Brown Bear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Every human on this planet dreams every night. Whether they remember it or not, we live in an extraordinary world during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep.

Stories our brain tells us that, at first glance, have no logical explanation. People usually have multiple dreams each night. Some of them you remember, some not.

Some dreams are based on real-life, typically involving elements from waking life that imprinted on us during the day for some reason.

But sometimes, we can experience fantastical dreams containing scenarios that would not really be possible in real life.

One of science’s greatest mysteries

Why Humans dream is still one of the greatest mysteries that behavioral scientists and experts are trying to solve.

A lot of research has been conducted trying to answer questions about the dream’s purpose. Sometimes it seems like we get messages in our dreams about our problems, things that bother us and need resolution.

As long as people have been dreaming, they have tried to figure out the meaning of their dreams. Sigmund Freud published a psychological study, The Interpretation of Dreams, in 1899.

But since then, many experts and people interested in dreams and symbolism tried to mine for meanings of dreams and got creative insights and even hints of the future.

Dreams can be excellent and entertaining, but also disturbing and sometimes really bizarre. Vivid imagery, weird feelings, and sensations are what keeps some special ones in our memory,
leaving a wish to crack into the meaning of them.

Bears hold an important message

People usually remember dreams about bears quite vividly. Since dreams are generally reflections of the thoughts and wishes we subconsciously have or metaphors for something happening in our lives.

Sometimes our spirit guides appear in our dreams, and sometimes you can get important insights and messages from them.

Dreams about bears are not very common, but they happen to people, so there is a lot of insight into the meaning and symbolism of that animal appearing in your dream.

Bear as a symbol

Let’s face it. A bear is a scary animal, and if you encountered it in a dream, you probably didn’t feel very safe at that moment. But you’ll be glad to know that most dreams about bears have positive meanings.

Those animals usually symbolize strength, power, and independence. Since they are wild animals, they also represent the untamed spirit or habits of a dreamer. Bear can also represent a mother figure and protection.

Of course, there are different scenarios in dreams about bears. Some people dream about an aggressive bear chasing them, some people just seeing them, or even killing them.


A peaceful bear means that you are an independent person, on your two feet, with certainty about living your own life with your own boundaries.

Suppose that the bear in your dream is aggressive. That means that you hold toxic anger about something or that you’re easily shaken and annoyed by small issues.

Resting bear is a good thing. It means that you’re currently taking the time to think about what you’re doing, where you’re going, and why. It’s a symbol of healthy introspection and means that you’ll handle whatever comes next.

If the bear in your dream is your hunting prize, you are probably in for success in the following phase of your life. If you killed that bear in your dream, it means that you’re capable of handling problems and obstacles on the way to achieving your goals.

On the other hand, if you’re running from the bear that is chasing you, that may be a warning that you may have to face your problems and solve them instead of running from them. If the bear attacks you, I have somewhat bad news – it’s a reflection of your own anger, frustration, or aggression.

The bite of a bear could be a warning sign that someone in your waking life is trying to hurt you or threaten you. Escaping from a bear can be interpreted as a sign that you’ll have a romantic encounter in an unusual place.

If you’re lucky, the bear in your dream may be talking. If that’s the case, you should pay attention and listen because you could get useful advice and understand how to resolve your waking life issues.

If a bear in your dream is dead, that usually means that you have control of your life and only hold the authority in it, so you should protect it.

Brown bears in dreams

If the bear in your dream is brown, tune in for the following. I’ll talk about the dream meaning and symbolism of an awe-inspiring animal found as a symbol in many cultures.

Often it is also seen as a spirit or totem animal.

Strength, power, independence, protection

Brown bears are amazing mammals, fascinating, and one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. They represent strength, power, independence, stamina, and stability.

There are a lot of interpretations of the symbolism of brown bears. They represent strength in shamanic traditions and are usually associated with great hunters in Scandinavian tradition.

Wisdom, transformation, and awakening of the mind

In many shamanic societies of Europe and America, the brown bear represents a person’s ability to awaken their unconscious mind’s inner strength and power.

