Black Snake in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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Many nights you will have dreamed of animals and you will have realized that sometimes they transmit well-being and other times the opposite.

This is the case of dreaming of a black snake, a dream that is clearly negative but that contains some surprises in its interpretation. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of a black snake.

Before you start to think that you have had a nightmare or a premonitory dream of misfortune because the protagonist was a black snake, we have to tell you that snakes symbolize wisdom, knowledge, intuition, seduction and power. How about? Maybe your dream is not as negative as you think.

It is true that the black color of the snake does not bode well. Colors in dreams are very important and can completely transform a meaning.

That is why you are right to be uneasy with the black snake. Something of danger is around you and it is inevitable to think about everything bad related to snakes.

Snakes are silent animals, you can hardly be aware of their presence and they can take you by surprise. What does this remind you of?

Perhaps betrayals, which are always unexpected because they come from people you love, your friends, your partner or a family member. That in your dream the black color of the snake stands out means that you are careful.

But the interpretation of dreams has many faces. And no matter how black it is, it is still a snake.

So let your dream transmit you all the power of the animal that is why these types of dreams happen. You will wake up more powerful, wiser, and therefore more prepared for what may happen.

Black Snake in Dream – Meaning

Dreams are closely related to our subconscious, which is why they are impossible for us to control.

Surely more than once you have dreamed of absurd or illogical situations, known or unknown people, animals, sensations or stories loaded with an overwhelming realism.

Dreams are endowed with great symbolism, however, understanding them is not an easy task, since there is no science that determines their meaning 100%.

Despite this, it is worth mentioning that there are recurring dreams (including those related to the world of reptiles) that do have meanings that are easier to interpret. Do you wonder what it means to dream of black snakes?

In general, if you are wondering what the meaning of dreaming about black snakes is, you should bear in mind that the answer will always vary depending on the context. However, there are some meanings that, in general terms, can help us to interpret these dreams well.

Whether you want to know what it means to dream of black snakes or if you wonder what it means to dream of black snakes or any other type of snake, it is worth mentioning that these reptiles are a sign of changes and disorders in our lives.


If in your dream you can clearly see this black reptile, it is most likely that you are living a stunning personal and emotional situation that is leading you to question things about your true desires and goals.

To the question of what it means to dream of black snakes or black snakes, we see that the answer is closely linked to a state of confusion that tells us that it is time to explore and grow personally. However, this meaning changes a bit when dreaming of long black snakes.

And it is that according to Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis and writer of the book The Interpretation of Dreams, dreaming of elongated objects or animals is intimately linked to a repressed or unsatisfied sexual impulse.

It is clear that this is only an interpretation based on Freud’s theories, however, when dreaming of long black snakes, three meanings converge (bad omens, dark forces and sexuality) that throughout history have always been analyzed in a way. Similar to that of the Austrian psychoanalyst’s theories.

However, and as we have already seen, to talk about the meaning of dreaming of black snakes we must take into account the entire context of the dream, so let’s see a deeper analysis. What does it mean to dream that a black snake attacks or bites you? In this context, let’s look at the possible meanings that we find.

When one or more black snakes are very close to your body in a dream and come to attack or bite you, it means that you feel threatened and rightly so. You are facing something or someone who is not making things easy for you and you feel like they are trying to take away something that is yours.

On the other hand, if you wonder what it means to dream of black snakes or any other type of black snake, you should bear in mind that often, when they come to bite, they are indicating that a temptation is lurking and that you will have problems mastering it.

In this context, the black snake that comes to bite you can also symbolize that your relationship is in danger; marital problems are coming and you will have to remedy your dissatisfaction to get rid of these bad feelings.

What if these black snakes don’t attack me and are just there? Dreaming of snakes that do nothing to you has totally different meanings than the previous ones. In this case, your dream may be unpleasant but not scary, the snakes do not want to attack you and you may even approach them voluntarily:

Dreaming of black snakes that do nothing to you, that simply show themselves, often symbolizes a wrong decision that you have made and that you cannot remedy. It frustrates you to have made a mistake and it scares you of failure, but you must Eptar that mistakes in life are constant and that in no case will these failures be decisive. Relax, you can still learn and approach problems from another perspective.

Thus, dreaming of snakes that do nothing to you and that are black is not an attack or a threat, but a warning and a call to serenity.

There are few dreams more impressive than dreaming that something or someone is chasing you, as it usually symbolizes that you cannot face your fears. Let’s see in more detail what it means to dream that a black snake is chasing you:

As we have advanced, dreaming that a black snake is chasing you usually means that you are hiding from someone or something because they make you suffer the possible events that come.

You try to hide from your fears because you are certain that they will bring serious consequences, however, it is precisely that lack of courage that is doing you the most damage.

