Biblical Meaning of Snakes in Dreams

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They are cold, and they are evil. Is this the principal thing you think about when someone mentions snakes? If it is, we don’t judge you.

Few people are fond of snakes, while a rather significant chunk of the population can’t stand them. They were always depicted as corrupted and the ones that are always ready to mischief. But what does it mean to dream about them? Is it a good sign, or is something terrible?

If you belong to a small number of people who adore snakes, then it’s not that strange to have dreams about them. You are dreaming about something that you like, and maybe something that you would like to have.

But if you don’t like them and keep dreaming about them, then it has some meaning. And accept it or not, you are not alone. Many people have dreams about snakes, so you don’t have to feel strange.

It can be upsetting to dream about something so ugly and something that most certainly represents evil, or even the Devil himself. But you shouldn’t worry; if you have God in your heart, everything will be okay in the end.

The Bible has a stringent opinion on snakes, and possibly every person on this planet knows that opinion. And it’s not a good one. For those who perhaps don’t know why a snake is important in the Bible and why it is hated by so many, we will tell you a story.

Whether you want to use The Old or The New Testament as a reference, you will find out that snakes are a meaningful symbol in the Holy book. And it would be best if you distinguished that noteworthy does not equal good.

We do need to mention that in the times of pagans’ snakes were seen as something else. They were seen as a symbol of life, fertility, and even healing. And even in modern times, a symbol of two snakes, known as the caduceus, can be seen as a symbol of medicine.

But we need to go back to the beginning of time. The most known story from the book of Genesis is the one about Adam and Eve. Probably most people on this planet know this story, even if they are not Christians.

In the story, Eve was manipulated by the snake, and she took the apple from the Tree of Life, the one thing she was forbidden to do by God. And with that act of hers, God exiled both her and Adam from the Garden of Eden.

Many believers are scared of snakes from that day, but Jesus also taught his apostles to be wise as snakes.

All in all, snakes are seen as wise but evil, an animal you can’t trust. And how should you feel if you occasionally have dreams about them, or even regularly? Should you be scared? Or should you just ignore it? Or is God trying to show you something important through a form of a snake, or is Satan?

What does it mean to have visions about snakes?

One of the most common animals that you can encounter in your dreams is a snake, believe it or not. But the meanings behind these dreams can vary from person to person. One of the crucial factors is our personality.

Also, it is essential to consider our feelings towards snakes. Do you like snakes or you despise them?

If you are fond of snakes, love them, or even have a snake as a pet, it is normal to have dreams. Like any other thing you are dream about, and you have it, you’ve experienced it recently, it’s the same with snakes.


It’s normal to dream about what you have a connection with or the things and animals that surround you every day. So, it is not necessary to try and find out the meaning behind those dreams, because probably there aren’t any. And most importantly, they are not harmful.

But what about if you don’t have a snake pit? Or you don’t like them, and you rather hate them? There are a few symbols that you can connect with snakes in dreams. And snakes signify a few things, not only something that’s pure evil but mainly the negative meanings behind them.

An animal like this symbolizes a fear we feel and situations we can’t control. Often those are the fears of unpredictable things and the fear of the unknown.

They can signify that you’ve been manipulated by someone and also that someone will possibly betray you. So, it’s always good to be on the lookout for the people surrounding you if you often snakes in your dreams.

Be extra cautious in the period after your dreams. You may be surrounded by people that you can’t trust and that you shouldn’t trust. Some of them might be evil and utterly dangerous, so you should keep a distance.

Most people nowadays don’t know how to express their feelings or are forbidden to do it, or are afraid to do it. That results in many repressed feelings and emotional baggage.

A snake in your vision can be a sign of that emotional baggage that wants to come to the surface. It would help if you let your emotions come out because that’s the only way you will find peace.

You know that snakes change their skin, which is one reason they are considered manipulative. But that also can be a symbol of your future transformation.

It can be that a snake is a sign that you will experience a transformation shortly. And that transformation can be of plain physical nature, or it can be an inner one. You should wait and see. And if you want to know if it will be positive or negative, you should remember how you felt when you had the dream.

