Dreams About Lizards – Meaning and Interpretation

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If you had a dream about lizards then you are probably confused at the moment. Lizards as species are not that dangerous at all, it is in their nature to run away from people and larger animals.

But these kind of dreams are a bad sign not so harmless as these creatures.

If you are dreaming about lizards it actually means that you feel threatened possibly by your surrounding.

If you have a feeling that someone from your close circle is plotting something against you it reflects in your dreams .

So lizards in your dreams are warning signs for a bad scenario that could happen in close future.

These dreams are trying to show you that you should be more careful and think more about who is truthful to you.

In some cases this could be a sign of true danger that could happen.

Lizards are usually related with being reborn, so if you are sick of your daily routine or other boring events in your life then your subconscious is telling you through these dreams that you should take some action and change your path which is really important. Term of being reborn is strong and possible not in that exact way but through daily habits old you becomes new you.

Some hidden fears could cause these dreams, maybe you are avoiding facing those fears that are damaging your life, you are limited by your mind .

If you are limited then you cannot see all the opportunities right in front of you so you dreams are warning you to start working on yourself or you will get hurt.

It is funny how a creature like lizard could be so important and meaningful, it is not a good sign for sure but it could be your positive effect on future.

The most common dreams about lizards

Dreaming about lizards- when having a dream about lizards you should know that it is not a harmless sign, this dream means that you are likely to face a huge argument with your enemies .

You could be somehow be threatened by them at this moment and you are just waiting for their move .

This is one of warning signs that is indicating that you should hold yourself together and make some powerful choices.

Your defence mechanism should be better in your life that way you will feel less broken inside and you will have more self-awareness which you lack at this point of your life.


Dreaming about lizards attacking someone or you-  meaning of this dream is that you should be prepared for a huge betrayal by the people you love.

When loving people humans often cannot see those red flags.

Just because you are ready to be there for everyone and you want to help and be the best person for them it does not mean that those people have the same heart or  mind-set as you.

This dream is a sign that you will gain experience and learn your lesson about people because you clearly haven’t already.

People you love may not even like you and they could be jealous of you.

Betrayal can be from your partner, close friend , family member so think about moments that you felt strange energy from some of those people because someone really will hurt you if you do not start taking control back.

Details are really important also, is that lizard attacking you slowly but carefully or is that lizard fast and furious somehow .

Dreaming about lizard crawling- this also is not a good sign, someone is being sneaky around you trying to get to you.

The situation you are at this moment is not safe for you. People that are around you do not have the best intentions.

For example this could be your new work place maybe it is too competitive and those people have their own ways to get what they want but you do not realise that you could be a threat to their success and that you are in an environment that wants to see you fail.

It is all about seeing and realising those little things, you should try to be better at reading people .

Be careful with who you trust or you will end up looking like a fool because you did not keep your business private is the main message from this kind of dream.

But of course it has one more meaning if you are dreaming about lizard crawling in some hole or somewhere hiding then it could mean that you are having feelings that you are not expressing like anger or sexual desires.

Dreaming about lizard crawling over your body-  this dream indicates new challenges that you will face in near future.

Those challenges could cause problems and stressful reaction which is unhealthy.

These kind of dreams are also connected with sexual desires but in this case these dreams are a warning sign to avoid frequent intercourse with people you may not know well so you do not get hurt.

Challenges sometimes could be financial or family challenges.

Dreaming about you trying to catch a lizard-  this is a bad sign, this kind of a dream where you are trying to catch a lizard and you are not succeeding in it means that your love life will be filled with disappointment in near future.

Maybe you are realising that the person you are involved with is not the right person for you. Or it could be a passing road and it will go for the better but usually this is not an optimistic sign. Dreams like this warn you to sit down and make up your mind about your choices and that person.

If things are not working out the way you want them maybe the problem is with you not them just make a decision and see if that relationship is worth saving or not.

Dreaming about catching a lizard-  if you had a dream where you caught a lizard then this is a truly good sign.

It means that you are getting to know yourself, you are learning to trust your mind and body. These kind of dreams could be after some hard part of your life which is now over and you a are free from hurt and the pain you have gone through.

This dream is a sign of you being “reborn” , you are becoming a stronger and healthier version of yourself.

Dreaming about killing a lizard- when you kill a lizard in a dream that is also a good sign.

Meaning of this is that you are winning after losing for so long and now you are confident and prepared.

Your past efforts are paying off and now you are gaining back your power and reputation.

Dreaming about you eating a lizard- this dream has a good sign too.

If you are eating a lizard in your dream it means that very soon your life will be filled with happiness, peace and luck.

You should enjoy this coming period of your life to the fullest.

Dreaming about being bitten by a lizard-  when having a dream like this that is a bad sign.

Okay so when you dream about getting bitten by a lizard it is closely connected with your financial status and possible complications .

You should understand this dream like a sign that you should try and save some money and that the patience is the key of success so if you do have trouble with finances you should remain calm and patient because the storm will pass .

These kind of dreams do not indicate long-term troubles so do not worry or stress about it just focus on positive things.

This could be your lesson about organizing your finances.

Dreaming about dead lizards- this kind of dream indicates that you will soon be lied to by your partner. If you have a feeling that your partner is hiding something from you or cheating on you with someone new this dream is a sign that you should ask more questions and improve your communication if having doubts .

In some cases this is not true but you should be careful in these situations that involve feelings.

Dreaming about a huge lizard- when you have a dream where you see a large lizard this is supposed to be your red flag for new people in your life and future.

These kind of people could make some problems in your life and become your enemies so this dream is preparing you so you could be smarter in future.

If you had bad past experiences with new people and you dream about huge lizards then you did not learn from past mistakes and it is time for you to learn them  right now before you make a mess out of your life.

Dreaming about lizard entering your body- this of course is a bad sign, if you had a dream where a lizard entered your body meaning behind that is that someone is trying to gain your trust so that they could destroy you.

That could be with your well known enemies or with someone from your personal life.

So there will be problems and arguments followed with your hurtful experience because sometimes people that were your family could become your worst nightmare.

Dreaming about injured lizard- if you had a dream where a lizard has some kind of injury then meaning behind this is that you will soon experience issues in your love  life and relationships.

It is connected with misunderstandings in your relationship and lack of understanding.

Dreaming about petting a lizard- this kind of dream where you are with lizard and petting it indicates that you are going to be in some kind of trouble in near future so this is a sign that you should analyse your surrounding and always be ready for problem solving.

Dreaming about trying to escape from lizards- if you had a dream like this you are probably frightened by the fact that they are dangerous in your dreams.

But the main meaning behind this is that you are avoiding facing your fears and realisations that are blocking you somehow.

This kind of a dream where you are constantly escaping those lizards means you are not trusting your gut and you are avoiding solving conflicts with your mind.

Those are not bad dreams but they are truly important because they reflect on your subconscious and they are telling you what you already know but you are not doing anything so that you could fix your problems.

Fear could be your biggest motivator or your biggest nightmare you should choose wisely what your fear is going to be and remember just because you are scared and not ready for confrontation at this moment that is not something you should be ashamed of .

Dreaming of you attacking a lizard- okay so when you decide to face your biggest fears it reflects in a dream like this.

You attacking a lizard is actually a representation of you going through your obstacles and limits.

This dream indicates that you are trying to change your life positively it is not a bad sign .

Lizards in dreams are sometimes a sign of change like in this case, being “reborn” and finding a new path that will lead you to greater things it is all about choices we make .