm head, your life at this moment is under your control and this is a good sign.

Dreaming about walking on calm water by yourself means that you are mastering your emotions, you are completely calm and relaxed in your life so everything is alright and even if it is not you are okay with that.

You love your life and you are living to the fullest, enjoy this and always remember to control your reactions in order to always live a calm life.

Dreaming of walking on turbulent water-  If calm water represents calm life and head it is logical for turbulent water to represent trouble and blurry view about your life.

If you had a dream of walking on turbulent water this means that your current life situation is tricky and unstable.

Maybe you have a lot of dreams and wishes you want to accomplish but at this moment the best thing is to wait and see, you should not make any big decisions without having a clear vision about the things you want.

Your head is filled with a lot of information and problems and you feel lost and you have a feeling that you are drowning in your own emotions.

This is not going to last forever so hold on a little bit longer and try to find ways to clear your head.

Dreaming of walking on water with your partner- if you just had a dream where you and your significant other are walking on water then you don’t have to worry about your relationship meaning that you are on a good track in your relationship.

You and your partner are going to have a positive time coming into your relationship,  no more fights or issues everything will resolve and you should take it slowly stop worrying because you will be okay .

Nothing lasts forever so whatever you are currently discussing about will be over soon so enjoy the presence of your partner .

Dreaming of walking on water without any kind of shoes- So shoes in a dream have a meaning of security and protection.

So when in a dream you do not wear shoes it means that you are not feeling safe, you do not have protection you need right now.

If you had a dream where you are walking on water without shoes it means that you are feeling  exposed and defenceless or in some cases this is not about you it is about someone you have hurt and that person is feeling  unsafe around your presence.

This dream is a sign for you to be more careful about your words and actions, your own behaviour is making you and others feeling miserable and hurt .

Stop playing the victim for circumstances you created, start paying attention for your actions towards others especially towards the people who love you.

Mistakes can be made and they  could damage our relationships but it does not mean that we cannot fix it, everything can be fixed you just have to work hard and learn from your mistakes so you stop repeating them.

Dreaming of walking slowly on the water surface-  If in a dream you are slow while walking on water this indicates that you are unmotivated in achieving your missions in life.

Every single person has a period where they just don’t feel it, they are tired and lazy to get up and do some things that need to be done at a certain point.

It is completely natural and normal to sometimes feel that way but it is not okay to get comfortable with it, yes you need a month to rewind or to decide what to do but if you stay at that moment longer than necessary it is going to become a habit and habits dictate our future.

Habits are hard to restart so do not make unhealthy habits, this dream is a message from your subconscious to get up and figure it out along the way.

No one has it figured out and life itself is hard for everyone but how you choose to live it determines who you are and how successful you are going to be later in life.

Dreaming of walking on the river surface-  If you had a dream like this where you are walking on the river surface then you should know that the meaning behind this dream is a warning sign for you.

This dream means that you are not being professional in the work you do, your views and feelings are getting in your way so you are not making the best decisions right now and it could be a disaster in your future.

Careers like medicine for example are really tough so sometimes you tend to connect too much with people instead of doing your job.

There are many cases where doctors or surgeons are in a certain situation with their patient so they create a bond with them and get too involved and this affects their judgment.

It doesn’t matter what profession it is , this could happen to lawyers or teachers we as humans sometimes let our emotions lead our way so we make mistakes.

River just flows quickly and it isn’t careful about the consequences of crashing into something and you are not a river you are a person so you have a choice about your actions.

If you feel to involved with something and you cannot think clearly about right decisions then get away from that task because you can make it worse than it is.

Dreaming about walking on the surface of the ocean- This kind of a dream is not a bad sign.

When having a dream about walking on the surface of the ocean it means that you will experience a big change in your life and that your luck is going to get better.

This could indicate gaining money and improving your bank account or maybe getting a promotion that you have been waiting for all this time.

Whatever happens be present and do not waste any chance to be better than you were yesterday.