We’ve also mentioned that snakes are known as health symbols, so maybe you will have some health problems. But also, it could represent a healing process that you are going to undergo.

As you can view, there are many possible meanings, and to be sure what does it mean, we need to look for other details that appeared in the dream.

Due to that, we will focus now on some specific details that can determine the meaning of a dream.

You killed a snake

We are going to commence our list with a positive dream connotation. If you killed a snake in your dream, or even if you just saw a killed snake, it is always a good sign.

It means that you were in danger, but now you are not. You overcome the obstacle that was in front of you, and you’ve overcome your fears.

Also, it could be a sign of you winning over your competition, or that you can win if you try it hard enough.

You saw baby snakes

When someone sees baby snakes, they don’t take them seriously. But it is essential to do it because baby snakes will become more extensive, and when they are bigger, they will cause you problems.

So, a baby snake is often a sign of you ignoring something or someone that is threatening you. And it would help if you didn’t get to that because it’s not going to end well for you. You should always take seriously every problem and every threat that you have.

The snake has bitten you

If a snake bites you, it’s severe, considering there are many venomous snakes out there. And it is also severe if it bites you in your dream because that’s not a good sign. It can be that something terrible is going to happen to you if you don’t lookout.

Another possible meaning is that someone hurt you or that you will be hurt by someone emotionally. It could be that some people envy you and that they want to make you hurt so that they can feel better.

Be aware at work especially, because some of your colleagues are lurking around and trying to sabotage your hard work. If you keep your eyes open all the time, you will see their next move and counter the attack.

Another possible meaning is different from the other if a snake bit you on foot. If that’s the case, you are bored of your life, and you finally want something to happen.

Also, it could be that you are tired from work, your relationship, marriage, your family, and all those things that surround you. It would help if you did something and change something in your life to make it better.

It doesn’t mean that you need to make radical changes in your life; just some slight changes in your routine can make wonders.

For example, change your morning routine, go for a walk after work, or if it’s possible, you should go for a bit of getaway to arrange your thoughts.

If the snake was venomous that has bitten you; then it’s possible that you will be involved in some scandal or that some secrets about you will come out. And you will not be in a position to hide that or to control the situation.

The snake has bitten someone else

If you’ve watched the snake biting someone else, it’s not a good sign, but for someone else. It a symbol of your personality and your behavior.

The situation from your vision is a manifestation of your relationship with someone, and it shows that you are hurting that other person.

It could help if you could consider your actions and change them. Be gentle to other people, and think twice before saying something ugly to someone.

You walked through many snakes

A scenario like this reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie, but as much as it looks cool, it’s not a good sign. You are frightened, and you don’t know what to do. You are scared for your life and your wellbeing, and you are sometimes acting like a hypochondriac. You should stop doing that and help yourself; it could be good to try meditating.

The exact meaning goes if the snakes were crawling around you or your legs. You are scared of some imaginary illnesses.

But if you know that this is not the case with you, then a vision like this can imply that you have some serious competition that you are scared of or you are going to have.

You were trying to run away from the snake

You have a problem in your life or a person who is causing you trouble, and even if it’s hurting you and your progress in life, you don’t want to stop it. You don’t have enough courage to confront that person or your problem.

And if you don’t do it, the problem will escalate, and it will be challenging to do it after.

The snake was hissing

If a snake was hissing at you and you weren’t comfortable with it, you are not comfortable with someone’s attitude towards you. You are feeling shushed and repressed by that person, and it makes you feel hurt.

You were holding the snake

If you ever had a chance to hold a snake in your hands, you know that it’s stressful and scary.

So, a dream like this can imply that a stressful period in your life is coming.

The snake was tamed

A dream like this is always good. It signifies prosperity and success. There is a chance that you will inherit some money, or you will earn it, or you will get a raise. It’s the same if you saw a snake in a box.

The snake was in your house

A vision like this is a bad sign. It’s a warning sign of some unexpected danger that is about to happen.

The snake was black

A black snake is never a good sign. It’s a symbol of difficult times that are about to happen. You will have a series of challenges that you will need to overcome.