Dreams About Lightning – Meaning and Interpretation

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Lightning is a force of nature it is unstoppable and uncontrollable, it is something truly magnificent but also dangerous.

You cannot really know when it will strike or how much damage can it make but a lot of people can agree that the view is glorious.

Lightning causes thunder and people are more afraid of the sound of the thunder and not the lightning itself.

This could be related to our actions , we are afraid of the results and not our decisions that would lead us to something destructive.

Ending is not terrible we make it because we do not think about our choices and how will it affect our future and others.

Dreaming about lightning has a lot of meanings, the could mostly be warning signs for you if you are in a bad place in your life, they could be indication of something bad happening but they could also be signs of short-term happiness that is on your way.

In some cases these dreams mean that you are going to have some amazing innovative idea that will change your path, it could also mean that something unexpected is ahead of your journey .

Lightning is unexpected so dreaming of it could mean that you will have a lot of new turns in your life, change is on your way.

It is also connected with your love life, your partner sometimes it could mean that you should expect beginning of a new relationship, but it is also connected with people in your circle like friends and family about pleasant time that you will spend with them .

So these dreams are a sign of a lot of things sometimes good sometimes  bad it is not black and white so you should pay attention to details in your dreams to find a true meaning behind it.

These dreams are not harmful quite opposite actually they are telling you that you should be more prepared for things coming your way so that you don’t lose yourself in your new path.

In a dream you could see lightning or you can be a witness of its power by seeing something being destroyed by it.

You should not worry if having a dream like this .

The Most Common Dreams About Lightning

Dreaming about seeing a lightning- when dreaming about seeing a lightning it means that there will be a stroke of happiness in your near future, but you should know that it is not going to last too much.

There will be moments of luck that will change your life for better but it is not going to be a huge change that will make your life unrecognizable .


You should enjoy these moments and take the best out of them while they last and you should not worry anymore about little things that do not matter.

Dreaming about someone being struck by lightning-  well this kind of dream indicates that there will be conflicts with some person.

Not some big arguments but you are going to be a villain in their story because of bad things happening in their life and their need to avoid the fact that it is their fault they will start accusing you for every mistake they have made.

It could be a toxic situation so you should be careful and you should not take things too personally from a person like this.

Dreaming that a person is killed or stuck by lightning could be scary but it is just a warning sign so that you can prepare yourself for false accusations and strange situations.

Dreaming about you being struck by lightning- a dream where you are the one who is struck by lightning is often a bad sign.

Meaning behind a dream like this is that your attitude and actions towards others are unpleasant and that way you will cause a lot of arguments with people who are close to you, instead of finding compromise you are going to be stubborn and you may hurt the people you truly love so be compassionate and get a hold of yourself.

Or maybe you are in someone’s story a little too much so you are connected with their drama, problems, you could be the guilty one if you do not step out of this toxic circle.

In other cases this could be a good sign, you could be close to getting something you have worked for or you will have some great ideas that could be life changing and maybe new opportunities are on your way and you are excited about your new path.

Dreaming about lightning striking your home- When in a dream lightning is striking your home and if it is ruining your own home then you should know that this is a very bad sign connected with your family or people who are living with your.

All of the damage that is made in a dream means that there will be bad situations that will have a long lasting effect in your life sometimes this could be the death of your loved one .

Dreaming about a fire caused by lightning- The meaning behind this dream is pretty positive.

Dreaming about lightning being a cause of the fire then you are most likely to meet an unknown person that will become a huge part of your life.

It is likely that two of you may be in some really strange situations together sometimes even life or death situations  but this is a sign so you can know that this person is probably going to be trustworthy and may become closer to you than any of your friends right now.

Dreaming about being in a place where lightning strikes- this type of a dream is a good sign.

When dreaming about being someplace and witnessing lightning striking without harming you or hurting you in any way it is a message to you connected with your love life.

Your luck in that field is about to turn around, this dream means that you are most likely to meet a new love.

That person has a potential of building future along your side, it is someone who will make a huge impact in your life.

Do not miss this chance to be happy with someone and you should let your guard down maybe this is going to be the love of your life.

Dreaming about lightning striking your partner- relationships are messy and complicated, they have theirs ups and downs so it is normal when you get to certain stage where you are having some tough time with your partner.

This kind of dream indicates some big problems in your relationship, maybe your arguments are increasing or you are going through some trust issues, your bond is not strong as it was and there could be many reasons for this .

Maybe your partners actions were not in place or maybe you have made mistakes that weakened your relationship.

If you love that person and if that person truly loves you it will work out somehow but sometimes this is a red flag and these actions are repeating then you should know that this dream is telling you to leave a toxic relationship that is causing negative effect in you life.

Dreaming about a lightning strike above your head- having a dream where lightning strikes right above or near your head without hurting you is a good sign.

Meaning behind this dream is that your luck in financial field is about to change.

You are going to gain money and you are probably going to find easier ways that will help you in that.

Maybe this is indication of winning on lottery, this kind of dream is a sign that your excitement is going to last this is not short term situation.

Dreaming about a lightning striking some object near you- if you had a dream like this where a lightning is striking some kind of object near you and if you are filled with fear and panic because of it then this is a sign of something unexpected that is about to happen in your life.

Something shocking is about to happen in your near future, maybe some news or some events that you are not capable of controlling.

You should not put your guard up with your close ones at this moments because you will need someone to get pass these new challenges on your path.

Dreaming about seeing a lightning on a dark sky-  a dream like this is connected with stress, your life at this moment is filled with negativity and worry.

You are probably feeling helpless and sad because you are having a lot of though problems without any resolutions to them.

There might be many reasons you are in a difficult place right now and this situation is causing you a lot of stress that could start reflecting on your health so at least try to relax your problems will not go away with you worrying and creating yourself even more problems

This dream where you are seeing a lightning on a dark sky could also be connected with your financial status and money .

In your near future someone may rob you not literally in a way that thieves with guns are going to find you no.

You may be robbed at work or someone close to you could be stealing from you right in front of your but you are not aware of it so be more careful and picky with people you trust.

Dreaming about thunder with lightning-  This is a very important dream with a meaning of great importance.

If a person has a dream where they are witnessing lightning followed by thunder then this means that they are not handling things the right way in their life

In other words, a person is prioritising nonsense and not the things that matter.

Maybe if you are having a dream like this are in a situation where you are putting work in front of your family and spending time with them.

Or if you are a teenager maybe you are choosing spending time with a crowd where you do not fit in and where you are not welcome instead of hanging out with the people that love you for you not for who you pretend to be or some fake version of you.

You could be thinking that putting something first is right for you but the choices and sacrifices you are making are probably not worth it.

This dream is a sign that you are wasting precious time you have right now and that you are likely to have huge regrets about these decisions if you do not change your attitude and gratitude for everything you have.

Dreaming about lightning coming from the clouds-  Dream like this is a sign of relief in your life.

When having a dream where you see lightning coming from the clouds you should know that the meaning behind this is that your troubled path is going to change .

If you had some financial problems or trouble dealing with your family, partner then this is coming to an end and you are free from all of troubles and problems for a while.

But in some other cases you should know that the decisions you have made in your past are going to affect your present and future.

Maybe someone that had a true importance in your past is coming now, someone you had to confront and didn’t for some reason.

Some thing you have avoided in your past are going to get to you now so this is a chance for you to do the right thing and confront everything you did not in your past.

Do not repeat mistakes you have made, now you are stronger and smarter so don’t back up close that chapter and finally move on with relief and peace that you deserve.