If you dream that you feel threatened by a black snake (it does not necessarily have to bite you, its mere presence may be enough) it may mean that you are not coping well with a separation or a loss. The dream is trying to warn you that you have to overcome problems.

Finally, these types of dreams can refer to the fact that you are going to be responsible for a very large company (eye, not for a company, but for a fact, for a mission), whether you like it or not. If this is the case, you will have to accept it to move on.

Black Snake in Dream – Symbolism

No matter how animated we are, having certain dreams that involve certain dangerous animals can be most disturbing. Like dreaming about snakes, sharks, scorpions, and other vermin (no, we don’t count Pelotillas, your sister’s hamster, as a ferocious beast), dreaming about a black snake doesn’t seem to bode well.

And it is that when dreaming of a black snake, two difficult and considered ominous elements come together: snakes and the color black. As always, however, dreams are not limited to being in black and white (never rather disco) but they are an interesting area of ​​gray that has some surprises in store for us.

As it is advisable to do whenever you find yourself dreaming, it is important that both during sleep and when you wake up you pay attention to all the details that may be of help, for example, how you felt, who you were with, what the snake was doing … Any something you remember may be helpful.

As we have already pointed out in other posts, dreaming about snakes is usually related to transformation (because the snake literally leaves its skin in the process). Being an animal that we consider quite aggressive (again, this will depend on your culture), usually the general meaning points to the fact that the dreamer is afraid of this transformation.

The color black does not improve things. For Western culture it is a color with negative connotations, since it is worn during mourning, although its meaning in the world of dreams also has a subconscious component, since it represents this part of our mind.

So what do we get if we combine these two elements? Well, broadly speaking, dreams with these animals can refer to a state of transformation in our life that does not bring us joy, on the contrary: black, in this case, can indicate that we move between the unknown and we feel somewhat attacked and vulnerable.

Another of the meanings of this type of dreams is related to the fact that in our daily life we ​​feel in a difficult moment, even sad, or that we believe that we have dark desires inside us.

Finally, at the level of omens, there are those who consider that if black snakes appear in your dream it is a bad omen, in which our mind would be warning us of someone around us who we should not trust, or even that we are in a potentially unpleasant situation.

Dreaming of black snakes in bed is closely linked to your personal and intimate life and to the anxiety that your relationship can cause you at the moment. Let’s find out more details: You feel uneasy with your relationship; there is a third person gaining presence and you don’t quite understand what their role is.

You fear a possible infidelity or that that third person is someone willing to damage the relationship you have with your partner (it may not be a lover, it may be a friend, a relative, etc.). It can also symbolize the frustration you feel when seeing that you or / and your partner are not able to talk about some intimate secrets that, without a doubt, would improve the quality of your relationship.

However, black snakes in bed can also mean that you are suppressing your desires and your sexier side, be it out of fear, shame, or resignation.

You are not satisfied with your intimate life and you may have started to think or dream about being unfaithful … but don’t panic, black snakes remind us that we are not acting rationally and that we are trying to deny our desires and our emotions.

Dare to raise your voice and be honest with your partner, because only then can you get rid of these frustrations.

We are now faced with a dangerous combination, since dreams that include water usually have good connotations, while black snakes can be loaded with bad omens.

What does it mean to dream of snakes in the water then? This is what happens when the black snakes in your dream appear in the water:

For the first time we come across a particularly good symbolism, and that is that when you see black snakes in your dream that do nothing to you and are surrounded by water, it means that you are facing your fears and that you do not let them dominate you.

In many cultures snakes are a symbol of protection, so you can be calm; you are renewing yourself, you are maturing and this courage that you are showing will give very good results.

Let yourself go like water and do not fear obstacles, sometimes they are not there to collapse you but to show you what you are capable of. You may also be interested in this article about what does it mean to dream of water.

This curious dream may refer to the fact that you have to better adapt to your surroundings. To do this, you have to stop being defensive and try to be kinder to the people around you.

There are two possibilities when having this unpleasant dream: that the snake bites you or someone else.

In the event that it bites you, it refers to the fact that your worst enemy is yourself, in fact, your insecurities and your fears can make your life difficult.

There are also those who assure that it is a warning for you to look for the origin of your problems.

Interestingly, for Chinese culture this type of dream has a positive meaning, since they believe that it is an omen that you will soon receive money or an improvement at work.


Whether it’s a problem in your relationship, at your job, with your friends, or with your health, the time has come to make the tough decisions and face reality. You may need good support, but remember that you are strong enough to get by on your own.

Although this meaning is less common, it is worth remembering that dreaming of black snakes chasing you can also be an indication that you are surrounding yourself with bad influences. You may feel that your closest circle does not fully trust you or that someone close to you is going to betray you, so it does not hurt to analyze well who is around you.