Dreams About Parrots – Meaning and Interpretation

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You dreamed about parrots last night or nights before, and now you wonder what could that mean? Is somebody going to babble about something (first association regarding parrots :D), or is the meaning a bit more complexed?

Let’s dive into human knowledge and centuries of experience to find out what parrots are related to, concerning humans, and what they symbolize.

At the beginning of our research, we found out that parrots in dreams generally symbolize messages, talking, people around you, and loneliness. In a dream, parrots are often associated with gossip. The number of parrots you dreamed of indicates the number of people who are talking about you behind your back.

The true meaning of your dream about parrots depends mostly on the feeling you had while dreaming and on the noticeable details.

The meaning of your dream is also affected by the colors in it. For example, yellow in a positive sense means happiness and energy. And in negative cowardice and betrayal. Green means healing, and red aggression and impulsivity. When you connect the meaning of your dream with the color in the dream, it will be clearer to you what the dream is telling you.

Keep in mind that the meaning of your dream with the parrot can be much simpler if you heard or saw a parrot recently. It’s just your brain processing your daily reality.

But if you didn’t even think about parrots and you still dreamed about them, then you should read the interpretations below.

The Most Common Dreams About Parrots

Dreaming about parrots talking

A talking parrot (or parrots) must be the most common dream about these unusual animals because reality influences a great deal on our dreams.

To only hear parrots talking, without knowing what they chat about, symbolizes conciliation. You will reconcile with someone close to you. Maybe a family member or a close friend.

Most likely, the situation in your home or family will calm down. There will be no disagreements and difficulties in the upcoming period.

If you think more deeply about this, you can come to the conclusion that it is always better to communicate with people around you if you are having some issues and dilemmas.

On the other hand, if you understand in a dream what the parrot is saying, the message itself is important and you can only interpret it on an individual level.

Dreaming of a loud parrot (or parrots)

Loud parrots in a dream predict that you will be faced with gossip and that you will have to defend yourself.


Be determined and energetic.

Dreaming of hearing a parrot

If you only dream of hearing a parrot without seeing one or understanding the words, it probably means that someone is bothering you. It could be related to your ex-partner who wishes to get back together with you.

He or she maybe calls you often saying they want another chance to correct all the mistakes from the past.

It is obvious that you don’t mind much about that person since you perceive him or her as a prattle.

Dreaming of a parrot being your pet

If you’ve been dreaming of having a parrot for a pet, someone close to you will probably cheer you up with a chat or a joke.

Your friend or family member must be a fun person with a great sense of humor. That person always makes your life easier with his adventures and attitude towards life.

Again, if we think deeper about this, it may mean that there are always two sides to everything in life. Maybe you should look on the bright side for a change.

Dream of teaching a parrot

If you teach a parrot in a dream, it means difficulties at work or in family life.

You may be trying to teach younger members of your family or pass on knowledge to colleagues from an area that is difficult for them. You will do your best to simplify things, but your efforts will simply not find fertile ground.

You should probably change your teaching tactics. Or maybe you should just have more faith in those you are teaching.

Dreaming of killing a parrot

Well, destruction could never be something good and it’s the same with a violent dream.

This dream means that you want to silence someone who could say something about you that you do not want. Also, you are probably a person who likes to argue because you do not understand the importance of constructive communication.

Besides, you often show intolerance towards people because you see your weaknesses in them. This dream tells you that the time has come to change your attitude until it is too late. You are aware that you should be more tolerant if you want your loved ones to stay with you.

Dreaming of a parrot entering your home

This dream means you should be aware of who you’re letting near you, both physically and emotionally.

Be more careful with the people who are currently entering your life. Maybe be more discrete about your plans and other things important for your wellbeing. Someone might take advantage of your openness.

Dreaming of a parrot attacking you

Basically, if you dreamed that you were attacked by a parrot, it means that someone will betray you.

The difference is how you felt about it in the dream. If you didnt care much about that attack, which was not even painful, someone who is not important to you will betray and it is all about something small.

However, if the attack of the parrot in the dream was painful and caused fear or sadness, you will feel betrayed by a close person.

Dreaming of a colorful parrot

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a parrot is its colorful feathers. Parrots are generally very colorful tropical animals, with yellow, red, blue, and green feathers depending on the breed.

To dream of such a colorful parrot flying freely indicates that you want to express your imagination and creativity. Your ego tells you that this is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to your art.

