Dreams About Being Cheated On – Meaning and Symbolism

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What is life if not a dream? “, wrote Lewis Carroll in one of his poems. We have all been curious at times about the world of dreams because we all do it every night.

Through them we enter a strange world, full of fantasy and that transports us to sometimes incomprehensible places and moments.

Imagination flies and everything impossible becomes possible. While the conscious being remains awake, the other self sleeps and develops new experiences that, when waking up, the waking being barely recognizes as his.

Dreaming that you are unfaithful to your partner is one of the most overwhelming dreams that people can have, since it can generate some questions about your love relationship, but this should not happen if your courtship is seeing aft, however it happens and immediately We associate it with a future prediction and we look for the meaning of this dream.

Most couples at some point in the relationship have this type of dream, and in many cases it can become a warning about the actions you have had in recent days with your partner or someone of the opposite sex with whom you feel a lot of sympathy.

Dreaming of infidelity, either yours or your partner, perhaps it means that you are dissatisfied or dissatisfied with a previous relationship or perhaps with the one you currently have and that is why many people go to various websites to try to get an interpretation to know if this dream can resemble your reality.

Dreams about Being Cheated On – Meaning

A split that makes us be in another ‘skin’. Despite the numerous investigations that have been carried out on sleep, there is still no satisfactory definition, which shows us that this very relevant underworld of our lives continues to be a complete mystery.

It is believed that we generally have several at night and each one lasts between 5 and 20 minutes, even though we tend to forget most of them.

But how do we explain what we do remember? It is often our insecurities about our age, lifestyle, infidelities, work, or daily choices that lead us to relive our fears in our sleep.

The dream specialist Delphi Ellis explains the meaning of some of them, the most common, to ‘The Sun’, or at least, this is the interpretation that she attributes to them.

Dreaming that you commit an infidelity is an indication that you are dissatisfied or dissatisfied with your partner.

Maybe not with everything, but with something of his character or way of acting. If it is an unknown person, it is considered a lighter offense than with someone close.

If the deception is with your neighbor’s spouse it means that you want to take over his / her own and you are envious of his / her position. Psychologically, if you are the victim, it can bring out the fear that it really happens.

“Many people dream that their partner is cheating on them and they worry that their subconscious will try to communicate it to them.

This, in general, suggests fear that your other half will be unfaithful, but you are not a clairvoyant, it is not proof that it happens.


It really is. It’s much more common when the relationship is going well. When in doubt, have a conversation as an adult so you can see if there is something you really need to worry about, “says Ellis.

It is very possible that you should go to the dentist. It’s not that they are really going to fall off, but generally, it may be that your body is trying to tell you that something in your mouth is not right.

It is possible that you have a hidden dental problem whose pain is being suppressed during the day and it surfaces during the night or nap.

If you go to your dentist and everything is going well, it can indicate frustration and a feeling of failure.

Depending on the tooth that falls out, there will be a different meaning: Molars: they are used mainly for chewing, they are symbols of perseverance and stubbornness.

Incisors: they are those that we teach when we smile and speak and indicate the appearance that we show to the outside or the beauty. Canines: their function is to tear and are an emblem of aggressiveness and even hatred placeholder.

If you dream that you have them well, it means health and economic improvements; if they are damaged it is a symbol of slander towards a relative.

In the event that you remove a tooth, you will break the relationship with a relative and if you lose several, it may be that you have some kind of discord with some people around you.

Today, teeth also represent the status and wealth of a person, so dreaming that they fall out can mean that money is a problem.

Also, it may have to do with a communication problem, think about who you are fighting with so you can express your opinion.

Are you one of those people who runs in the morning to search the internet for what you have dreamed of at night? Or do you only seek it when the dream repeats itself over and over again? There are dreams and dreams…

Probably if you dream of snakes, for example, you get up and the thing stays there. But if you dream that your partner is cheating on you … Oh mother! Is it true? Is it a sign? And you think inside “to see if he gets confused today and I look at his mobile without him noticing”.

Are you jealous or jealous? Unsafe or unsafe? If the answer to these questions is no, you must begin to think that you are wrong. You have insecurities and you must resolve them, because one thing is for sure if you dream something like that, there is some problem in the relationship on your part.

Do not be scared, we will explain it to you. Have you ever thought before your dream that your partner could be unfaithful?

Perhaps your subconscious has noticed that there is some lack in your emotional life and this is the way to warn you.

Analyze the situation and we are not referring to finding out if your partner is unfaithful, but to the internal conflict you have. Talk to your partner, let him know that you need affection and only then can you feel secure in your relationship again.

