Brown Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

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The brown color has a very unique meaning. Although it tries not to represent such effusive and radiant emotions, it could not be considered as a depressive or sad color.

It is related to the earth, wood, nature and the environment. It is a color that can be in the warm tones.

On this occasion, we will talk a little about the properties of the color brown, what it represents and symbolizes within the psychology of color.

The color brown can represent security and stability. It is not usually the favorite color of many, but it is a color that is constantly around us.

This color saves at least 95 different shades. Many see it as a symbol of everything that is ordinary, ugly dirty … and in turn, it is the favorite color when decorating the home or even to wear some clothes.

Brown Color – Meaning and Symbolism

Despite being related to what is rotten, the meaning of the brown color and its many shades are also related to food, both sweet and bitter; Furthermore, it reminds us of many delicious smells: chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.

It is a color that represents the roasted, well cooked. It is believed that in food, the stronger the intensity of the brown, the stronger the taste of the food.

When we mix brown color with another color, it ends up dulling and absorbing it, so it is believed that it is related to everything that is contrary to individuality, to the common and mediocre.

But it is also a color that is capable of adapting to everything. Those who wear brown, seek not to stand out, and almost always, represents a lot of shyness and people who seek to go unnoticed.

An interesting fact is that the color brown is linked to one of the seven deadly sins, laziness. Laziness is related in a certain way to selfishness, as it represents doing nothing for others, but in this case, you are not capable of doing things for yourself either.

It is for this reason that laziness is also known as indolence of the heart, and it is generally represented by the color brown, being the most neutral and apathetic color of all.

Also if we go a little more to the past, in history, the meaning of the color brown during the middle Ages, was everything that was ugly and ordinary, it was the color of the poor and the peasants.

This is because the garments of that time that had a brown hue, were remains of cloth, undyed and normally made from goat’s hair, hare, deer … At that time, any garment that was Made of bright and luminous colors, it marked a high status in society.

Within Christianity, the monks wore undyed habits, commonly using brown or gray garments, and this made it appear that they have made a vow of extreme humility and poverty, so it is valid to consider brown as a symbol of humility.

It is believed that those who identify with this color are quite sober, calm people with an incredible analytical capacity.


This color is associated with the zodiacal signs of Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus, since they are personalities that show these characteristics that are easily related to the meaning of the color brown.

They are capable of solving complicated situations without losing their cool. In summary, we can certainly assume that the meaning of the color brown, although it is quite contradictory and varied, we can highlight the following characteristics that make it such a unique color: the ordinary, the nature, the calm and the apathetic.

In the middle Ages, it was seen as an ugly color: the color of peasants, servants, and beggars. Renaissance painters used brown paint when they used chiaroscuro, a shading technique of delicate transitions from light to dark, to create an illusion of volume on flat surfaces.

In decoration, brown is seen as a color that has the distinction of being very welcoming while refining and giving a note of warmth.

The color brown is associated with the signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn according to the meaning of the colors.

The color brown is a color obtained by fusion between red and yellow, and in it both the aggressiveness of red and the vital impulse of yellow are mitigated: in brown there is a passive vitality, linked to indifference, thought of as a balance between the body and the mind, and as a result of this combination, expresses emotionality and sensuality, but also, balance, good health and sensual satisfaction.

View: widely used in furniture, leather goods, natural products and handicrafts. It is the color of the mountain huts in the mountain villages

Lighter tones and amber are associated with alcoholic beverages such as rum and whiskey. The darkest ones are associated with natural and digestive elixirs and coffee.

Brown is chocolate, lots of dried and dehydrated fruit, cooked mushrooms, hazelnut cream, well-cooked bread crust and caramel.

As with green, for example, brown stands out considerably for its connection with nature. It has a lot of presence in forests and mountains that is why humans have a special bond with this tonality, since it somehow awakens our most natural side.

It also means insecurity, both with oneself and with other people. It is a symbol of low self-esteem or lack of confidence in ourselves as people.

In addition, it represents everything related to autumn, along with orange, it is one of the colors that most comes to mind when we think of leaves of trees that fall to the ground or the heat of the house on days of cold, rain and wind.

According to its tonality it can be classified as an ugly color, however we must not forget that it is very cozy when decorating a home or using to paint rooms that we want to be comforting, especially in the previously named autumn.

In the sensations that the brown color transmits we find several contradictions. For example, we can see that it is the color of putrefaction, it is usually associated with excrement and decomposition, but curiously it is also associated with good taste.

It is associated with good flavors … in what sense? Very easy. You just have to think about coffee or cocoa. They are brown foods and that the vast majority of people like a lot, it is also associated with the good taste of toast.