Native Americans believe that bears possess the power of transformation. For them, the animal is a symbol of bravery, wisdom, strength, and solitude. Japanese consider the bear a generous spirit. For Slavic people, a bear is a protector.

Love, protection, self-confidence

It also symbolizes unconditional love and protection of your circle of family and friends, especially if you’re a parent. Since it’s an animal of solitude, it also symbolizes independence and self-confidence.

All positive things. While the brown bear symbolizes strength, wisdom, transformation, and awakening, it also holds it’s opposing sides of symbolic meaning.

Aggression and anger

They are associated with aggression, anger, and gluttony. While seeing a brown bear in your dreams indicates stability, independence, strength, and power. It can warn you to carefully use your control.

Reliance, stability, healthy ratio

As far as the color goes, brown is associated with stability, reliance, warmth, rational thinking, and serenity. It means you’re with your two feet on the ground.

Maybe you should consider the strength you possess that you are not aware of or don’t believe you have. Believe you are stronger than you think.

Problems and relationships with dominant persons

Dreaming about bears means you should trust your gut and instincts. Sometimes meaning depends on the gender of the dreamer. If you are a man dreaming about a brown bear, that may signify that the female parts in you are suppressed.

It can also indicate that you have problems in the relationship with a dominant person such as mother, sister, or partner. If the bear appears in the dreams positively and in good nature, it means maternal security and security.

A brown bear dream in a dream can signify a problematic relationship with the male parent of another dominant person in a family or close people.

You hold the power

For women, seeing a brown bear in a night of sleep can give significant clues to her own sexuality. It is a sign that you can really express yourself and have your life in your own hands, not letting anyone dictate your story.

It’s important to know that this powerful animal symbolizes a great elemental power that you hold and the fart that the dreaming feels before it.

If you run away from the bear in the dream, you get away from your power, and your fear intensifies more. If you face the bear, you can control your elemental power, which makes the bear your companion, leading you to your new courage and self-confidence.

Childlike need for security

On the other hand, you have to be careful if you’re dreaming about a brown teddy bear because it represents a childish need for security.

If you’re an adult, this bear stands for a childlike companion that symbolizes security and maternal protection.

Different scenarios

Hunting of a brown bear

Your focus right now is on achieving your goals and dreams. This dream is an indication that you’re on the right path and should keep on it. You don’t need to be threatened by obstacles on your way because you have the elemental power to go past them.

Killing a brown bear

Take it as a sign that you will soon face some obstacles in your way to success, or maybe you will face your fears or enemies.

Know that you have the power in yourself to beat anything that comes in your form and that the strategies you chose will work in your favor.

Turning into a brown bear

If you’re dreaming that you are a big brown bear, that could be a symbol of your self-confidence – both in how you look and your decisions.

Sometimes it can reflect the need to take some time to be with yourself, isolated from others.

Feel free to enjoy your own company. Taking the time for self-reflection and solitude can help you in your creative processes and endeavors.

Hugging a brown bear

Suppose you find yourself hugging a brown bear in your dream. In that case, it’s an indication that you need or crave maternal security or friendship.

It can also mean that you’re going through a lonely period in your life and need guidance or comfort from a friend or even a maternal figure.

Feeding a brown bear or holding it as a pet

Think about your emotions. Are you incapable of keeping them in check and not letting them cloud your judgment?

Suppose you dream about feeding a bear or having a brown bear as a pet. In that case, this is an indication that you should avoid getting angry over minor issues.

That is something that can have dire consequences and make you lose great opportunities. It’s a sign that you should try and tame yourself a little and don’t let your anger control you.

Do not ignore this dream

To conclude, dreaming of bears is a symbol of great elemental power because it can be a dangerous and powerful animal, especially if you provoke it.

In modern culture and symbolism, the brown bear symbolizes protection, love, comfort, and strength. You better not ignore this symbol, especially if this dream keeps on repeating.