Dream of Tortoise – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreaming of tortoise is pretty uncommon dream, these animals are known by their slow movement and their lives are quite long.

Tortoises are very popular pets and children love them, they are kind of boring when you watch them but they really are interesting creatures.

If you have a dream about these animals they could indicate on a slow progress that you are making in your life, perhaps you are desperately wanting to succeed but you do know in order to get something big you need to be patient and calm .

Path to success is the most painful of them all, and in a lot of cases really slow but if you stay on it you are going to achieve your goals.

One of the common stories is the one about the race between a rabbit and a tortoise,  it is common in cartoons also .

You have a bunny that is certainly faster than that tortoise but somehow that rabbit is not winning the race  this could be a message from your subconscious that you should not compare your life with the life of others.

Just move forward and you are likely to achieve whatever it is that you are supposed to achieve.

Tortoise in a dream can represent a lot of things, sometimes they represent you calmness in stressful situation, they can be a good sign that you are not allowing anything negative to enter your life.

Sometimes they are warning you to slow down, perhaps you are considering taking a next step in your relationship that you are not ready for maybe you are doing it because of your partner and that will end up looking like a disaster if you keep pushing yourself to be right for someone then that is not natural and there is no point in doing that.

When you observe turtles you see the shield that is at the same time their home, it protects them from danger .

Perhaps if you dream about turtles it is actually a sign that you need more protection in your life, or that you are too protected.

This is connected with your parents, if they are strict you always have a feeling that they are protecting you even from breathing so maybe this is a sign to change your relationship with them.

Or you have a feeling like no one is there for you so you do not have a shield that you feel like you need.

There are a lot of different dreams about tortoise, in a dream they can appear in groups or alone, sometimes they are dead and sometimes they are looking like a threat to you.

These dreams are also a sign of a new romance, it is a love that will happen unexpectedly and slowly.


But it can also mean that you are experiencing issues with your current partner, your relationship is failing and you are not sure if you should try and save it or let it all go.

It is also a sign that you are avoiding important problems that you need to resolve, at one point you will have to face them.

It can also mean that you feel stuck somehow and you are not sure how to improve at a certain field.

They are also a sign of maturity and wisdom, you are a mature person with some clear views about life and you are appreciated by others for that personality.

Tortoise in a dream is also a sign that you feel good and you like the way your life is going, steadiness is important for you and you do not like sudden changes.

So you should not worry about having a dream about tortoise, it can be weird and strange but it has a good meaning, also this is a great sign for you to change something to make it better.

Remember your dream and find a meaning behind it, and it is true that in some cases this does not mean anything it can just be a dream but if you are curious find out what it means.

Listen to your subconscious and your gut feeling.

The Most Common Dreams About Tortoise

Dreaming of a few tortoise- If you had a dream like this where you see a few tortoise this indicates that you are in a lot of difficult situations  which are affecting you negatively.

Sometimes this means that someone is having big expectations that you feel like you need to accomplish in order to be closer to that person.

Dreaming of a tortoise that looks cute-  Tortoise is a really cute animal, it is specials and that makes it beautiful .

Having a dream like this where there is a tortoise that is looking cute it indicates on positive news and good luck.

It means that your life is going to be so much better and filled with happiness, someone may surprise you in unexpected ways that are going to leave a mark on you.

Dreaming  of a tortoise biting someone- If you had a dream where a tortoise is looking aggressive and is attacking other people this suggests that you will lose patience with someone or even yourself.

Dreaming of you being bitten by a  tortoise- Well if you have a dream of a tortoise being angry and attacking you this could indicate that you have some hidden feelings that you are afraid to express.

It is connected with constant worrying and stress about situations you cannot really change.

Or you have a deadline that is coming really close and you are unsure that you will succeed .

Dreaming of killing a  tortoise-  A dream like this can be pretty disturbing, if in a dream you are killing a small innocent tortoise this is connected with possible danger and misfortune that will come soon.

It is also connected with family issues, relationship issues and other kinds of conflicts that are happening between you and your family or a partner.

