Dreams About The Devil – Meaning and Interpretation

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We as humans have a fear of the unknown and because of that we tend to believe in something bigger actually we believe in things that we do not see.

In other words when we feel frightened and when we feel that we do not have things under our control that is the moment we turn to God to our religion.

Religion is a big part of our lives it teaches us how to act, what to do and what not to do,  and when we make a sin according to religion it means that the devil tricked us into it.

Angels were beings made by God and when the God said they should bow to him then one angel refused and from that moment he was banished from heaven to hell, they divided those beings in two groups angels and devils.

The main job for the angels is to protect people and to write their sins and devils are in charge to make people do bad things, they tend to harm people .

Devils have different names in some cultures and a different meanings sometimes they are shown in different lights but the main meaning that is related to them is evil, cunningness.

They are scary creatures and what makes them really truly scary is a fact that they can possess people, they have an ability to change their shapes so they look like us and they are our true enemies without any doubt.

We see them portrayed in horror movies for example movie Annabelle where a doll is possessed by a demon or other kinds of movies where the devil is the reason of pain, scary experiences etc.

If there is a devil in your dream then this is not a good sign and the meaning is not good.

When you have this dream it will probably be stuck in you head for days, the feeling of terror and fear from your dream is sticking a little longer then you expect it to stay in your head and the reason behind this is that seeing devil in your dreams is always so scary and realistic when you wake up after that you are not really sure was that real or if it was just a dream.

But do not worry if you had a dream like this it does not mean that you are possessed it just means that you are filled with negative thoughts and energy.

Dreaming about devils is connected with guilt and resentment.

It is bad and scary but remember they are  just dreams with a message from your subconscious so don’t stress yourself too much about it.

The Most Common Dreams About The Devil

Dreaming about the Devil-  if you are having a dream about the Devil himself well of course it is not good.

This kind of dream frightens you and leads you to think about it more than you should.


Dream where you are seeing a demon means you are filled with fears and doubts, it could mean that you do not feel safe at your current life situation or that you are not trusting people who are present in your life maybe you feel intimidated by them and you have a feeling that they are plotting against you.

This kind of dream could be an indication of something really bad that could happen and that your actions are a cause of that possible chaos.

Dreaming about being possessed by the Devil- you are dreaming that you are possessed and the Devil is in full control of your mind and body you feel useless and frightened in your dream.

The part where you are possessed is not necessarily true but the other part where you do not have control of you mind and body is true.

Stress, indecision, bad choices and negative thinking are causes of a dream like this.

You are way to strict to yourself and you are becoming your own enemy with that negative mind-set  .

This dream is more of a warning sign and sometimes it could be a good sign sometimes this type of a dream indicates that your troubles are ending soon.

Dreaming about being the Devil- this dream where you are the Devil indicates that you are involved in something sinful.

When you are the Devil in a dream that means that you are the main villain in your story, you are in charge of something that may not he right .

Pressure if you are in a position of some illegal activity can reflect in your dreams this way.

So it is all about choices and you resistance to do the thing that is good for you, you are in some kind of conflict with yourself should you do what is right or should you do what you want?

Dreaming about talking to a Devil- not very common dream and without a good meaning too.

If in a dream you are talking to the Devil somewhere maybe in your own house this means that you will face some situations that could be harmful to you but you are unsure how to deal with them you are considering doing something that could damage your life and you are not thinking straight about it.

Devil in your dream that is talking to you is your bad side that is trying to push out the good side, the devil is trying to break you into doing something you may regret later.

Dreaming about presence of the Devil in your bedroom- this is a common dream followed with a feeling that you are not alone and your privacy is shattered.

This is frightening dream where you see a shape of the Devil standing in your room, he is intruder in your world and home and meaning behind this is that in your awake life there is a stranger in your life and home.

Maybe you are a person who trusts everyone and always thinks that everyone has same good intentions.

Or you are a person that lets everyone get close to you, letting everyone know about everything in your personal life.

This is a big warning sign for you, someone you let into your life too quickly can end up hurting you, meet people well before getting involved with them.

Dreaming about the Devil in disguise- when having a dream where you see the Devil showing up to you as someone else you should be aware that this is a bad sign.

Someone at you life is pretending to be someone they are not, that person is hiding their true self and his or hers intentions.

You should be more careful and be more present when talking to someone because maybe they are lying to you and you are not aware of that.

In other cases disguised demon is a reflection of you, maybe you are the one who is acting like something you are not or maybe you are not honest with yourself and others in your life.

Take this dream seriously and get you life together do not take off your guard, of course you should trust the ones you love but of you cannot even trust yourself then there is something really deep going on in your head.

Dreaming about the Devil looking at you from the darkness- this is a dream with bad meaning behind it.

Dream where the Devil is in your room is closely connected with the Devil looking at you from the darkness.

But the meaning is a little different because this dream is indicating someone close or someone you do not even expect planning on hurting you.

They are lurking from the dark and waiting for an opportunity to attack so you should be more alert and you should not put yourself in a position where someone can destroy you mentally or physically.

This could be related with your job, relationship maybe your partner’s ex is trying to split you apart, it could be related to your education like collage where someone is jealous of you and wants to hurt you.

Dreaming of the Devil smiling at you- if you are dreaming about the Devil smiling at you then do not worry about this dream because it is a good sign.

It means your luck is going to flip around and everything will start going the way you wish so enjoy these moments in your life.

Dreaming where the Devil threatens your family members- this means that you are very close with your family and you worry top much about their wealth and health.

This dream is not really bad or good it could be a sign of possible danger but it could also be a sign of your attachment to those people.

This dream can be scary but do not stress yourself about it, you can say something to your family and warn them to take care of themselves better.

When it comes to people that mean the world to us we get protective so these kinds of dreams mean that you are scared for them, you do not want them to get hurt in any way possible.

Dreaming about killing the Devil- this dream has a good meaning.

If you are in a dream and you are killing that Devil well this means that you are a person with strong character and morally stable.

You are not easily convinced and you are strong-minded.

Killing the Devil means that you are killing those negative thoughts and refusing bad and wicked stuff in your life.

Dreaming about going to the Hell with the Devil- this is a strange dream and you are probably out of your mind if you had it but do not worry because surprisingly going to the Hell with the Devil is a good sign.

It means that improvements are on you way in so many aspects.

Your career might be on the right track, if you had a though time with collage and studies you will improve even your love life could be a lot of better so this dream is indication that you should be hopeful and relaxed.

Dreaming about making sacrifices to the Devil- well this is a bad sign.

If in a dream you are sacrificing something or even yourself to the Devil it means you are in some kind of mess right now.

It is mostly connected with finances, you could be making money but not the right way.

Maybe you are involved in something illegal or something dangerous and bad so you are in a crisis right now because you could get caught.

This dream is telling you to stop or be more careful with that businesses because your dishonesty and life on the run could soon come to an end, you do know that everyone gets caught at some point.

Dreaming about serving the Devil- this type of a dream indicates that you are easily manipulated by others.

When serving the Devil in a dream you are his servant and you do things his way and it is like that in real life you are a servant for others.

This is bad because that means your character is very weak you could get in so much trouble if you do not set standards for yourself.

If you are easily manipulated and if you wish to please everyone you already are a fool but you could end up being even bigger fool for not being able to say no and set up your mind so you can figure out what you truly want.

Dreaming about being somewhere unknown with the Devil- this is a bad sign connected with your health.

When having a dream where you are somewhere unknown with the Devil as your escort this indicates possible illness it is a warning for you to go and see your doctor and see if you have any health problems.

Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything but you should check just in case.