If you dream of a colorful parrot in a cage instead, it means that you are suppressing your artistic side or you have neglected the dream that you are afraid to realize.

You may want to open the cage in a dream, but you cannot, you feel prevented from moving forward. It is a message from your inner being that encourages you to release your thoughts, feelings, and projects from the cage.

Dreaming of a parrot in a cage

If you dream of a parrot in a cage, it can also mean that you have to defend yourself from gossip. Try to understand that gossip and rumors cannot harm your health if you do not allow them.

Also, this dream can mean that someone is assuring you in their fidelity and secrecy. But you know deep inside you that that person is not that true and discrete.

Dreaming of holding a parrot

Holding a parrot in your hands in a dream is a sign that you enjoy chatting, gossiping, and talking nonsense.

This can mean that you should really take into account what you say so that you don’t humiliate yourself and hurt the feelings of those who don’t deserve it.

You should control yourself more when talking about others in front of others.

Dreaming of rescuing a parrot

If you dreamed of saving a parrot, it means that you have to focus on your own goals and desires in life.

Maybe your inner voice doesn’t speak the language you want, and you want to change the way you see and talk to yourself.

Work harder on your self-confidence. Save yourself from feelings of inferiority and feelings that you are not that valuable and that others are more significant.

Dreaming of a dead parrot

As for this dream, there are two known interpretations. One concerns gossip about you that will disappear as they will come across a person who will expose them. Meaning, someone will stand up for you and say all the best about you

Another interpretation says that you may lose a friend.

Dreaming of a beautiful parrot

If you dream of a beautiful parrot, you put the focus on the level of communication in your life.

You may not be expressing yourself well enough, consider spending more time and effort to convey your message. Think when you speak so your words can be as beautiful as the parrot in your dream.

Also, if you are preparing for some kind of public performance (lecture, address to a wider audience) you should prepare for it, not improvise.

Dreaming of buying a parrot

If you have dreamed of buying a parrot, it means that you may be thinking about buying classes or materials for a course. However, the dream predicts that you may have heard this information before, and the purchase may not be worth your money.

Consider buying a refreshing course, but don’t expect to learn anything new. Maybe you can only refresh your knowledge.

Not That Common Dreams About Parrots

Dreaming of eating a parrot

Dreaming of cooking and eating a parrot, suggests that you will succeed in overcoming gossip.

You will be able to turn rumors in your favor and move forward in your struggles or social position.

Dreaming of a baby parrot

This dream means something completely new in your life. You will begin to develop in a different direction as you are now ready for it.

You may show courage and embark on something that will bring you some completely new and different experiences.

Dreaming of feeding a parrot

Dreaming of feeding a parrot can mean that you will take the blame for something you did not do, perhaps to help a friend or colleague.

Don’t worry, you won’t bear any guilt as everything will be revealed.

It can also mean that you accidentally or intentionally keep a gossip alive. You should stop doing that or else it will turn against you.

Dreaming of receiving or giving a parrot as a gift

If you have dreamed of receiving or giving a parrot as a gift, it is a sign that others want you to share more information about yourself and your plans.

You may be closed about something, and people close to you would like to know more about it.

Think about what and why you are hiding something from others. Maybe there are some facts you could and should share with your friends.

Dreaming of a parrot biting itself

This dream may represent a friend who is treating you wrong out of jealousy.

If you dream that a parrot is biting another person, it means that you will blame yourself unfairly.

Dreaming of catching a parrot in a trap

If you dreamed that you captured a parrot in a trap, it means that you will catch the person who is gossiping about you.

It can also mean that you will accidentally hear something significant for you or someone close to you.

Parrots and colors

A green parrot means that what you dream about is related to your childhood.

A blue parrot refers to the gossip in your company.

A black parrot signifies boredom.

A red parrot signifies bitterness and jealousy.

A white parrot means you don’t know who to trust.

An orange parrot suggests that you should talk about something with a close person.

A pink parrot in a dream refers to the constant “teasing” from a spouse or loved one, however, sometimes it seems lovely and sweet. But you do not percieve it like that.

Dreams actually tell us what to watch out for and in which direction to move. We hope that the above interpretations of dreams about parrots will be useful for you to avoid bad things and embrace the good ones.

While interpreting both reality and dreams, listen to your inner being; it knows the best.