Dreams About Shoes – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreaming about shoes is actually pretty common and the meaning behind it is mostly good but it can depend sometimes it is not the best sign.

If we go back a thousand years ago for example people did not have any shoes or anything on their feet they were barefoot so they had many injuries and trouble while walking running or doing any activities.

Shoes were created and designed so we as humans could have an easier life, they provide protection for our feet and now they are the main part of our life in some way .

So shoes are made to spare us from unnecessary injuries and for better appearance, they have  made our life so much easier .

They are a part of our daily routine you wear them all the time so it is not that strange when they appear in your dreams.

Shoes in a dream have more than one meaning, they represent protection, beauty, social class, in most cases they are sign that you want a better life and a different path.

You can dream about new or old shoes, losing shoes or something like that but what is important also is the colour of the shoes you see in that dream because if you want to know the true meaning then you should be specific about those details .

Sometimes seeing everyday things makes them appear in our dreams but in most cases it is connected with your subconscious and inner spirit, every single thing we think about or feel can be shown in our dream world.

The Most Common Dreams About Shoes

Dreaming about not wearing any shoes- dream where you are barefoot indicates that you are way up in the clouds and not present at the moment.

Dreams like this are also a type of warning sign that you are missing out on big opportunities just because  you are in some kind of imaginary world.

Your thoughts are occupying you and you are letting them, if you do not come back to the ground you will regret it later when you realise what you lost.

Dreaming about wearing someone else’s shoes- if you had a dream like this where you are wearing shoes that are not yours it is also a warning sign from your subconscious.

Meaning behind this is pretty simple, you are not feeling like yourself and choices you are making are made by the expectations of other people.

You are listening and following dreams of others and not your own, this dream is just reflection of your current life situation.

If you had a dream like this then you should start and making some decisions in your head you should determine your goals that you wish to accomplish not someone else’s.


Dreaming about someone stealing your shoes- So if in your dream someone is stealing your shoes this could mean that you are frightened by someone or something.

You do not feel safe at this point and you are scared for your life.

Shoes represent safety and someone stealing your shoes in dreams indicates that someone is taking away your sense of secureness in real life .

But there is one more meaning and that is losing chances to do something big.

Maybe your fears are limiting you and you are afraid of challenges and obstacles  so you are at the same place you were a year ago .

So you should analyse your situation maybe you are not safe and secure for certain reason or maybe you are too follow the rules and wait for it to happen person and you just lost something that was really meant for you but you were scared to get it .

Dreaming about losing a pair of shoes- dream like this is common with people who suffer some kind of trauma mostly related to death of loved one or someone who had huge influence in their life.

When in a dream you lose shoes it means that you are in conflict with your own thoughts and you do not feel safe and secure, you are probably filled with grief and pain because losing those shoes in your dream means that you are losing that shield in real life.

Sometimes that loss is not necessarily death it could be losing a job, losing some friends or losing something that lights a spark in you.

Loss in general is followed with negative thoughts that could involve into depression because a person is not thinking straight and is not communicating with people who are there .

This dream is showing your fears, traumas and you should consider the fact that it is telling you to let go of things you cannot control .

The other meaning is that you are not sure who you are exactly and you are too indecisive , on other hand it could mean that you did not do something you had to do and you realise it too late.

Dreaming about new pair of shoes- this type of dream indicates that there will be illness in your near future.

Your life at this moment may be filled with stress and your family members are stressed out also care and health is at pause at this moment so this could cause health problem not serious ones.

This dream is warning you about those potential health issues and this whole situation is going to be a life lesson for you and your close ones .

It is telling you to appreciate your life a little more and that you should not worry yourselves to the point that you are becoming sick nothing is more important than health and people you love .

Dreaming about having a pair of old shoes- when having a dream where you are an owner of old shoes or that you are seeing old pair of shoes you should know that the meaning is someone is not going to be truthful to you .

This could be connected with your money or some other aspect where you are putting yourself to quickly out there without thinking through .

You are probably an honest person so you think no one will lie to you or trick you but unfortunately this world is filled with liars and thieves .

This dream is very important because it is something like reality check for you, if you take this dream and meaning seriously then you could spare yourself from betrayal.

Dreaming about wearing uncomfortable shoes- the meaning is connected with your partner and your relationship.

Dreaming about wearing or trying uncomfortable shoes, that kind that hurts you that bad you cannot even sit in them, it means there are or there will be issues and problems in your love life.

You lack understanding for your partner that is acting differently and that is expressing their feelings about other people and same gender.

Maybe you wish to change their mind but unsuccessfully, you should decide is it worth it.

Dreaming about buying some shoes-  shopping is something that makes us happy, I mean when someone is sad and you buy them something they are instantly happier.

In dreams they represent  positivity, replace negative thoughts and thinking with something happy.

You feel that you should change yourself and your perspective and at this point of your life you should go and chase your dreams, if you wanted to dye your hair do it now or if you wanted to move somewhere new you should do it because you are ready and mature positive thinking will lead you to greatness.

Dreaming about selling shoes- Well selling something means you get money for it, meaning behind this is that you are ready to change and do some things you have never done to get achieve what you always wanted.

It also means that you are going to lose a lot of things in order to get those you deserve .

Dreaming about dirty shoes- This is connected with bad decision making.

Every decision has its own consequence so this dream is indicating that your mistakes will follow you in near future you will have to face them and fix them in order to have a calm life.

Bad decisions could be made about certain people, jobs, your reactions may be inappropriate and it left a mark on someone.

Be careful and think wisely, do not make decisions without thinking through all of the scenarios in your head.

Dreaming about your shoes being wet- when having a dream where your shows are soaked in water this indicated that you are not controlling your emotions.

You are in a place in life where you are just tired and you are filled with emotions and you are not aware what to do about it.

Emotions are powerful and destructive if not balanced, this dream is present in your life because you are emotional wreck at this moment.

Dreaming about wearing high heels- this dream is rarely dreamt by men.

We all know that heels are very uncomfortable and a lot of girls do not even wear them because it can be too hard, if you have a dream where you are wearing heels and you are struggling with them then this means you are struggling at this moment in  reality maybe it is connected with society or family but you feel uncomfortable .

Or you  are having a dream and you are in heels looking glamorous and confident maybe you are at some type of gathering maybe even red carpet, this type means that you are wishing to be involved with something that you want to be invited .

Dreaming about sneakers- if you have a dream where you are wearing sneakers or other type of running shoes and in this dream you are running then it could be connected with the meaning of dreams about hiding and running.

Maybe you have problems and you are avoiding them and running away from solutions.

Sometimes these dreams indicate a competitive spirit so when you are awake you are preparing for some kind of competition at specific field and you want to win.

Dreaming about good or bad fit- When trying on some new heels or sneakers we often make mistakes about our number and the shoe fits bad it is too small or too tight.

When in a dream your shoes are too big then this suggests that you are trying to fill something in or do the job all by yourself , maybe you are new for example you start training kick box and everyone there is awesome and practised but you have no clue how to throw your leg, so you realise that it took them years and years to be good fighters and then you have that huge pressure that you have to be like them you have to do twice as much to get to their level. Shoe is too big and you are too small at that moment.

In other cases your shoes are to little, this means that you are hiding your true potential and talent because other people in your circle are average so you pop out and this is not a bad thing it just means you should not try to fit in where you simply can’t and that you must go and find your path and a new circle that will allow you to shine.