Dreaming of a dead tortoise-  When having a dream like this where you see a dead tortoise it mostly represents betrayal and lies.

Perhaps someone you love is lying to you about something and making some decisions on their own that will affect you too.

Dream of cooking or eating a tortoise-   If you had a dream where you are somewhere perhaps a restaurant and you are eating a tortoise this is not a bad sign.

A dream like this can be connected with your health, it is a warning sign for you to stop messing around and start being more careful.

Take care of your body, mind, soul and this dream also indicates that you have discovered someone’s true intentions and successfully avoided getting hurt by that person.

Dreaming of holding a tortoise in your hands-  Holding tortoise in your hands is interesting especially for kids.

When this action appears in your dream this means that you are finally getting something that you have spent so much time working for.

It can be a job promotion, that boy or a girl finally accepting your dinner invitation, etc.

And it is also a sign that your heart is pure.

Dreaming of keeping a tortoise as a pet-  This dream is a sign of you coming clean to yourself and others.

Perhaps there is something that you were so scared to admit to yourself but now you realize that you have to accept it.

You are finally coming clean about your actions and decisions.

Dreaming of a big tortoise- If you had a dream like this where a big tortoise is present then this means that your fortune will improve.

Your salary or other incomes will rise and allow you to do whatever you want to do.

Dreaming that you have caught a tortoise- If you have a dream like this it means that you are receiving a new opportunity.

It can also be connected with your patience and endurance.

Dreaming of a tortoise that is not afraid If  you had a dream where you are approaching a tortoise and it is not afraid of you this indicates happiness and luck.

You may have a new experience that will fill you with happiness and it is going to be a positive change in your life, sometimes this can be an indication that your health is improving if you were previously ill.

Dreaming of a tortoise that is pulling its head into armor-  Having a dream like this means that your subconscious is warning you about a certain place or a person.

Or that you are being too defensive and your defense mechanism is always turned on, you should be cautious but not paranoid.

Dreaming of a tortoise without armor-  If you had a dream where you see a  tortoise without armor, this is not a good sign at all.

It is connected with your vulnerability and this dream is a sign that someone attacked you at your vulnerable moment.

This is usually a sign that your privacy has been leaked to the world, not in a way where someone hacked your account no  this means that someone told everyone your secrets and fears to destroy you.

Dreaming of seeing a tortoise in your house-  If you had a dream where there is a tortoise inside your house maybe walking freely or as a pet then this means that your troubles are ending.

Peace will be restored in your house and you will finally be relaxed.

This could mean that your financial problems are now ending maybe someone found a new job which helped you through this period.

Dreaming of shooting a tortoise-  This dream is a bad sign for the dreamer.

It indicates that someone is still mad at you for something you have previously done to them.

Maybe you forgot about it but they are still not over it so maybe they will try to find a way to hurt you back and you won’t expect it.

So this is a sign for you to be prepared for the worst.

Dreaming of making or eating a tortoise soup-  If you had a dream where you are making a meal or in this situation a tortoise soup this is actually a good sign.

Perhaps you may find a new activity that is going to be a great change for you, it will help you evolve and stay healthy.

But you should be careful where you join because sometimes this dream is a sign that you are naïve and that you need to learn a lot more than you think.

Dreaming of tortoise being in a pool or water- These animals need water to survive, they live in seas or oceans and as pets in aquarium.

Dreaming about them being in the water or a pool means that you will be happier in the future than you were in your past.

In some cases this means that you will invest a lot of money into risky projects that will pay off.

Also this dream means that you are not being able to use your full potential because of an unhealthy environment.

So a dream like this is also a sign that you should go and do whatever you feel like you should do, release yourself from judgement and people that are holding you back and be completely free.

Dreaming of a baby turtle- Having a dream where you see cute little maybe turtles has a lot of meaning but in general this is a good sign that indicates a start of something new.

Perhaps you have just finished one chapter of your life and now the next one is already starting and it is positive so do not worry.

Remember that the new starts requires the new you so make some adjustments and push yourself if needed to life the right way.

Sometimes this is a sign of new people coming into your life that will teach you a lot of lessons.