Besides being a color, it is also the name of a town. There is a Spanish town (specifically in Cantabria) where there is a population that is called just like that, Marron.

Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Animals are very often among the most requested subjects for tattoos: this happens because usually each animal has its own very specific symbolic meaning, and very often also more related meanings that can refer to different cultures.

The choice to tattoo an animal on the skin is usually dictated by the need to permanently stop this symbolic meaning on one’s skin, a message that can remind oneself and others of something important in one’s life. One of the animals most requested by women for their tattoo is the butterfly: let’s find out why.

The butterfly is an animal that symbolizes the sense of change: this elegant, delicate and mysterious insect, in fact, is not born directly so beautiful and colorful.

The cocoon goes through a long process of transformation to reach its total completeness and beauty, and it is for this reason that the butterfly has a symbolic meaning of metamorphosis of the human soul.

But what are the other meanings that the butterfly assumes and why is it so often chosen as the protagonist of a tattoo, especially by women?

The butterfly is an insect belonging to the order of Lepidoptera: depending on the species, it can live for a few hours or for a few weeks, but there are some butterflies that can survive even a year.

The peculiar characteristic of butterflies is the four-phase life cycle, which starts from the egg through the caterpillar and the chrysalis, before finally arriving at the adult butterfly as we all know it.

Butterflies are very fascinating insects and can have wonderfully colored wings: to find out more, read our in-depth article “Butterflies in Italy: species, habitats, habits and peculiarities”.

As we have already mentioned, the best known symbolic meaning of the butterfly is metamorphosis: this insect is the symbol of the process of change that the human soul goes through in some stages of life. Very often, facing difficulties, one transforms deeply and reaches the best version of oneself.

Another important meaning can be found in the Greek myth of Psyche: in ancient Greek, the term psyche translates as “breath of life” and the Psyche from Greek mythology is the companion of Eros, the God of love. Those who choose a butterfly tattoo, for example, express the multiple meaning of beauty, love, life.

But the butterfly also has other meanings that make this insect one of the most requested subjects by tattoo artists: it symbolizes lightness and the ability to capture the moment. The butterfly, in fact, has a very short life that this wonderful insect lives under the banner of Carpe Diem.

Furthermore, the butterfly meaning in the Bible is a symbol of spiritual freedom, with the soul freeing itself from the cocoon that holds it prisoner to take flight.

In Japanese culture, moreover, the butterfly represents the personification of the soul: according to the Japanese, the butterfly that enters the house is the soul of a loved one, dead or still alive, who comes to visit you. Despite everything, the butterfly in Japan is also seen as a harbinger of bad omen.

Brown Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

The world of butterflies hides a series of very interesting secrets and curiosities, starting with their colorful wings: everyone knows that one must not touch the wings of butterflies, in order not to remove the “dust” that covers them.

That powder is made up of infinite, tiny colored flakes that give the butterfly its characteristic color: by removing even just a part of it, you risk compromising the animal’s camouflage ability as well as mutual recognition between specimens of the species.

Speaking of other specimens, it is very interesting to discover how butterflies communicate with each other: the butterfly does not emit sounds, but communicates with chemical signals that the other butterflies pick up thanks to the very sensitive and super-efficient antennas.

In reality, the butterfly is capable of emitting sounds but does not use them to communicate with other butterflies: for example, there is a butterfly called Acherontia Atropos which is greedy for honey and emits a sound that imitates the hum of the queen bee to deceive them other bees and enter the hive, where it makes real feasting!

As we have seen, the meaning of the butterfly is very varied and profound and ranges from the sense of freedom and lightness to metamorphosis and reaching the best version of oneself.

There are many women, but often also men, who choose to tattoo a butterfly on various points of the body. Usually, a butterfly tattoo is chosen in the so-called chakra points that is the energy centers of the body: lower abdomen, back, groin.

In other cases, however, you can choose the shoulder for a visible yet discreet tattoo, the ankle or foot for a sensual and mysterious tattoo, the wrist for a small tattoo that can be easily hidden with a watch or bracelets in case of need.


Lighter tones and amber are associated with alcoholic beverages such as rum and whiskey. The darkest ones are associated with natural and digestive elixirs and coffee.

Brown is chocolate, lots of dried and dehydrated fruit, cooked mushrooms, hazelnut cream, well-cooked bread crust and caramel.

As with green, for example, brown stands out considerably for its connection with nature. It has a lot of presence in forests and mountains that is why humans have a special bond with this tonality, since it somehow awakens our most natural side.