Does the dream repeat itself? Uff … He is unfaithful fixed. Not! Don’t pay any attention to us that we are kidding you. And that is exactly how you have to take it, with a joke because the meaning could be totally good.

In fact, we dare to tell you that you are in a satisfying relationship with many possibilities for success and happiness.

So why do I have this nightmare all the time? Well, very simple, you may have been invaded by the fear that this relationship will come to an end, or it may simply be that you have total confidence in your partner. How can I know if it is one meaning or another to solve it?

Look, if during the dream you have been with total security and you have not noticed any bitter sensation, you have simply seen some images that you would not like to see in your life, it is that you have total confidence in your partner.

If, on the other hand, in the middle of a dream you have felt terror and have woke up with tachycardia included …

Friend or friend, I am sorry to tell you that you must work on your confidence, which after all is the basis of a good relationship.

Dreams about Being Cheated On – Symbolism

In general, the meaning of dreams is more related to your emotions than to the actions of your partner. This is why a betrayal may reflect more of your own dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Likewise, it can make evident the deficiencies in your emotional life or your emotional problems.

In addition, the interpretation you give to your dream experiences will also depend on the meaning you give to infidelity. In either case, you should not forget that this type of dream can have ambiguous messages. This means that you cannot always get a particular meaning.

However, in the case of recurring dreams, it is best to pay attention and not because they are predictions for your future. Many times your subconscious tries to tell you something and you better know what it is about.

The meaning of dreaming about your partner’s infidelity depends on several factors. Here we tell you the truth about this.

Such a dream experience can reflect several things. They were unfaithful to you before and you are afraid of reliving it, you suffer from low self-esteem or you simply do not trust your loved one at all.

This dream could be a sign that you are in an unsatisfying relationship or that you have a lot of insecurities. The meaning will depend on the emotions you experience. If you dreamed that your partner was unfaithful and you did not feel bitterness or annoyance, it means that you fully trust her.

In contrast, if you experienced terror and woke up with a start, you should work on your confidence. In reality, it reflects your fear of losing it. The nuances about this dream are more complex, depending on who appears as the third and the situation of your relationship.

If during the dream you felt fear, perhaps you feel insecure about your ex-partner. This is not only limited to the physical aspect. You probably feel that the connection they had was stronger than the one that exists with you.

You are unhappy with the relationship because you feel that it is giving more importance to something else than to you. It is not always about another person, it may even be because of her work.

Maybe you think your boyfriend wants to see some aspects of your mom’s personality. This not only has to do with physical issues, it can be the way of cooking or doing housework. Are you separated from your partner and dream of cheating? Don’t worry, this dream in the middle of a relationship crisis means reconciliation and happiness?

And what if the dream does not stop and repeats itself over and over again without rest? We give you some advice, go to bed calmly.

Probably the fear of having this nightmare again is what leads your subconscious to live it again. If you can’t naturally stay calm, try taking a relaxing infusion before bed.

To dream that your partner is cheating on you in front of you is already another level and it means that you really have doubts or have seen some indication that makes you think that your partner is cheating on you.

Or you may directly have doubts about the love you feel for your partner, or you have doubts about reciprocal love.

Perhaps you no longer see the meaning of the relationship and that disturbs you so much that it appears in your dreams for you to consider it and make a decision that will help you finally free yourself.

We do not want to be a spoilsport, but a problem exists and until you solve it you will be constantly turning the subject in your head. We give you the same advice as in the previous sections, take a deep breath, go to bed calmly and everything will return to normal…

Well, we lie, everything will return to normal when you pluck up your courage and talk about it with your partner.

It sure is silly and you break that absurd tension that existed due to said dream.


Dreaming that you are unfaithful to your partner can alert you to certain emotional problems that can turn into a relationship crisis, since you do not feel satisfied with what you are living.

It could also be a reflection of the lack of communication that exists in your love relationship.

If you have distanced yourself from your partner, if lately you no longer spend as much time together, if you no longer look for each other as before or if you are experiencing a period of great stress in life or at work, it is likely that you dream of this deception as a way to react to the distance that has been created.

Another of the meanings that are added to dreaming that you are unfaithful with your partner is that perhaps you are not being totally honest with your feelings and for this reason your subconscious is reflecting the true reality that you are living.

Apart from these dreams, there are other alterations such as dreaming that your partner is cheating on you with your brother or sister, dreaming that you hire a private detective to detect an infidelity … Anyway, there are many dreams that have the same common link, infidelity.

And how to get out of that dream? Remaining calm at all times and talking with your partner to try to reach a conclusion as quickly as possible so as not to dust your mind.